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777 Discount Club Complaints & Reviews

777 Discount Club - Arizona, Scottsdale / unauthorized debit from bank account

Jan 5, 2011

I GOT MY MONEY BACK!!! I have reviewed complaints posted regarding unauthorized monies taken. I had the same this happen to me but i have gotten my money back and wanted to post what I did! First when I noticed the charge to my account in November, 2010, $49.99 (6+ months after I had even APPLIED (not received) for a payday loan) I checked into what it was for as I did not recognize it. I went to the website and did the online chat. They indicated it was because I signed up for payday loan and accepted their offer with that. BOGUS. I argued with the rep that I wanted a refund, I did not...

777 Discount Club - California / Internet Fraud & unauthorized withdrawl from Check Accounts


During a search for an on-line loan I apparently signed up for something called "777 Discount Club". I cannot find where I actual sign up. Either way, they charged my $49.95 for their service. When I found the Charge and called them to cancel. After fighting for a week, I was told I would get my refund. The next day I received an e-mail saying I was NOT receiving my refund. Again to the phone... after 5 calls to the 888 number and talking with mind numb robots reading from the standard script to avoit getting me to a supervisor, I was finally told I was recieve my money back. The same exact...

777 Discount Club - Illinois / Unauthorized Withdrawal


I got hit with a $49.99 charge from these ###os. They refuse to refund the money and said that I signed up for their services from a payday loan site. I did not get a loan and did not sign up for this stupid service. I suspect most of the reputable companies listed on this website don't even know that their logos are being used. I have started calling them to let them know. I called their customer service number and was told to 'kindly wait' for them to decide if they would give my money back. WHAT? Is this some kind of joke? Let me try and get this straight. 1. 777 Discount...

777 Discount Club / Fraud


This company (that I never heard of) debited my checking account for $49.99. I don't know why nor who gave them the authority. I know nothing of this company and called them asking for them to provide me a copy of the invoice stating where I gave them the authority to debit my account for any amount. This transaction caused my account to become $35.00 over drawn that I feel I should be re-embursed by 777 Discount Club.

777 Discount Club - California, Tulare / Unauthorized Debit of Funds from my Checking


In an attempt to apply for a loan, which I changed my mind and didn't get. 777 Discount Club took it upon themselves to debit my checking account $19.63 utilizing a made up check no#75355 on 7/22/09. I called my bank to dispute and the rep gave me a telephone # 1-866-955-0834, there was no answer. A voice message number #0014 said no one is available to please leave a message. Tomorrow I will be contacting the Fraud division at my bank. This has to stop!