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2020 Companiesthis company is a big scam

Florida 03/12/2009: I worked for this company for over 6 months. They truly are a SCAM. They have changed their name well over 3 times and it's just funny how it happens when they have this BIG problem with people's paychecks. They go by 2020 communications now.I saw a lot of people get promised a lot of things and got nothing. Well over 10 reps were owed THOUSANDS of dollars. The company kept coming up with excuses as to why the money wasn't there. This happened for well over 6 months until finally people just gave up and started quitting.

Pay: It wasn't bad at first, until people started getting short changed out of their paychecks without explanations. Then the commissions got smaller. They take money out for uniform items you never see, for example shirts, I was only issued 3 and was charged for 8.
Respect: I have none for the company as they have no respect or consideration for their reps or families. But, they say they take care of their own...HA !
Benefits: there are none. Everything is on your dime
Job security: As long as you meet your quota you are fine. God forbid you get bad turf or a place that has been covered by reps too many times before. They don't want to hear it.
Work/Life balance: You have no life, especially if you become a General Manager. They work you from sun up to sundown and sometimes expect you to come in 7 days a week. As a rep you work 6 days a week and you better be knocking on that last door by 8:59 pm. What kind of response do you think we get??? I barely saw my family while working there.
CAreer potential/Growth: Ask any General Manager, you can get promoted, but you have to be part of the good old boy network. Once you are promoted they look for the smallest thing to fire you.
Location: Not bad if you live nearby, however, the territory you cover could be an hour away...and you better still be knocking at 8:59 PM
Coworker competence: A fair amount of people that don't need to be selling FiOS
Work enviroment: It's like a cult in there. Sometimes it gets scary. You have to show false motivation and hope they bite. They MAKE you say and do some of the most stupidest things I have ever seen in my life.

I didn't get fired, I quit after over 6 months. I stayed that long because I needed the money. In my short time there I saw a lot of bad things happen and wonder how this people are still in business. I honestly think someone needs to investigate these jokers..., If it ever happens, don't interview the people that are there now, Talk to the ones that are out of there I guarantee 100% you will get the same story from all of them. Anyone thinking about working with them, PLEASE DON'T DO IT !!! you will regret it. ...if there is anyone out there reading this that can do something about it PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE start a thorough audit/ investigation. These people need to be stopped !!!


  • Sp
    SpecialistGrant Jul 21, 2009

    I worked for 2020 for a number of years and in many positions and i can attest everything this person put down is true and its the same reason i left. Many times i had to give checks out that were no where near the amount of what they should have been. The only compensation they ever recieve back is a BS Excuse. I hope enough people come forward about this same issue, so one day they get sued and we can get some type of settlement from this company for all the money they owe former employees. For me that number is easily to the tune of 40k but i would be happy just to know they cant keep taking advantage of people.

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  • Wi
    wiwiwi Sep 10, 2009

    Hi People, I thank you a lot for these complaints. I was able to read it and stay away from this company. They invited me for an interview and said they have a job fair. I searched about this company and hopefully I found this complaints board. I am grateful to read this. Thanks!

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  • Pa
    PA job hunter Sep 22, 2009

    I second "wiwiwi's" comments. I am looking for a new career but am not this desperate. Thanks all for sharing your experiences!

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  • Sm
    Smooth357 Sep 24, 2009

    thanks for posting I will stay away.

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  • Fr
    Frank'O Sep 24, 2009

    Thanks to 'wiwiwi's" also. I can see the PA job hunter, was probably going to the same semiar I was SUPPOSED to got to today.

    Thanks for them not wasting my time.

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  • 20
    20/20 Employee Sep 28, 2009

    I currently work for 20/20 at the corporate office. Its a real place, with real people working. We employ over 485 retail sales reps at verizon wireless stores. We also staff for D2D and B2B sales. The D2D sales reps that work hard and show up make anywhere between 30-60k per year. We have hundreds of success stories every week.

