Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada

Esso / carwash

Dec 10, 2018

Hi, I was in esso station located Yonge & Steeles on last Friday and got a luxury carwash. I was in hurry and left back to work, when I got off the car I saw the car srill has lots of dirt all around. I came back in the morning and showed the car but they said carwash has been under...

Beats By Dre / beats solo

Aug 22, 2018

Hello I purchased a beats solo from apple store in November 2016. It stoped working and I can not reset it. When I called spoke I was told that I have to pay for a new beats and as it goes under repair, it will have only 90 days warranty. I need it urgently for my online webibars and client... / refuse to provide refund for wrong products

Aug 07, 2018

Oh what a disgusting customer service and appalling company! I just paid for $250 of vitamins from and they were shipped to me via a Freight Forwarding company to Dubai. Guess what they shipped me the wrong supplement! And now the customer service tells me " sorry can't help...

Jade and Juliet / mermaid tail

Nov 04, 2017

I'm extremely upset with this business's customer service. I ordered 4 of their mermaid tails (which is pretty good business for a first time customer... but definitely not a returning customer) and only received 3. It says they were all delivered but I am missing a pink one. Now due to...

Shoppers Drug Mart / pharmacy protocols

Oct 04, 2017

Good day, I recently called my Pharmacy by refill request that my Specialist would have to authorize (0 repeats). I was told it would be ready for pick-up after 4:30 the following afternoon. Since I had a few extra capsules, I went to pick up the prescription two days later, after I took my...

Mr. Lube / oil change & headlight restoration

Aug 13, 2017

I was in Mr Lube 7562 Yonge St, Thornhill last Thursday to do oil change, young technician offer me to clean my headlights in half an hour with 4 years warranty and I accepted, but I mentioned to them to make sure no damages on the vehicle's body and paints, he said don't worry we cover it...

Tim Hortons / ask for application to work - age discrimination

Aug 08, 2017

Aug 7, 2017 Promenade Mall, Thornhill Went to ask for employment application. First gave look to gentleman and asked how old is he? When she heard 60, her response was we are not hiring at this location because he is 60. I asked if there is barrier at Tim Hortons? When I called head office...

KitchenAid / refrigerator

Jun 16, 2017

The delivery / service department is asking for four our waiting time, do not show up, do not call to reschedule, or inform of appointment cancellation. Once the appliance is purchased, the customer is at his/her mercy!!! Disgusting company, including the retailer Appliance Canada, who are...

Hire the Gardener Thornhill East / summer lawn maintenance

May 31, 2017

We've been happy customers of The Gardener Thornhill East for about 17 years when it was owned by Craig. The franchise was sold this past year however we had to find that out on our own after the poor service we started receiving. The new owner agreed to honor our previous deal for...

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company / salad

May 26, 2017

Hello, I am sending this complaint regarding the spicy chicken salad I ordered last night from Wendy's ( toronto, Canada ) dufferine and steels location . I am very discusted, sick, and really not happy with what I found as I was almost done eating my salad . Their was some sort of bug on...

Shoppers Drug Mart / gift card

May 25, 2017

Warning. Do not buy gift cards at Shoppers 8000 Bathurst Thornhill. They sold my mom a Winner's gift card for $50.00, gave her receipt showing activation, but handed her a blank, un-activated card! she went straight to the in-store post office and mailed it to my cousin in Kitchener. Head...

Dairy Queen / dq slab cake

May 14, 2017

Hello i am severley dissatisfied with the purchase of my birthday original slab cake today. I have had a traditional slab cake every year for my birthday and look forward to it. My guests were excited to enjoy a slice and when i cut and served it we were all very much dissapointed that the...

Eugene Ostrovski- Handyman Scam in Markham , North YorkToronto / Handyman Scam - Russian-Canadian man Eugene Ostrovski

Oct 30, 2015

This handyman by name eugene ostrovski - (Also known as evgeni ostrovski) - is a scammer / thief, he posed as a real handyman, took 500 $ advance for carpenter work and vanished, beware of this scammer. Reported to canada police and anti fraud squad. He keeps changing his phone number...

GoodLife Fitness / isa liu; the careless and fraudulent employee

Feb 21, 2015

So there is an employee who works at this location by the name of Isa Liu and is very careless of her work. Isa Liu is a Chinese immigrant to Canada that is about 5 feet and 2 inches high with black hair. She is in her late 40's or early 50's. She is, first of all, verbally...

Gila Martow Using York Regional Police To Solicit Votes / GILA MARTOW IS PLAYING UNFAIR

Jan 29, 2014

received three very aggressive calls from this person yesterday. he was solicting for the party. identified himself as a police officer ryan kimens. i called back the number and same [censored] who called me answered the phone and told be to vote conservative in the upcoming by election. he...

