Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Leeds, England, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

The National Holidays / new year in blackpool 3 nights

Jan 06, 2019

Myself and 2 friends went on your 3 night New Year Blackpool trip. I asked the driver which hotel we were staying at and was told the Grand. We arrived at the Metropole which is a totally different hotel!! When we got off the coach we were greeted by scaffolding all around the back of the...

Teechip / order number rl-[protected]

Dec 27, 2018

Ordered 2 xmas jumpers 07/12/18 still not received these saying item has been shipped and is on en route with dhl tracking number gm275115280041992066. This is a scam, I want a refund or I will be taking this further!! I want the £38.14 refunding asap. This is disgusting and my wife works in...

Norton Standard 1 Device / norton standard 1 device

Dec 02, 2018

Hi i recently bought the above 1 yr subscription because i was notified that my original subscription was running out by Norton, when i tried to put in the product code i was initially told via email that this was successful after my original end date with my Norton subscription i was told...

Serenata Flowers / the poor quality of the flowers

Nov 11, 2018

I received a bouquet of flowers today from some friends to cheer me up as I wait for some hospital results. Unfortunately the quality of the flowers is extremely poor and I am so disappointed for my friends. The bouquet is advertised on the internet as being delivered in bud, but this could...

Costa Coffee / scald

Nov 09, 2018

Just been to Durham services Costa. Ordered a coffee and a tea in take away cups but chose to sit down to drink them. The tea was too hot to drink. Our 3 year old son, Beau, knocked over the cup of tea from the coffee table in store and scalded his lower abdomen. We immediately stripped...

Asda Stores / delivery driver

Aug 25, 2018

A delivery driver has hit my mother's tree in her front garden, and broken some of the roots. The tree is now very loose and potentially dangerous. I have tried to report this to the local store at Luton. They then passed me into Stevenage, who then transferred me onto a call centre, who...

Qatar Airways / corrupt employees at kolkata airport

Aug 23, 2018

Without Prejudice Fortunately so far in my life I didn't had the misfortune of facing outright lies, deceit, corruption in my life. On 23rd August at Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Airport, Kolkata, India at 2 am your "Check-in Duty Manager" ( who introduced himself as such and his four...

Gardening Express / targa.0l clematis

Jul 13, 2018

The so called item above was delivered on three weeks after I paid for it and it was dead it had four shrivel leaves on a 4" STALK IT was supposed to be a two year old well established clematis in a 2ltre pot label . I got a dead unlabele d plant in a 5" pot with no idea what it is and no...

SCS / poor customers service, faulty sofa was received and nobody took the responsibility to resolve the issue.

Jun 14, 2018

Account Number (if Applicable): Customer Number: S00653533095; Nature of your inquiry: Faulty furniture being delivered and poor customer service Hi, I would like to bring to your attention an incident which occurred this week after a faulty sofa was delivered. The delivery was on Tuesday...

Seatwave / wireless festival tickets

May 31, 2018

I bought 2 wireless festival ticket. One for myself and one to be sold. I have had confirmation that one of my tickets has been bought which is great. However I do not know when the tickets will be posted so I cannot continue the selling process. This information is not provided on the...

Being blocked / being blocked for nothing

Apr 01, 2018

I've had my account blocked and I have not done anything wrong so may I have it unblocked. The username is: xxmillyxxbabexx I would like for whoever got me blocked to be kicked off of movie star planet for wasting time and giving false information and I would like my VIP to be renewed...

Cash Generator / j3 mobile phone

Mar 24, 2018

To who this may concern I put a initial deposit on in January for a Samsung j3 and paid for it in fill on weds 21st of March. I did not check the phone with a SIM card but saw it working without . When I got home i put a SIM card in and it had a circle with a line through it . And would not...

iTalk / italk broadband

Mar 14, 2018

We registered for broadband service and from day one you got it wrong, no service now and again, billing us completely different to what we agreed on the phone. Today you was to phone us so we could pay £45 off our disputed bill, instead you deside to take £154 and clear my bank account. I...

Levis / wrongly charging £10 extra

Mar 09, 2018

I bought a pair of levis on 16 february 2018 which were £85 but charged £95. As there was a queue and I was in a rush I didn't think anything of it but once outside the shop I thought I would double check the price tag which did say £85. I went back inside the levi shop and queried the price...

Morrisons / cafe

Feb 08, 2018

We come avilable week at around 5.30 on a thursday and every week i order salmon and every week i get told no salmon or this week told these no aspargus and a say this happen every week told because its nearlly closing so we have turn off the steamer etc when we do get meal chips over...

DressLink / fingerlings

Nov 30, 2017

I ordered 2 fingerling monkeys about a month ago. I had no confirmation email but the money taken out! They came 2days ago in boxes that are falling apart. They don't even have the same name and the paint is already coming off before it has been taken out of the packet. I wouldn't even...