    Most of these complaints come from people who refused to actually go door to door and sell! That is part of the job! If you do it, and follow your training, you can make great money! Nobody has ever been shorted a paycheck. You get paid for each item you sell, bottom line.

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  • Li
    Like it is Oct 18, 2009

    FOr the 20/20 Employee, 20/20 or 2020 Companies, or 2020 Communications may employ these people to a certain degree. However, the trun over rate is ridiculously high!! Why?? I bet it is because they don't pay thier Independent Contractors on time, they hire only "robots" for their General Manager positions. They prefer young, unsuspecting adults who are sold on "titles." They promote for the most part young adults who are impressed with the Presiden't material acquisitions, and all the hype. Sure, this company makes a lot of money, they pay poorly. They keep all the residuals paid to them by Verizon, Clear, and etc., and pay the D2D people a low down fraction of the commission they receieve on commissions. It explains the poor quality of experienced and professional people they hire for the D2D sales. They need to pay people the money they earn and stop pretending to CARE ABOUT ITS EMPLOYEES AND CONTRACTORS! That's all bull*[email protected]# and hype. They could give a damn about you. I know from experience.

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  • I'm a rep in LI NY and love the company, I've worked for over two years here. I work hard, make sales and get paid great. Verizon cause issues with payment and its not Verizon, I have proof. To anyone crying about the company steals money, they keep residuals, its a scam don't know their ### from their elbow. I work 5 days a week make 3 to 5 sales everyday, work from 3-9pm besides Mondays and Fridays where I have a meeting at 12noon at the office for an hour and I get paid $1, 500 plus a week. I don't want to be a manager cause you do have to put in more hrs but if you want to put in those extra hours you'll make close to $100, 000 a year plus benefits. This isn't to the crybabies on this forum. It's to the people that are thinking about trying the job, don't listen to these people that are saying bad things cause they weren't working hard and couldn't make sales, again this is a sales job so if you can't sell you don't belong. I'm 38 yrs old have a degree from a major university and hated being a lawyer. This is a great job and yes they have a lot of young people. I wish I was 18-23 when I found this job. It's a great company and I'm lucky to have it. Don't let someone on a forum make a choice for you, even me, go in and see what they offer you and make you own choice.

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  • To everyone on this page, I worked for this company and had made them very successful on the west coast each office 11 of them made 55K to 100K in weekly revenue. Making easy money I won't deny. Having to attend silly mandatory meetings and during those meetings we were forced to practice their religion belief, well we can't deny that from anyone but when it's mandatory it becomes a problem, especially when you are being harassed with being unemployed or breech of contract. You have the right to refuse and when it is being forced that is lawsuit (FYI) trust me I know I won my lawsuit.

    Does the company cheat their workers form their commission yes they do, not unless you were on another reps territory, then that is on you, now that commission will get paid to the rightful rep for that territory, however if you were invited by that rep than it is fair game. On the other hand if you didn't fill up your paper work properly and assume that you will get paid then your wrong. BTW your lawyer can also request from the communication company (verizon, comcast, cox) copies of your paper work. trust me I know this. 2020 will not want to indicate to the company that they are not honest employers or contractors.

    Commenting on what the LINY rep said, surely anyone can work if their willing to blind themselves from all of the ### that goes around and only work walking straight ahead there is money to be made, so if you are one of those who don't give a ### about all the politics and ###s that goes on in the company then who gives a damn don't deny yourself from making money if you don't seek growth in the company and only live to work then you will make lot's of money, if you keep track of your paper work and be very meticulous and do what is expected of you...

    To the rep, that got ripped off, my advice if you want something done and can't afford to pay a lawyer upfront fees call legal aide, that's what I did, I worked my tail off for this company and was very successful at it. Some of them in the company could not stand the fact that others can advanced further than those who only knows how to kiss butt and really can't produce numbers, the amount of years can't even amount to those who really take pride in what they do and how it's done. I don't know really what happened to you but I can only convince you to call legal aide and see where you stand on this believe me one of the owners is a complete idiot, lord knows how he continues to operate businesses I guess that goes with the many aliases.

