Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Jacksonville, Florida

Burger King / order incorrect paid for spicy chicken meal did not receive

Jan 24, 2019

For the first time I tried Grub Hub to order my food from Burger King 10142 S Phillips HWY Jacksonville FL [protected] order number [protected]-2816513 1 whopper Jr meal 1 Spicy Chicken Meal and a Free XL burger with the order. I did not received the Spicy Chicken meal I paid for, but...

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen / take-out service

Jan 22, 2019

I've got to compliment you on the worst service I've had in my life. I was 5 cars back in the service lane, three cars ahead left because of the service. After 20+ minutes I got to the speaker to order. A person came on the speaker asked if I wanted their special then said they would be...

Portrait Innovations / unsatisfied loyal customer

Jan 15, 2019

I have taken Christmas pictures with this company 4 years in a row. The last years it has been a mess. In 2017, I ordered a package where I would received a calendar. The calendar takes a month or two to receive and it cant get shipped to your home. They sent it to the store. When I called...

Gillette / gillette commercial

Jan 15, 2019

I'm writing to let you know how disgusted i am about the #metoo commercial trashing "toxic masculinity". i am a female and am very offended and will never purchase a Gillette product again. As a matter of fact, we just purchased a pack of razor replacements this weekend and will be...

Aspen Dental Management / upper dental plate

Jan 11, 2019

I went to the Aspen Dental Office on 8440 Blanding Blvd Jacksonville, FL. and had four implants and a upper plate made for my mouth. The cost was over $12, 000.00. I paid $10, 940.00 out of my pocket plus what my dental insurance paid. I told them when they did the impressions that I wanted the...

New York & Company / coat

Jan 10, 2019

My husband purchased a coat for my birthday Within 30 days the die from the clothing come off of it when I called them ask can they replace it they said no I have to call the corporate office so I am going to call the corporate office this is bad service I don't like that . They would...

United Parcel Service of America [UPS] / driver of ups truck driving reckless

Jan 8, 2019

On Tuesday January 8, 2019, around 19:30 hrs, while I was driving I merged onto Martin Luther king jr pkway from Boulevard rd in Jacksonville Florida. soon after that, I noticed a vehicle right behind me tailegating my truck. he continued to tailgate for about a mile, soon he moved over to...

Days Inn / staff

Jan 6, 2019

A man who is a housekeeper has barged into my room 3 times while i was not dressed and refused to close my door or get out. I have complained everytime about this to the manager yet nothing has been done and i was basically dismissed like well what do you want me to do?!!! You knock on the...

Home Depot / flooring

Jan 4, 2019

I've already called in a complaint but wanted to also submit it in writing. I purchased flooring to be installed, when the installers came they tore up over 1/2 my flooring then complained there was mold and the floor was wet (there was no mold and the floor was dry) They left my...

Stein Mart / customer service and emails

Dec 29, 2018

Around Mid Dec. I was in the Hurst, Texas location. I went in as I had received an email that women's clearance was an additional 50% off. The email did not read any exclusions to the women's clearance just 50% off women's clearance. I took quite a bit of time to look through the store in...

Family Dollar Stores / verizon mobile phones +40$ airtime card

Dec 27, 2018

The stores all over Florida have the Verizon phones advertised as 74$ and when u buy 40$ airtime card the price gets lowered to 34$ HOWEVER, when you go to check out the discount is not applied. I went to 4 stores before a lady pulled out a paper that she had to scan to activate the...

Louis Vuitton / attrape-reves

Dec 21, 2018

I purchased this travel spray last week and I want you to know that is very weak. It o to last but two-three hours if that. I personally think you should not sell any of the travel spray because it is not worth $250.oo USD I will be returning it back to the store. Now I used the actual...

McDonald's / getting our order correct and in a timely manner

Dec 8, 2018

Several times we have ordered quarter pounder with no ketchup. When we get home and go to eat we find ketchup on our burger. Today my husband went to get burgers and asked for pickles only. We got ketchup and pickles. A lady waiting in line ordered 3 Quarter pounders with meat only. When her...

