Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Spokane, Washington

Think Vacuums / paying for returns while item is still under warranty

Jan 16, 2019

I made a purchase of a champion central vac electric attachment kit in aug 2018. I was talked into spending more money than I wanted (over $500) but that is my bad. Today jan 16, 2019 the power head stopped working. With some trouble shooting we figured out the overload reset protection...

Netflix / mowgli legend of the jungle

Dec 11, 2018

On December 9th, 2018, I watched the Netflix original Mowgli movie, and was beyond outraged and horrified by the scene of Bhoot's head on a stick with a smile still on his face. There are children who will be watching thinking it is like the Jungle Book (A kids film!!!), and will be struck...

Shopko Stores Operating / store mailed flyer

Dec 7, 2018

Shopko sent out a flyer to all who get them in Spokane, Wa they had some great deals this sale was to start on December 6th 2018. I went to the store and they had a flyer on the front entrance explain they were going out of business and prices in flyer they would not honor, but it wa...

Burger King / improper treatment

Dec 4, 2018

On 12/4/2018 I went to the drive through at burger king (1723 division, Spokane WA) I had tried to place my order. The employee over the speaker kept asking me to repeat the order. So I said it a little so she could hear me. She then yelled and and told me to not be so snappy. I then...

Safeway / customer service

Nov 24, 2018

My daughter went to the store with her 24 year old sister. Her sister bought a number of items including alcohol. The clerk refused to sell the alcohol because he believed the elder sister would provide alcohol to the younger. Not only is this beyond a wrong assumption but he asked my 13...

Old Navy / return policy

Nov 19, 2018

Date: 11-19-18 Daughter returned a brand new coat she purchased three weeks ago with a receipt. She was told she had to use her store credit for the return that day. She was unable to find anything she liked as she depends on stores stocking larger sizes to find a flattering fit. She left the...

Reward Zone USA / i've done this survey seven times and i've even completed the purchase and played three games to get this gift card never got it

Nov 6, 2018

I have completed the survey seven times I have even completed the purchase and played three different games up to certain levels have not received the gift card as promised, I think that you should do something about it because I think that that is false advertisement and it's not right to...

Jack In The Box Division Street, Spokane Washington / violated by employees. foam headpiece cover in my sandwich

Oct 23, 2018

Two weeks ago my wife and I decided to try the new, "Ribeye Sandwich." We drove through the window and ordered two meals. We were moving from Nine Mile Falls Washington to Cheney Washington so we thought we would avoid preparing dinner that evening. When we got home and sat down to...

Autonation / closing autonation mitsubishi in spokane wa

Oct 23, 2018

I can't believe the hungry greedy corporate office that closed auto nation mitsubishi in Spokane WA. I spent $30K for a car that I was told that if I need to get my car fixed, I would have to travel 500 miles. Other Mitsubishi owners will have to as well. Yes, we can get oil changes and...

Walmart Stores Spokane, WA / my receipt from the day I purchased a samsung tv, and a laptop

Sep 24, 2018

I called customer service Walmart and asked if I could get a Copy of my Purchase because my TV is Broken. I was told it would take about a week but they would send me or E-mail me a Copy of my Purchase. I used my walmart Credit card. the date is not specific, but I was told the Purchase...

HMSHost / spokane taproom food

Sep 24, 2018

I ordered a Buffalo chicken Flatbread at the Spokane Taproom in the Spokane Airport on September 19, 2018. Service was incredibly slow and it appeared that the restaurant was understaffed. First off, they didn't have the wine I wanted to order. Secondly, it took a good 15 minutes before we...

Walmart / gift cards and store merch

Sep 20, 2018

The store charged an employees corporate business card... Employee told charges declined. Our bank confirmed charge went through for just under $600.00! The employee was told, charge declined, and had to leave store without merch. What type of activity is this walmart??? Tried contacting head...

Walmart Store #5883 / online grocery service

Sep 1, 2018

Walmart Spokane Valley Store #5883 5025 E Sprague Ave Spokane Valley, WA 99212 We have ordered online groceries from this store twice now with the same disappointing service. First time ended up in a 50 minute wait with us waiting in the lot while they did the actual shopping. The manager...