    Good Luck in your victory and good luck to those who will be working for 2020 there are many experiences out there than you can benefit from. If you can survive working for this company 6 months to a year than you will have no problem finding a company that will give a damn...

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  • lol this company is a joke your success stories are a joke and everything you stand for is a joke, I personally watched commissions get slimmed down twice since i started working there, even went across country as a traveling agent for the company WHERE I WAS PROMISED BY REGIONAL MANAGER COMPENSATION FOR TRAVELS. Recieved nothing going halfway across the country to promote and help blow up a new market for the ###. Making their pockets huge they wouldnt even give me 250$ for gas and a hotel room when I got there. Nothing professional about these people or this excuse of employment

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  • To
    to the whiners. Nov 24, 2009

    Company was fine. Got paid on my deals. Even received my PTO (paid time off) check after leaving the company (following my 2 week notice, i was fired for a no-show, my bad.). You get paid on install, and with my experience, not many reps check on what gets installed. So if ya sold it, and it didn't install, you cant say they owe you $. But to the idiot blackshark, its sales guy. Go work at a car dealership and you will write an article twice as long. The sales industry is not for the whiners. oh my god, i had to work til 9. wah! try working 90 hrs a week and having managers telling you a day off on your schedule is nothing more than an ill advised suggestion. Successful people do what unsuccessful people don't! "Job security: As long as you meet your quota you are fine" -as with most sales jobs Mr.Observant. ill just leave it at that.

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  • Ru
    runforyourlife Nov 24, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Is this a job where you will work a ton of hours, YES. Is this a job where you are 100% commission which means if you dont sell you dont get paid, YES. Is this a job where you need to sell your soul to become successful, YES.

    This job is all about a dream. It's all about the next refresh cycle or a new area being new to fiber. You are literally brain washed by all of the success stories because that is the only thing to work for and keep you going. They recruit people who have the "do whatever it takes" mentality. I was one of them. Key word "was".

    I was a manager in a market that was supposed to be the #1 market in the country. That was the furthest thing from the truth. Not once did the market ever live up to the hype that was told to me during my recruitment. Nothing actually lived up to the hype.

    The hours are insane and there is no doubt about that. What makes them bearable is the idea that you will be making 200k a year as a manager. Then you can at least work hard play hard. WOW! Another lie. Not only did I never come close to making that, the hours just got longer and longer and the pay worse and worse. When you are working your ### off you want to be rewarded.

    Let's talk about the CASH. 2020 makes money. There is no doubt in my mind about that. That money is all of the way at the top. To get there...get on your knees and open wide. They should have asked me if I spit or swallowed when I came onboard. That is literally what you need to do. Trust me though, I am not nieve in thinking that all companies you dont have this "game". You need to play the game to move up and it is all about being with the right people. However with this group, there is no self respect and your "so called" friend or peer would stab you in the back if it meant their rise through the ranks.

    More money talk...

    1) Pay structure changed at least 4 times always hurting my wallet and helping those above me. Love your people? More like ### them

    2) Rejects - People cancel all the time in sales. I get it. I sell and know the drill. The problem that I have is that when you get rejected for a sale but the customer is installed and you dont get paid. How the hell does that make sense? I ran the numbers on a national level and companies dont let that kind of money go without a fight. Someone was getting paid it was good the good ol' boys in Texas.

    3) Weeks when all the sales are rejected due to validation and no one gets paid. Please tell my bill collector that VZ is having an issue with validation. Straight ###.

    My advice to anyone is to run as fast as you can from this company. I wouldnt want anyone to have to deal with what I did for so long. There are tons of jobs where you can make more money than this one. Stay the course and stay away from these guys

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  • Ca
    cavemaneca Dec 16, 2009

    So, for now I'm not going to get into the complaints about this company that my just seem biased. I'll only tell you facts.

