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11950 Sw Garden Place Complaints & Reviews

11950 Sw Garden Place - Illinois / credit card charge

Apr 2, 2011

hello my name is brenda cross and i am complaining because the company above has just taken off 115 dollars from my account and i have no idea who it is or why they are taking my money if u could please answer these questions for me i would be grateful thank you very much!

11950 Sw Garden Place / Credit Card Ripoff


My wife noticed a strange charge for $25.00 on our Master Card originated by "11950 SW Garden Place" and asked me what it was. I didn't recognize it either, so we began investigating. GOOGLE brought us to this page where we saw several [redacted]s of fraudulent charges, all of which track back to 11950 SW Garden Place as some sort of ATT cellular blling operation. Since our cellular service is thru BOOST, not ATT, so we didn't make a ATT-BOOST connection at that time. Because we believed the charge to be fraudulent, we notified our credit card company. They recognized the billing...

11950 Sw Garden Place / credit fraud


I used a credit card to pay for a moving company (All My Sons Moving and Storage) in Orlando, FL. The next morning there were over 60 charges to Orlando Utility, and one for $107.00 to 11950 SW Garden Place. I canceled the card and am in the process of filing a complaint with the Bank of America.

11950 Sw Garden Place / Ripped me off


Does anyone have a phone # for these jerks or the name of the company ? I wish I i would really like to know how they got my card #

11950 Sw Garden Place - Oregon / ID Theft / Credit Card Fraud


I noticed they charged my debit ATM credit card 4 times for $26.75 each time. I contacted my bank and the charges were reversed. My bank stated they had a number of complaints regarding this company and fraud. I was reimbursed within days. My bank asked me if I would sign a complaint / testify if called upon to do so, my unequivocal answer - yes! My biggest piece of advice to anyone, make sure you check your statement monthly and contact your bank immediately if you notice unauthorized charges.