Panera Bread / sandwich

Aug 27, 2018

Chipotle chicken avocado melt This is my all time favorite sandwich on panera's menu. I have ordered countless times. However the last two times I have been very upset with the sandwich. Yesterday when I ordered the sandwich, it was completely cold. The cheese was not melted at all and...

Starbucks / service

Aug 15, 2018

Ordered a drink at Spokane airport. They were busy and it appeared they only had one person taking orders and one making drinks. I ordered a shaken ice tea and after waiting 30 minutes and the order was not done we had to leave to get on the plane. So I wasted $4.00 . I think it the...

LetGo / I reported a profile on letgo

Aug 10, 2018

The profile I reported was named Stevn Lilgenburg, when I met up to give him his items he gave me a fake 100 dollar bill and left all my messages on read after the transaction. There has been no contact since it happened (3 days ago as of August 10th, 2018) I am looking to find out if...

Jack In The Box / jack in the box can’t even make things right given a second chance

Jun 23, 2018

My cousin and I went through the drive thru at about 1230 at night at the Jack in the Box on Division and N. Foothills in Spokane. We ordered a munchie meal, which is only offered late night, and a double jack combo and a sausage burrito. We waited for about 10 to 15 minutes once we got to...

Walgreens / filling of our prescription

Apr 29, 2018

Today when I went into Walgreen's to pick up my prescription they had it screwed up, my doctor wrote for take 1 three times daily #180 but dispense a 90 day supply. So when I had ask if it was a 90 day supply, the gal said " will no it's not" so I told her it should have been called in... / membership

Apr 27, 2018

I didn't even sign up for their service and was charged $119.00. It was deducted from my debit card and how they got the number I don't know. I had to cancel my card, reissue a new one and wait until if the charge was going to go through. If it does, then I need to dispute the charge a...

Monogramhub / necklace

Apr 19, 2018

My name is Rikeya Crossley order number #993142 my necklace was allegedly mailed out april 6th i have still not had any tracking information on it. I looked it up several times. I have left phone messages and emails and no one has contacted me back. Its been nearly two months since i even...

Alamo Rent A Car / overcharged on car rental

Apr 14, 2018

We were quoted a price by Alamo for a car rental. The quote invoice is attached. When we received the car and returned the rental car, we were charged more than they quoted us. I ask two different people at the counter and they said they could not change it, that it was right. I have...

GM Warranty Tow / flat tire and tow

Apr 12, 2018

My daughter had a flat tire, she called me and I went to her and we called the Chevy dealer which gave us the GM Motors Towing number because she had a warranty on her car and so we used them. So I drove her to work and came back to her car to wait. The Tow Company never came after 2 hr...

FunPlus / android app?

Mar 12, 2018

Player in kingdom 453, player name ★KAM★ At about 7:15 am pacific standard time I was kicked out of the game at an extremely bad time. It took more than a half hour for the game to load again & then I was only able to get on long enough to see that I have millions of RSS missing! I'm not... / high jacking their website to another host on facebook

Mar 6, 2018

I thought I was registering with Arts High School alumni class of 82 advertised on Facebook, instead it was with They, piggybacked my registration on Facebook. Also alumni Class & alumni class reunions refused to contact me concerning this matter. Their...

Century Link / internet and phone service

Mar 6, 2018

I hooked up service more than 2 years ago after purchasing a new house. a week into the service, I realized I had damaged phone lines and called century link asking for the phone portion to be removed from my service and bill. long story short, it was supposed to be taken care if. I set my...

S&J Engines, S and J Engines,, S&S Rebuilt Engines, / warranty fraud

Dec 29, 2017

Do not trust this company. AVOID S & J ENGINES AT ALL COST. They are deceitful and fraudulent. Our head gasket was leaking oil at the right rear corner and was still under warranty. We sent the gasket back and finally after two months we received a photo and letter from this company which...

JC Penney Company / hair salon

Dec 28, 2017

I been going to Jcpenny Hair Salon located in Northtown mall from longer then a year now. Everytime I went, I spent about around $200. I had longer then 22 inch hair. I had a regular stylist I saw every time and her name is Ravon. This time I called and I told them I need urgent appt with...