    First, Hours.
    Morning meetings started at 9:00 AM. Mandatory. Must be on turf reasonably by 10:00 AM. Anything more than 45 minutes of break time during the day made you afraid you'd lose your job. Must be on the doorstep or on the call when 8:59 PM rolls around(call in for sales closes at 9 PM). After that, you still have to report back to the office, to complete your paperwork. Then, there was a mandatory conference call at 10:00 PM until around 10:30PM. After that, you can leave. Repeat this every day except Sunday for reps.

    Total Hours(inc driving time to, from home): 81 (13.5 per day)
    Average Weekly Rep Pay: $250
    Hourly Rate: $3.10

    Now, I was one of the top in sales for my office, making more about $400 weekly($4.94/hour). For the entire time that I worked there, about all I could do when Sunday rolled around was rest for the day, and mentally prepare for the torture of the next week.

    Now for the biased parts.

    Besides the plain simple numbers, morals among those working there are nonexistent. At my office I as underage drinking and illegal drug use constantly, along with the common practice promoted by the higher ups of LYING to potential customers. First was using made up positions telling the customer that you are some sort of regional manager or something for the telephone company. Second, you have to hide the fact that you don't actually work that company, but some BS contractor since the company itself couldn't allow the kind of sales practices it needs to get more people stuck owing them ridiculous amounts of money.

    Confirmed and Validated sales often went unpaid because of said "paperwork errors". Example: Saying a certain box was checked when it actually wasn't, but because of that the whole form is no longer valid. If, sadly, you do decide to work for this company, learn quickly what you are supposed to check, and save copies of every form. DON'T accept forms from your manager that don't have a back copy for you to keep. The forms should have at least 4 pages, so that you have copies for you, the customer, your manager, and the original sent in for validation.

    Besides all of this, don't believe the people still working there that say otherwise, about hours OR pay. I know for a fact that they will immediately switch to our sides once they get fired or just plain realize how poor the job quality is.

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  • Ni
    nitroboss Jan 03, 2010

    i agree that this is the bigest scam of my life they are just here to rip you off right in front of your face and trying to get away with it i have worked with them for a long time and they just steal all your money from you and just say that that the company just did not get payed that is why we do not get payed but i did my homework on this company and it is the BIGEST Bs in the world

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  • Rc
    Rc parks Jan 05, 2010

    Ive been working in this comany for 6 weeks and all the negative stuff on this web site is happeneing to me too.. any body that has had a bad time with this company and they may owe you money email me [protected] or [protected] we need to stop further negative acctivities in this company

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  • Vi
    victimforthought Jan 19, 2010

    AHHHHH! This is ALL so true. They are the creepiest company I have ever worked for in my life. They ran a very homophobic cult like institution that was worse than any self-help infomericial at 3 a.m in the morning. These people lived an breathed 20/20, but behind closed doors everyone was a heavy drunk or drugged out motherucker.They'd overwork us we'd get off work drink and do blow till the next morning and do it all over again. Even the bosses looked strung out sometimes. It was always a constant hustle with no room for excuses... Sound like crackheads to you? constant hustling??? I wouldn't be suprised if a crack head ripped me off, and 20/20 runs there sales team and reps like chinatown after dark. So I am not suprised whatsoever to hear multiple stories of this company ripping people off. They blow huge monkeyballs

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  • Re
    RemsCreed Jan 20, 2010

    hi i am yet another person who has worked with this 20/20 companies i have been recieving checks that are no where near what i was promised to make. I was told buy justin moser that i would make anywhere from 30 to 120 per each sale 30 for a single an 120 for a triple play sale an i made a double along with a single an only got $34.44 for my pay check they even took out money from me for a jacket fee an shirt fee last time i checked i don't have a jacket from them. I am just another guy 18 yrs of age who was screwed by this company don't apply for this job unlees u like to loose money sure it was good for what they tell u an it is commission pay but unless ur makeing 25 sales a day ur not making any real money that u could be making with even a low paying job such as fast food. An dont get me wrong fast food sucks for minimum wage but u would still make more money.