Hyundai / bad services and they never pay right to their salesman

Aug 11, 2013

we as a salesperson who working with Thornhill Hyundai, this Group never treat their co-work right also customers complain about our services department and the sales manager. they never pay us right every month when we get out pay cheque we have to fight for our money. sometime even up to...

Petro Canada / short changing the customer

Mar 11, 2013

After purchasing gas, I decided to purchase a Lotto 649 lottery ticket for $ 2.00. I gave the attendant my Petro Canada card and a $10.00 bill. He ran my card through the machine, printed the lottery ticket and gave me back my points card, lottery ticket receipt and $3.00 change. I told...

Save on Renovations / no response for service

Sep 05, 2012

I have tried numerous times to contact company. This is my second complaint. Voucher # [protected]. there appears to be no service for the consumer. I thin the time has come for a refund. Please contact me. Barbara Rosenthal [protected]

Bell Canada / over-billing, lies, louzy customer service

Aug 12, 2012

I don't think it is necessary to explain my complaints about BELL because they are the same as everybody else. Lies after lies, being cut-off by reps, given the run-around from one department to another, being promised a Credit and 4 months later nothing received, being billed for a...

esso canada / dishonest self service car wash

Jul 23, 2012

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, I went to the Esso gas station (Yonge & Steele) for the self service car wash. After I entered the booth, I found that I am the only user inside (total around six partitions). It is a rare situation as in other self service car wash, there should be line up...

Avoid all contact with MAFARIO AMICUCCI / Oxy-### and Slanderous

May 30, 2012

So we keep reading about Maryam Torabipour on this website and on, AND on, AND, etc., etc., etc. But what interested readers really want to know is this: Who the hell has the time and energy to do all this???? Well, allow me to enlighten you my...

Auto Doc / Poor customer service

Jun 30, 2011

Having been a customer of Auto Doc for year, I was surprised to receive such poor customer service, from the owner of the company no less! I had called to make an appointment to have my car's oil changed and to have my car inspected for any problems. I was asked to come in on Friday...

Staples / printing service

Apr 13, 2011

I was insulted by a Staples' employee named Khemraj today. He threw my business cards to my face when I was writing his name in order to submit a complain about his bad job. He hadn't printed my order by the necessary time. Then he promised to do that in a five minutes. In a...

Emirates Ailines / toally poor service

Mar 06, 2011

I have been travelling around the world for the last 50 years. Sometimes the service has not been that great, but as reasonable human beings, we must make allowances. Last year my wife and I travelled from Toronto to Dubai and then continued to Tehran Iran. We made the same return journey...

Skill2thrill / I have been charged twice on my Rogers Bill and I want my money back--I sure didn't sign up for such crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jan 07, 2011

On my November Rogers bill I was charged $22.00 for Skill to Thrill and then again in December I was charged $34.00 for Skill to Thrill again.What is this nonsense? I had no part in this and am requesting a full refund. I have been in touch with Rogers twice and they said that they had put...

RIU Emerald Bay - Mazatlan / food


After reading many negative reviews we still decided to take a week's vacation at the Riu in Mazatlan in November 2009. I have had trouble deciding what was making me feel disenchanted about our vacation - I could not really put my finger on one thing until I started talking about it... / VOIP SERVICE


Paid for VoIp service, did not work very well as claimed on the web site. Needs expert user interaction all the time. Tried all the trouble shooting steps provided via email from them. Now instead of refunding money, customer service is asking to use messenger service to make long distance calls.



When I wanted to sell my second-hand furniture, I decided to use the local secondhand store for convenience. The owner asked for pictures of my furniture which I duly submitted and which she approved for delivery to the store. It cost about $100-00 to transport the furniture to the store. ...

FTD online / didn't deliver as advertised, then didn't cancel and refund


I had forgotten that it was Mother's Day back in Canada last Sunday, and so Saturday afternoon I searched through FTD for a florist that would deliver on Sunday. Took me a while, because a lot of the listings didn't specify delivery availability until check-out (which I went through...

Pizza Pizza / Did Not Get 2 for 1 Movie Admission Tickets


Both my Mom and I went to Pizza Pizza today at 3:01 p.m. to get the special which is advertised in the flyer until April 30, 2009 and received 2 for 1 Movie Admission at Cineplex and we are both disabled and drove that far and was very unhappy about them not having these Movie Admission...

amwest lending services / advance fee loans?


I was contacted stating I was approved for a loan.(Doubful) I researched BBB and learned this is a sub/company of Cloverfield lending. They have Chicago address which may or not be legitimate. The BBB states that this company is an Advance Fee Loan which is both illegal in USA and Canada... / Terrible company

I was looking for a dedicated server solution because our current VPS was running out of space and we were down. After reading the impressive reviews, I decided to give a call. After talking to about my needs I was told my server would be configured & my...