Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Bradford, England, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Agora Business Publications / scammed

Dec 12, 2018

This company is a SCAM! The people at trading standards are aware of agora I urge you all to leave them reviews on here and Trustpilot if you get the dreaded fake agora bill stating you owe money like we did again!!! I never signed up for this service, I have no reason to claim otherwise...

DHL Express / [protected]

Oct 24, 2018

I received a text this morning informing me of my delivery which was to be between 12:40-13:40. I work nights so I got up at 12 noon. I have been sitting in my living room all afternoon and sent a message as I had tried several times to track my delivery and was met with an error message...

Trivago / hotel location misinformation

Jul 03, 2018

I booked the hotel through trivago before flying from agadir to Stansted airport. As it was a night flight and I had a long drive back to my hometown I decided to stay in around the airport. I searched for available hotels nearby Stansted airport. I entered the location of the airport...

Cash Generator / lost and stolen jewellery halo diamond ring alert

Jun 15, 2018

Hi Team, I hope you are well, I have request to make my house was robbed yesterday at 12noon in Bradford. I have informed few stores but there afe too many stores in West Yorkshire (Bradford Leeds Areas). Asian Jewllery was stolen along with this 18ct white gold double halo diamond wedding...

Safestyle UK / / poor fitting time and customer care

May 28, 2018

Poor workmanship and customer service. First off the surveyor measured our windows wrong so none of them fitted. It then took another 4 attempts, 2 no shows and across nearly 2 months for our windows to be fitted with various issues being the cause from still not fitting, no glass being made...

Tommee Tippee / perfect prep machine

May 15, 2018

Had this machine for just over 7 months from brand new around October time it was bought, last week May 8th 2018 the machine started to get alot hotter than normal, I switched off immediately and when I later returned to turn it on all the dial lights had gone off and was not working at...

Lambert & Butler / tobacco/cigarettes

Mar 09, 2018

I went to my local shop this morning and bought w packs of Lambert & butler superkings real blue and on opening the packet and removing a cigarette I noticed that one of the cigarettes had no filter in it and upon purchasing the product and not receiving the full quality I was extremely...

Zynga / blocking me from high stake tables

Sep 08, 2017

I woke up Monday morning and realised I couldn't get in any rooms that are above 200k and 400k blinds. So I e-mailed Zynga Poker and told them my problems. They blatantly lied to me over and over again, saying that it is an ongoing experiment and they can't say a time of how long it will...

Morrisons / ice cream purchased at your morrison store

Aug 29, 2017

Hi, I've just purchased 3 boxes of ice cream (maxibon) from your Bradford store (on Ingleby road, Bradford 7) and have come home to find that they were all melted. On opening the packets my hands were covered with cream- I'm quite displeased with my purchase and I'm sure the rest of the ice...

SCS / sofa

Aug 27, 2017

I bought a sofa from scs and although we ha e had it for a few years recently we had an issue with a noise which didn't seem right after looking through the paperwork for the couch I realised I had the guardsman warranty I got In contact in regards to getting the sofa looked at eventually...

Drive Dynamics / Dynamic Franchises / never received service and refund. avoid!

Aug 14, 2017

Didn't provide the service. Refuse to pay back. Avoid this [censor]s!! I hope this people gets the same treatment one day. Police, trading standard office and HTTPs:// has been notified. Hope this [censor]s gets what they deserve.. and...

Ladbrookes / area mane get

Aug 05, 2017

It has been in my understanding that the area manager of Ladbrokes bank st Bradford is taking money from the till and making customers from the shop to play in big bets from the Reciete that other customers gave him to cash out which he Craig put back in the gaming machine and transfer...

Safestyle UK / / windows and patio door

Jul 07, 2017

Safestyle UK is one of the worst companies in the Uk in my opinion.Right from the start the staff was extremely rude and their installation was very poor for a company this big.The patio door frame wasn't straight and scratched which they tried to hide with Sellotape.The glass was also...

Tommee Tippee / dummies

Jul 02, 2017

i have bought several dummies over the 6 months of my daughter been born. i clean them every time after use, i sterilise them each time and always check, i am going through so many dummies because i have noticed them going mouldy. i have also noticed every one i have had with a picture on...

Morrisons / chicken nuggets and crinkle cuts

Mar 13, 2017

I was at Morrison's today around five my name and address is, miss Natalie reaper, 138 hunting's lane darlings dl1 1jb, teal, [protected] it was the branch at Morton park, put my shaping in the car and my partner asked me to get his nuggets out to eat, he eat one and said they not nice at...

Safestyle UK / Window salesman was threatening

Sep 28, 2016

I am left absolutely shocked and stunned that I have just be subjected to threatening behaviour by the sales rep from Safestyle UK who turned up to provide a quote, but when I said that I was no longer wanting a quote from them, he tried to force his way into my home (I'm a single lady...