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  • Da
    Danger 2020 Feb 07, 2010

    I agree with the comment of this company is a ripoff I used to work for the retail department and I was offer management left and right. Also for people who will try to say that I did not work I was always in top 10% of all sales rep. So please be advised this company steals hours from verizon and also commisions out of there sales people in the retail department. The GM that I was working for was the worst manager I ever had. If you had any disputes about commisions he did not due anything about it, also when you had (PTO) personal time off. They would take for ever to pay you that money. If you are offer any type of employment with this company please don't take it. I am causcasian white boy and I have to say there is a lot of racism and a lot of discrimination against Latinos, Women and African Americans...

    Don't work for this company is a total scam !!!

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  • Ge
    Gerguzini Feb 19, 2010

    I just got an email from this company wanting to see me for an interview. I'm glad I did research on it and found all these comments. I WILL DEFINITELY STAY AWAY.

    Thank you!

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  • Is
    Iso100 Feb 26, 2010

    I 2 was offered an interview by a
    "general maneger" for 20/20 and verizon named Justin. I had a bad feeling this was a scam but anyways I came 2 the interview. Right now I'm sitting in my car, outside of the office waiting for MR. Justin and he is half hour late! <----first red secretary? Such a "big and important company" who has no secretary, no front desk, just a guy who doesn't even get 2 the interview on time <-----second red signal. Anyways, thank God he didnt show up and I decided decided 2 google the company while I waited in my car.

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  • 20
    2020dummy Mar 05, 2010

    You're all mistaken about 2020. Here is a NON BIASED explanation

    1. it's an outside source for Verizon.

    2. Verizon constantly switches and puts limitations on all sales. What does this mean?

    Here's an example. In the month of January, a certain 2020 region did an outrageously high amount of sales. THE REPS WERE PAID - make NO mistake.

    Then what happened? Verizon realized that 80% of the new customers couldn't even pass a credit check.

    So Verizon made a new limitation. VZ now would only accept sales if the customer passed a credit check at the point of the sell.

    Then in February, sales DECLINED considerably - almost to zilch comparatively (to jan)

    Why? Because now the reps couldn't target the "poorer folks" because the poorer folks had $100 to 500 deposits to pay on the spot.


    The problem with 2020 is not the President of 2020, it's not the GMs...

    ITS The FACT that they are an outside (3rd party) to Verizon. And, Verizon is constantly changes the Game plan. Therefore reps for 2020 are constantly being forced to work under new sales limitations.

    Meanwhile, the reason why 2020 manages to stay in business, is because, so far whenever Verizon seals something off - - - its not long before the unseal something else - - - which then enables 2020 reps to CASH IN once again.

    That's why in 2020 the income looks like this on a time line: .l...llll...llll...llllll...lllll...llllll...lllll

    i hope you understand...

    Conclusion: Don't waste your God-given time on earth being at the tale.

    You are the Head not the tale.

    So if you asked me, If i would work in 2020... my answer is simple: YES if i was at the top. (only way to be there is to be with them a long time ago) AND NO to 2020 if im coming into the game right now... cause it's too late.

    You want a business idea? And you're willing to go d2d??? Just buy 1000 blank CDs, put some info on it, and sell it at 10 bucks a pop. there's 10K bucks if you sell 1000.

    (Thats more realistic then getting a customer that's been approached 50 times to buy fios, to buy fios)


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  • 20
    2020dummy Mar 05, 2010

    sorry im not too bright on the spelling game i see, i believe i meant *tail

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  • Co
    concerned mom of three Mar 12, 2010