Playtika / loss of money

Dec 24, 2017

When i started to play tonight at 11;30 pm dec 23rd i had aproxemently 3 to 4 billion.i got a ace card and filled the book WING MASTERS i git the 1.950.000.000.and then i never got to spin after the ace package.and at that point .my ballence is took all the money i had...

Albertsons / unfair treatment

Dec 1, 2017

i was on 3010 e 57th approximately at 12.30 pm. Aisle 10 . My card was being rejected by the machine twice for some reason. I have $912 in my card and when I explained it could be the machine and asked her to try it manually or swipe it, she was completely rude and embarrassed me in front...

Victoria's Secret / bra

Nov 25, 2017

I wore a bra that had 2 of the same kind. Had wore them each 2 days in a row. So totally of 4 straight days. Left scars on my back in the same area. The straps that connect to the bra were the spots on my back that left the scars. I had to stop wearing those bras that I bought. So then I...

JC Penney Company / managers

Nov 25, 2017

We were shopping at a spokane wa valley mall store on thanksgiving an a man and a wife were arguing about a price that was clearly marked but the husband was yelling an swearing at the poor girls at the register an when the manager came she gave him the price! Now I get customer is alway...

Safeway / frozen foods manager

Nov 6, 2017

I went in to the Safeway in Spokane Washington on northwest blvd the other day and was looking for a free range chicken in the frozen section. Was approached by the frozen foods manager asking what I was looking for. I mentioned to him what I was and he laughed at me. He then decided to...

Choice Hotels / econolodge spokane wa on rustle rd

Oct 21, 2017

While waiting to relocate to NV I stayed at the above motel. The motel has earwigs and spiders. The pool motor broke, in August, and owner refused to fix due to cost. Advertised rates were 45.99. Upon check out I was given deducted charges from my Social Security Disability card of $2970!!...

General Motors / 2008 gmc acadia

Oct 20, 2017

I have had my car in the shop for 5 months and spent $1800 out of pocket to fix the transmission. It was covered under warranty, but they advised me to fix other issues out of pocket that could be making the car act up. STILL BROKEN!!! Every time it fails and won't shift into a higher...

Midas / rack and pinion

Oct 17, 2017

The worst shop ever I had a problem with the rack and pinion and i paid over a thousand for it And then they bent it over as the manager was saying i bent it so now the car was never the same in fact worse so i took it back to them to check it and when they looked at it they said you had a...

Ford Motor Company / charity contributions

Oct 6, 2017

I am an owner of a 2016 FORD Edge. It is a wonderful car and I would typically turn it over in another year or two. Given contributions to disruptive charities by the FORD Foundation I will be seeking another brand when that occurs. While I appreciate the claim that this is not a FOMOCO...

Alamo Rent A Car / billing

Oct 1, 2017

I was overcharged for this rental. I started with a bill for one day total $44.61. Picked up the vehicle and handed the rep 3 $25 off coupons to use to pay. He added them to the invoice. My total showed $12.83 and a remaining $50 voucher amount. The car was dirty and smelled horribly but I...

Lowes / age discrimination in their hiring practices

Sep 23, 2017

Lowes will not hire anyone over age 50 even if the applicant has years of customer service experience, or knows Lowes products like the back of their hand. Sure there are a few Lowes store employees over 50 but they have been there quite awhile already. Look at who works the floor there...

Bathfitters / bath/shower installation

Sep 17, 2017

We purchased a large soaking tub/shower combo. Installation was to be completed at the end of June 2017. We were told by the sales person, "we will be in and out in 2 days. In the end, you will have a completely finished bathroom to enjoy." We put down about $2000 deposit. He measured...

Pizza Hut / pizza

Sep 13, 2017

We visited the downtown Spokane, WA on 3rd & Maple street store..Customer did make what we ordered . We asked for extra cheese we didn't get that. We asked for Jalapeños we didn't get very many of them. We could not get their attention because they didn't give us napkins. So we are not coming...