Massage Envy Bartram Jacksonville, FL / unfair and disrespectful management

Dec 3, 2018

I've been with Massage Envy for 12 years. I've been going to the Bartram location for about 5 years. I've been so happy overall until recently. I'm not sure if they have a change in management. I called on 12/2/18 morning and spoke with the nice lady from the front desk but my issue wa...

Pizza Hut / take out order, not delivered

Dec 2, 2018

Ordered 3 pizzas and sides to be delivered to family home, restaurant is 8 min drive from my home. After waiting 1 hour 30 minutes we call and are told that you canceled the order, NO we did not. Asked if we wanted to talk to supervisor and said yes ..Why not manager at store? Normandy...

HMSHost / service

Nov 26, 2018

Seated at the bar ordered a salad and cup od coffee. Bartender/server never returned to ask or refill bartender kept walking behind the bar pacing never acknowledging me .Extremely poor attitude Her name is kaula # 27827.The restaurant is not busy at all and rhere are at least 3 waitre...

Rogero Roofing and Construction / roof

Nov 15, 2018

Rogero and roofing construction on 2980 Hartley Rd. Here in Jacksonville Fla. misled me into thinking that all I needed to provide them with $1, 000 dollars deductible and my insurance claim amount. It took the roofers over 6months to put the roof on. Once the roof was put on I received a...

Sears / master protection agreement not honored

Nov 10, 2018

I wanted simple performed on my range and it all turned to me not being able to use my range at all. I called for a schedule appointment with Sears on October 10, 2018. Tech arrived and before he did the maintenance I told him my display figures have been fading. (I should not have said...

Searshomeservices / water heater under master protection agreement and water heater technician

Nov 5, 2018

To Whom it May Concern, I am hoping you can help me. I am reporting this issue so that someone else do not have to experience such unsatisfactory customer service. I am having a major issue with my Sears Master Protection Agreement. For years I purchased appliances and trusted Sears for...

Auto Zone (Main St) / employees

Nov 1, 2018

Employee's taking advantage of women. Promising to render a service they are not equipped to do. I paid these employees in advance for a service on my car and I was told that they could work on foreign cars mercedes benz particularly. For what they said was an easy job. I asked them what...

Morgan & Morgan / lawyer withdraw

Oct 29, 2018

I've had it with morgan and morgan! Do not ever use morgan and morgan for a case!! We're going into a case without a lawyer because they decided to withdraw our case a week before our hearing. Worst experience ever. First of all, my dad passed away june 2017, our case hearing is nov 8...

McDonald's / food quality

Oct 25, 2018

I am traveling and I stopped at McDonald's in Jacksonville, fl the food was cold I didn't receive my receipt. And I would like to be compensated for my double Smokehouse value meal it looks like a very good burger but I was not able to tell because the meat was so cold it was like it wa...

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / 5$ box

Oct 19, 2018

Starting off they were completed ride through the drive through and when we got to the window they made us taste our drinks because they said they don't know what's what so just do a taste test and then they forgot both of our cookies and didn't realize until we got back home . It was just...

Yes! Communities / security deposit

Oct 19, 2018

My name is Lindsay Oliver. I moved out of The Breakers from 9115 Ramiro Street Lot 387, Jacksonville, FL 32221 on July 31st. I spoke with Shelley, the property manager, on September 13th, in regards to not receiving anything from them regarding my move out. Shelley verbally confirmed...

Ford Motor Company / canister vent hose

Oct 19, 2018

I have seen several reviews on cod P1450, as well as on my vehicle. Ford has to know this is an issue but has not but out a recall. this is going to cost me $100 to fix a $38 part. this is taking advantage of ford auto owners. Evaporative emissions canister vent hose has a LONG history of...

Golden Corral / food poisoning

Oct 15, 2018

Last December 2017 I ate at Mandarin Jacksonville FL Golden Corral on San Jose Blvd. I ate the beef roast which was barely warm, but I was starving so I ate it. It did not taste bad but it was not hot. I was sick for 2 weeks and found out that when the local Board of Health followed up...

Sceptre 32" Flatscreen TV purchased 10/2018 / sceptre 32" flatscreen tv

Oct 15, 2018

We found a great price on this TV ($130.00) plus tax through upon unwrapping it and pulling it out of the box was the worst most permeable stench of plastic type chemical. Even the remote, box and tv stand stunk! We installed tv on the wall and within 1 hour I told my husband...