    Yes the money can be good, but where are the family values? For a company with supposed religious views on life what about the family. As the wife of a general manager I can say my husband works seven days a week. He leaves in the early morning depending on the day and meeting between 10 and 11 and does not get home until 11 at night. So when does he have time to be a good husband and father? It's not just about bringing home the bacon at least not for me anyways. Why not allow a day off here and there for family time. I wonder what the divorce rate is for general managers with in this company. I guess it is expected that the wife just sit back and enjoy the money. I see right through the religious claims, it's really just about the money for them, hyped into so called religious motivation, if that were the case they would make family time a priority of the employees. My oldest child fights sleep and stays up late just to catch a glimpse of dad before bed. And you may ask why did he take the position, well he was sold by crafty and deceiving promises when hired. Told he didn't have to work everyday that he could make his sales for the day and then just come back to hand them in at the end of the night. That he could bank sales one week and have some time off. This has never happened maybe in an emergency when a child is sick but even then I am pretty sure he couldn't tell anyone. Well just ranting, sure the money is good he has never really had an issue of not being paid. Though one week he had some rejects and only brought home a couple hundred dollars so this is a caution to anyone depending on one income. He enjoys what he does and he is committed but I feel that at least one day a week for family obligations and relationships is appropriate seeing the amount of time he puts in. I think they need to take a look at this issue. That is all I have to say I guess, thanks for listening and to the man who works at corporate I hope you are reading this and see that this is an issue I am sure I am not the only one with these concerns. Give your gm's a break once and a while let them have time with their family. It would probably work wonders for their motivation levels. Might help in your overall sales. Thanks concerned lonely wife.

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  • Va
    Vanguard Mar 16, 2010

    I worked for them at Woburn MA and its a total collision. All they do is exploit you with less pay while the big gunners are getting fed.

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  • Bi
    bigdogjohn Apr 09, 2010

    Be prepred to get paid 85/90% of your sales. 20-20 makes up these bogus charge backs and pockets the money. Recently they owe 1ook in commisions to their reps nationwide due to an issue with digital voice sales. They claim the cover sheets did not have a check box for digital voice and all reps were charged back for this service. Someone pockets are being filled in Texas and his name is Bill Rowland.

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  • Wo
    wondering?? Apr 22, 2010

    So...what about other people that work for the company who aren't sales reps?? Like the people in Admin? I have an interview tomorrow for a lodging coordinator position...should I stay away from that too??

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  • Bi
    bigboyjohn Apr 26, 2010

    Now the latest update on how this company is rippig off the Direct Sales Rep. There is a current law suit with 20 20. There are 6 reps from Long Island with a class action lawsuit against 20 20 for unpaid commisions worth $19, 000. So now the boys from Texas come up with paying out commisions on a 60/40 basis instead of the normal 80/20 split. Now any deal that is not installed in 21 days, 20 20 will not pay out the 40% commision due to the agent. Verizon is still paying 20 20 the 40% and now 20 20 pockets the money. You ask yourself why? They have to recoup the money they are going to pay out on the current lawsuit. This operation violates many New Yor State Labor Laws and are run by a bunch of theives.

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  • 20
    2020s_a_joke Apr 30, 2010

    This company blows I worked for them for 8 months and this George clooney looking dude was an air head of a gm and mr. Cass another wwaste of breath and life. This is from the maywood Nj office, , this company tried screwing me out of 6 weeks worth of checks they told me all my orders were cancellations which was a bunch of B.S cause all most 95% of my customers called mevand thanked me for the deal they had gotten. So never the less I had my attorney send these airhead general managers A letter that I was filing a law suit for my past due checks and the next day I had a check at my front door. I guess they did not want to ruin their rep anymore then it already was. Don't work for them enless you love drama and. B.S
    EXperience from Maywood NJ Office

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  • 20
    2020repny May 09, 2010

    Well i see alot of dirrent stories here but i have to say i think some might be true. i work for 20 20 i sell fios and im the top rep in my office.but i have one paticular situation that doent seem to add up... i had somebody installed and the customer told me that her name was lets say mrs smith and she was a exsiting customer and her email was something like [protected] well i guess that was her maiden name and since her married name is mrs jones they wont pay me!!! it's a 130 deal that they wont pay me for because she gave me her maiden name here's the kicker she got installed as well and still i dont get paid whats up with that??

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  • Ru
    runforyourlife May 10, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Here is what's up with that...your being robbed. Validation on deals can be run by DOB or SS#. If your manager tells you otherwise he is either too stupid or just doesn't care to help you. 2020 is being paid it is just a shame that you are not. If you are the top rep then do yourself a favor, go sell something else.