Sharee Council Dewsbury / Islamic Divorce

Sep 12, 2015

Islam is more than just a religion – it is a complete way of life and to follow it is to follow a definitive code of conduct. Not only does Islamic legislation relate to belief and worship, but for a Muslim, ALLAH (SWT) has also divinely ordained the economic and social aspects of his or her...

Star Loans Ltd / Fraudsters

May 01, 2015

I use to work for star loans ltd in the bradford branch until one day a poor old women rung up and were literally in tears because her daughter had just past away and wanted a loan for upto 1000 pounds to pay for ger daughters funeral, she didnt reciece any paper lwork but star loans ltd...

Chicken Cottage / full order not complete

Dec 01, 2012

i order therough just eat all thee time.chicken cottage do amazing food.but what disappoints me is thee service?? theis is thee 4the time i have order's a kids meal and no chips been sent again.when i ring up to ask where thee chips are, all i get is we will sort you out next time...

Asda Car Insurance / customer service

Jun 21, 2012

Asda car insurance are the worst ever insurance company to be insured with. i strongly advice any one considering to insure their car with asda should have their head strongly tested. i was only was insured with asda with a min um of what 4 months and from roughly €1600 i got in...

Petherbridge Bassra Solicitors / Kidnapping

Dec 15, 2011

The first time when I was accused for kidnapping my own children, they later decided to send me letter of apology? This company has accused me for kidnapping my own children again by advising there client that your husband would kidnap your children and advised them to move home. This is the...

Digi-man Aerials / Satellite Dish Part

Nov 07, 2011

My aerial engineer Arrived at 09.00 hrs to look at satellite dish as I have not been receiving a signal he then put a new QUAD LNB onto dish re set freesat box it only takes a button on the remote.finished & gone by 09.15 hrs approx 15 minutes fitted a part that costs £10.00 online...


Jun 09, 2011

I went for a custom Tattoo and they gave me a pile of dump!!! It's embarrassing in this day and age it looks like a Tattoo from the 80's. Luke that owns the shop claims to be a custom artist but he can barley wash his hands after taking a [censored]. He talks to his apprentice like hi...

High Credit score and / Taking unauthorised funds out of my bank acct

Feb 11, 2011

I have just realised thatHighcreditscore. co and Rewardsnow. co. uk have both been taking £19. 95 and £ 14.95 a month out of my bank acc since Februray 2011 while they did not send me any details or credit report even they cannot give me the member login details I am a...



i have paid him INR -35000 MR. JOHN KEN for the given SBI acct in India that company has cheated like this type of msg BT DRAW MOBILE TELECOMS DEPARTMENTS <[protected]> Sat, Dec 18, 2010 at 5:29 AM To: [protected] The Royal Bank of Scotland Group logo Royal Bank of...

mobis touch up paint / does not match my car


My car had some scratch marks on not of my doing.Unknown vandals. I caotacted the local Kia dealer who ordered the TOUCH UP PAINT for my make and model.PICANTO STRIKE 2010 SCARLET RED.When it went in for its 1st sevice the paint and top coat was applied. This paint although for my car i...

Asda / staff


i went to your asda store today at 16 39 i am disabled and when i got round the door exit i forgot i needed some cigs so i send my daughter who is 23 to get them for me the girl who was behind the counter refused to serve her i had to take me and my trolley right back to the cigs counter i...

opt2excel / money taken without notice


please help me i have recently signed up to opt2excel after seeing the advertisiment on facebook. i was charged a 1.90 fee which i did not mind paying, and was told i would be sent infromation on a money making system. i have not even signed in to the site since the day i signed up for...

J2 Efax Plus Servi Ce / withdrawing money from account


I have never signed up for the J2 EFAX PLUS Service. They are taking money from my account each month and the bank cannot stop i. When i try to contact J2 they tell me they have no record of me having an account with them so they cant stop. What can I do. / £10 pounds taked of my account without my concent


i want to know why shoppersdicount has taken money out of my account, i do not have any kind of membership with them. i would like a refund and also want them to cancell anything for future thanks alot

yorkshire bank / Yorkshire Bank


Dear Sir/ Madam This email is complains for UK Lottery and Yorkshire Bank in UK lottery company send me wining and contact information for yorkshire bank i contacted Bank and they say my fund is with them so send us to open an suspense account you have to 420 pound so it is $820 US Dollars i...

KFC / good services


Well first of all i have to appreciate the services they offer to the customers. They are polite and very nice. They serve fresh and warm food. Their food is delicious and as a name suggest "Fast Food". The whole place was neat and clean, was just like a mirror. The only problem is some...