Mayo Clinic / registration/insurance

Oct 14, 2018

My husband and I waited 3 weeks for our appointment at Mayo with a Surgeon. We drove a hour and 1/2. We went to the registration counter and the 3rd lady we talked to informed us we were out of Network. We would have to pay 20, 000-30, 000 to do a lobectomy. We were in shock since we had...

McDonald's / new manager

Oct 12, 2018

I usually spend about $75 a week at this store. Today, they had a new manager who was LOUD, Abrasive and mean. Her name is Moe. I ordered a meal and asked for a BBQ sauce. She told me it would be 35 cents. I have never been charged for BBQ sauce anywhere at any store in Jacksonville. For a...

Panera Bread / modern caprese sandwich

Oct 12, 2018

I placed a pick up order(Order#[protected]), part of my order was a Modern Caprese Sandwich it was customized with Garlic and Herb Cheese Spread, I swear that thing was burn and tasted like bbq sauce, I do not eat meat so you can imagine how disgusted I was when I tasted it. I rarely...

Aaron's / manager tina

Oct 8, 2018

I have a serious problem with your manager at the University store in Jacksonville Florida my name's Bryan Tucker [protected]. If you could call me back I would appreciate it I do not appreciate your manager threatening me threatening to try to have me put in jail after I told her to come...

Michaels Stores / customer service

Oct 7, 2018

I am an avid shopped at michaels as it is where I purchase most of my supplies for my business from. With that said I have NEVER had any issues as I have had at the location in Jacksonville, GA 13281 City Station Dr river city marketplace as I have the 3 times I have been there. The cashier...

PetSmart / maggots

Oct 4, 2018

At the beginning of July 2018, I purchased a bag of Purina Bella dog food "natural bites." When I got home, I noticed flaky like pieces (looked almost like dried skin pieces) in the food but thought nothing of it as I thought it might be part of the chicken. Well, a few days later my...

Burger King / wrong order

Oct 2, 2018

I ordered a Chicken sandwich with cheese and bacon meal. I received a plain spicy chicken sandwich which was cold with old, cold French fries. I do not like spicy food and was completely shocked when I got a mouthful of spicy chicken. Unexpectedly. My order was completely botched. Very...

Family Dollar Stores / fake money

Sep 27, 2018

Ladyredpoughcounterfeit alert 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 Beware of counterfeit money coming from family dollar on5540 moncrief rd jacksonville, fl and their rude employees!!! Found out last night the cashier gave me fake money when used my atm card and got cash back... The person I gave the money to called me...

Houzz / check cashing scheme targeting interior designers

Sep 26, 2018

Attention: Executive Operations This is the second similar FAKE opportunity I have received from "Houzz" since registering my business profile in the last several months. See below. Sent from my iPhone On Sep 26, 2018, at 10:41 PM, Jane Khole wrote: My name is Mrs Jane, I'm married and I...

Florida Blue Classic HMO / tier exception

Sep 25, 2018

My Doctor gave me a tiering exception for my Generic drug, Florida Blue had it as a tier 4, so the exception lowered it to a tier 3, but I don't really understand why they told me I lost that tiering exception. I checked with my Doctor today at my appointment and he told me he gave me that...

Dollar General / issue with digital coupons

Sep 22, 2018

I am upset I spent over $25.00 and the coupon was taken off for only $2.00. I asked the cashier if she could honor the $5.00 of $25.00 and she told me no I would lose the coupon. I asked her did it give me the $5.00 off and she said yes. I looked at the receipt and it only gave $2.00. She...

JC Penny / credit card department

Sep 20, 2018

I have been paying my credit card bill on time until the month of August. I contacted the credit card department to inform them that I was just returning to work so my August payment would be late by a day or so. I was informed I that there is a $27 fee for paying late. I was also informed...

Megabus / the driver

Sep 17, 2018

I rode on the megabus on the 17th of September 2018 traveling from Atlanta to Jacksonville with my 11 month old son, he was playing and as such made normal baby sounds, however the bus driver called me telling me to make him shut up and telling me I had to leave my seat from the lower deck...