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  • D2
    D2DSales May 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I've heard about this complaint from and then found this website. It's an interesting topic and it's sad to hear stories like this happening to people and their money. I've been lucky to work for a very reliable company in the biz. I've also put together a website to help people who sell.

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  • Ge
    geo31 May 12, 2010

    All your money problems you can take up with your directer.For all the edits that came in and worked here sounds like they don't no how to do there job if you can not go out and make 2 or 3 sales in 2 to 3 hours you suck your turf never sucks you just don't no how to sell yourself or the product ! I have worked in differant markets before and its allways your attitude and how present yourself that makes sales not the product all the time and if you cant make time for your family you do not no how to do your job so QUIT crying and suck it up all you little babys.Yes i do work for them and i do very well for my self and i do see my family and im home at the latest 7 pm ive been here for over a 1year. So cry to someone else about your problems.I can say i still have job and im not on the unemployment line like the rest of you

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  • Fc
    fcuk 2020 May 22, 2010

    I work for 2020. they are thieves!!! its ridiculous!!! there are 10, 000 ways for them not to pay you. Verizon does not care what happens, nor does 2020. They protect themselves by hiring independent contractors. otherwise they be caught up in epic legal matters. total ponzi scheme in my opinion.

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  • Fc
    fcuk 2020 May 22, 2010

    George Fallica is a flaming [censor]**** and lies to every single person. Thats how he makes his living. See if he answers your call on pay day...

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  • Fi
    fiosking May 26, 2010

    WOW>>>Obviously every sigle person on this forum worked for 2020 way back when. Its a totally differnt beast now. I have never had an issure with my check, installs, or reps. This is not a job for kids. I've made $42, 000 as a GM so far ytd. Pretty good income. You have to make a plan and stick to it. If you cant deligate and take off early a few nights a week thats your problem. My reps meet Mon, Wed, Fri at the office from 12pm-1pm for sales training, actual sales training, not a bunch of yelling and screaming and how we're going to become millionares. They are expected to be knocking from 3pm-9pm. Tues, Thurs, Sat we meet in the field 2pm - 9pm 42 hours over 6 days, quit whinning!!! If you want to become a GM, great come talk to me, otherwise lets focus on selling. Turf is turf. If you cant deal with a customer that has talked to a few sales people in the last month go sell burgers at Jack in the Box. All I'm trying to say is that I've made this work for me pretty dam well, I've made a healthy income and look forward to working with 2020 for a long time. The time it took some of you to write some of the articles I've read you could have made a sale or two. Its called time managment and obviously none of you know how to do it, so step aside and let the real salepeople through.

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  • Ro
    Robing hood 2020 Jun 04, 2010

    Fios king, you are obviously the benefactor of the robberies taking place. How do you sleep at night?

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  • Ru
    runforyourlife Jun 04, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Fios King - Your hilarious.

    I love reading your comments and realizing that you have been brainwashed like so many others

    1) Your reps are working M-Sat
    2) Working 42hrs
    3) Doesnt include window time getting to the field or getting home (not too big of deal bc everyone has to get to work)
    4) Sending deals into the GM either back at office or faxing. If you have to drive back to office then that should matter. Faxing still sucks because your not getting reimbursed for that.
    5) Your reps work at the very least 2184 hours per year (no vacation), which breaks down to a whopping $18 per hour based off of a $40k per year income (which is extremely generous)
    6) Why would anyone want to work those horrible hours? No benefits at all. You should know better then that. Doesnt your boy Brian Tracey talk about this in his chapter on time management?

    The FIOS King is leaving out some facts here which is the greatest trick in the 2020 book. How big is your team? How many teams do you have? What is overide perecentage? What market are you working in? Oh and the big one is this, when fiber is new to areas do you work that turf before giving it to the team.

    The last statement is the best. I know personally for a fact that GM's are taking new turf and working the hell out of it before giving it to their team. "Love your people"??? The kicker is that the GM"s then hype the teams saying there getting new turf but it really isnt that new once it has been worked.