Sizzling Pubs / barley mow bramley leeds

Nov 18, 2017

Came in for a family drink and a bite to eat. My sister went to the bar and I was seated talking to the family. My sister returned from the bar telling me that we had been told to drink up and leave as I was barred for attacking a bar person. I approached the bar to ask what was going in...

Hermes / hermes couriers failure to deliver goods on 4 separate occasions!

Nov 14, 2017

I recently ordered a number of goods through Amazon UK two of those order were sent via Hermes. All the other goods I ordered were delivered on time, needless to say the two items due to be delivered by Hermes failed to turn up! Hermes even advised Amazon that they could not deliver due to...

GoldCar Rental / car hire

Sep 08, 2017

I hired a car from San Javier Airport. The rental desk employee was an English lady so there was nothing lost in translation. She tried to sell me their Super Flex Insurance which I declined after her giving me the hard sell. I had purchased my own insurance. She told me they would hold £138...

Gumtree / customer service

Jul 19, 2017

My husbands gum tree account seems to have been hacked and now you won't let him post, he's spoke to you guys through type and say he's not adhered to the post rules and his account will not be reinstated nore will any more of his questions be answered. .. I would like this looked into a...

Tesco Seacroft / petrol station

Jul 13, 2017

A while ago I filled up my 45ltre petrol tank in my car. I have had the car for four years. I KNOW how much petrol it takes and how many miles I get to the tank - I am quite particular about measuring it. And somehow I managed to get 50litres into said 45litre tank. I complained to Tesco...

SCS Leeds Birstall / scs and sofa delivery

Jun 28, 2017

Initially we bought a sofa an delivery was promised for the 9th June. This then has been pushed back to the 23rd, then the 29th. No one day before delivery they call to say they need ID confirmation from myself which they took on the day of purchase to confirm delivery. This is an...

Hermes / parcel delivery

May 16, 2017

Parcel not delivered due to damage. Not told had to call to find out. No replies to emails. Told it would be returned and I would be contacted within 48 hours now 8 days no contact. Email chat online today and told it was lost. It is easier to say this than return the parcel which is not...

Drive Dynamics / Dynamic Franchises / refund not received, very bad customer service representative and extremely bad contact

Mar 29, 2017

Absolutely terrible customer service. I bought a driving lesson package with Drive Dynamics and after reading reviews immediately realised my mistake. On the same day I emailed 2 times asking for a refund as I hadn't booked a single lesson I thought I had more of a chance than the others who...

Hertz / car rental / extra charges

Nov 09, 2016

Total rip off and disgusting service! Charged our bank account for a £112 parking fine, we were never supposed to pay... Instead of contacting us and providing customer service they decided that we are entitled to pay for it, even tough we do have a permit!!! Waited almost 1.5 weeks for...

Drive Dynamics / lack of service and do not refund your money

Oct 31, 2016

A number of lessons were booked and over £200 paid some weeks ago. No instructor called to actually book the lessons. After a number of times trying to chase to get an instructor to call, we were informed that there wasn't an instructor in the area and that a refund would be instructed. A month...

Nationwide Building Society / Look elsewhere for a Professional Bank / building society! NOT Nationwide!

Jun 26, 2016

Nationwide Building society Your Customers Deserve Much better! I had reason to Phone Nationwide Customer service again, it is Always hit and miss situation whether or not You’ll get an appropriate, Professional, Respectful response? I could not access my On-line Nationwide bank account...

Drive Dynamics / poor instructor

Mar 27, 2016

Extremely poor driving instructor provided by this school. On my second lesson I was allowed to drive on the A13, despite not being talked through the car controls fully. However, this isn't my biggest complaint. After I was called into work the day before my lesson, I messaged my...

REGUS / behaviour / system/ blackmailing

Jan 16, 2016

Dear sir / madam, I would like to write few lines about regus, I visited your regus west business park and was very disappointed with the situation, our services was suspended, our company sign was not at board, our mail was hold and they refused to give us, and most important thing i...

Asda / delivery - nearly half shopping was missing

Sep 05, 2015

I ordered my shopping to be delivered this morning (05.09.15) the slot was 8-10am!! Firstly, the delivery guy was 20 minutes late outside of the TWO hours slot!! He was apologetic and said that he was so rushed and busy today!! First thing I noticed was that the French sticks I ordered... / Transaction didn't fail, but we didn't receive confirmation

Jun 12, 2015

We booked flight and hotel through the website When we wanted to pay, the website hanged up and we didn’t understand if the purchase was done or not. We tried to contact the customer services, but they didn’t reply. We didn’t get the confirmation... / Seller took money and vanished with it

May 05, 2015

I ordered uniform from the website The company is real scam, so better avoid them. I placed the order already month ago, but these jerks took money from me and vanished somewhere. All my emails and complaints were ignored, so I lost all hopes to reach these...

Carcraft / Not keeping promises


When i purchased a car from carcraft in december i specifically asked sales man to put me on a finance where i will pay for the car in september but when i called ge money and they told me im on the higher finance that was the 1st problem 2nd problem they put insurance on my account which...