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2020 Companies Complaints & Reviews

2020 Companies - Texas / Great Information on 2020


Thanks for all of the good information. I wanted to see what type of company this is because one of the key players is involved in a new company. Bill Rowland is one of the founders of Izigg, a network marketing company. I was skeptical when I saw that many of the founders were involved in the local adlinks scam (Bill Rowland was not to the best of my knowledge), but I think this board gives a clear picture of the culture of 2020 companies.

2020 Companies - New York / 2020 companies dishonesty


2020 companies is the outsourced sales and marketing firm for verizon fios. Hardworking employees with families to feed are (for lack of a more accurate term) STOLEN FROM, When questions arise as to inaccurate paychecks and unethical treatment, the employees who raise such questions are simply fired, and replaced. Very high turnover rate. The company is run by nothing more than a bunch of internet spammers who suddenly started thinking too highly of themselves. Verizon should re-think their business partners. Then again, maybe 2020 and verizon are a perfect match for the simple reason that both companies violate every form of honesty there is.

2020 Companies - Florida, Tampa / this company is a big scam


Florida 03/12/2009: I worked for this company for over 6 months. They truly are a SCAM. They have changed their name well over 3 times and it's just funny how it happens when they have this BIG problem with people's paychecks. They go by 2020 communications now.I saw a lot of people get promised a lot of things and got nothing. Well over 10 reps were owed THOUSANDS of dollars. The company kept coming up with excuses as to why the money wasn't there. This happened for well over 6 months until finally people just gave up and started quitting. Pay: It wasn't bad at first...