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  • Ru
    runforyourlife Jun 04, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Oh yeah, I meant to address the paychecks and installs. Guess what FIOS KING - It is still happening.

    Way back when is what 2 months ago or 2 years ago??

    2020 is not what it used to be. Markets are not what they used to be. If anyone wants real answers just keep posting. I am more then happy to steer you in the right direction.

    Bottom line is this, if you can sell, you can sell anything. So why sell this [censor] for pennies. There is no residual at all. Step your game up and sell something will keep paying you.

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  • Ni
    Nick8SA Jun 04, 2010

    I just recently worked for 2020 companies and they are complete bs. Everything everyone is saying is true except for that corporate guy. It did start off good but after 3 weeks paychecks started to get jipped. I did not get paid for sales and I did not get paid for the recruiting bonus. We were told if you brought someone in and they sold 6 their first week you would get a $200 bonus. Never happened, big surprise. When I questioned them they said I will get the bonus when my recruit gets his bonus for selling 6. Surprise surprise my recruit never got his bonus and he never got his bonus for the recruit he brought in. Oh and my recruit was my brother. I feel great for putting my brother in this position. We both got screwed, actually everyone at the office got screwed and we all quit. So there is no one left to work our area for them. I wish they would get sued because my bills are behind now and im close to losing my house and my car cause money that was supposed to be there was not. Screw 2020 and the horse they rode in on.

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  • Sc
    Screw2020 Jun 05, 2010

    George Faliica is a common criminal. Google his name and find out about his illegal car leasing business and how he is a convict. Here is the article:


    Thursday, August 29th 1996, 2:00AM

    The owner of a Westbury management company that subleased cars from cash-strapped owners was arrested yesterday for pocketing the lease money, Nassau County officials said.

    George Fallica, the owner of Automotive Management Co., which also did business as G.C.F. Leasing, was charged with fraud, grand larceny, forgery and other crimes, Nassau County District Attorney Denis Dillon said.

    "Our investigation revealed that the defendant was involved in several types of criminal activities . . . which generated approximately 75 complaints to my office, " Dillon said.

    The company, at 1025 Old Country Road, took out newspaper ads saying it would help individuals who had leased cars but were unable or unwilling to make additional payments.

    The company promised it would find customers to take over the lease agreements, keep the payments current and change the car's license, registration and insurance records to show that a different driver was now leasing the car.

    Fallica did sublease the cars, Dillon said, but he failed to keep his other p romises.

    For example, he said, one Long Island resident turned over his 1991 BMW to Fallica in September 1995. The car was subleased to an individual who made $7, 470 in payments to Fallica. But Fallica only gave $990 to the holder of the car's original lease, and kept the rest, Dillon said.

    Fallica later repossessed the car and subleased it again. This time he received $6, 570 in payments, and turned none of the money over to the holder of the car's original lease, Dillon said.

    Fallica put copies of a Pennsylvania license plate on the cars he sublet, Dillon said.

    He also produced phony temporary licenses and fraudulently obtained insurance cards for the vehicles, Dillon said.

    Fallica, 48, of Oneck Lane, Westhampton Beach, was charged with eight counts of grand larceny; three counts of forgery; three counts of falsifying business records; fraudulent production of license plates, and scheming to defraud.

    He faces up to seven years in prison if convicted.

    Here is what happen to this [censor]:


    George Fallica operated a subleasing business in the name of Automotive Management Group in Westbury. Fallica misrepresented to his customers the credentials of sub-lessees, forged registrations and directed the submission of fraudulent insurance applications to further his scheme. Fallica pled guilty to Forgery in the Second Degree, Failure to File an Income Tax Return under the New York State Tax Law and An Offense Relating to Certificates in violation of the Vehicle and Traffic Law. Sentenced early in 1998 to time served (25 days in the Nassau County Correctional Center) and five years probation, Fallica was ordered to pay $32, 221.11, $10, 000 of which was paid at sentence, with the remainder to be paid over the period of probation. TOTAL [censor] OF THE EARTH!!!

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