Unsolicited Phone Calls Complaints

Winners International / threating phone

Apr 18, 2019

4/18/19 Received call from hidden, unknown caller claiming I had won $350, 000 and a Mercedes. He said I would need to get a postal money order for $350, and hold it until the "guys" arrived at my home today with a cashiers check and the car. I told him was not going to give him or them any...

Receiving calls on my cell phone. / unwanted calls

Apr 16, 2019

I have received several calls on my cell phone from this number [protected] claiming to be Dollarama Head Office in Montreal. Its regarding an order and needing me to get in touch with you. The number you have reached is a personal cell phone, I have not recently or will be placing an...

National Dealer Services / non stop unsolicited calling

Apr 5, 2019

Most recently I received a call from [protected], the caller claimed to be with National Dealer Services after using very vulgar language when I asked Hello is there anyone there for the3rd time. I'm on the national do not call list. This number calls my phone all day every day. But...

Starnet Paetec / constant calls, nobody on the line

Apr 3, 2019

Date: April 3, 2019 Day: Wednesday Phone Number: [protected] Complaint: Constant robo calls with caller ID as Starney Paetec [protected]. No voice message left if you do not answer the call or send it to voice mail. If you answer, nobody is on the line or you can hear someone who almost...

Medicare / scam

Feb 26, 2019

Got a phone call from number [protected] stating they work with medicare and want me to get a free cancer scanning test I asked how they got my business number said medicare gave it to them plus my medicare number I asked what it is no answer but woman with the unknown accent came back...

Universe Markets / trading

Feb 12, 2019

They refuse to refund my money, no rules like what they have now was explained/mentioned in telephone call. I do not want to trade anymore and they still have $1000 of me and refuse to refund, I have to trade/play the money, and I am not going to waste my money. They never said not refundable. They owe me $1000. I never trade so money is just there?!

Alan BS Services LLC / water heater

Dec 24, 2018

My water heater went out the Friday before Christmas 2018 I called CHW and a contract request was sent out and accept by this company for Sunday from 8-11. He called at 10 am wanting to reschedule for 3-6. At 7 I called him and he was stuck in traffic and would be here at 8 am Monday. At 9...

Michael Salinski / sucht minderjährige mädchen auf quoka

Nov 30, 2018

Michael Salinski'Michael Salinski aus Hohenstadt sucht auf minderjährige Mädchen. Diesen bietet er Geld an, um im Gegenzug sexuelle Handlungen an ihm durchführen zu lassen! Es wird dringend vor diesem Mann gewarnt, die Polizei ist auch schon informiert. Bitte melden Sie sich bei der nächsten Polizeidienststelle, falls sie Nachrichten von ihm erhalten. Aufpassen!

Shoplifting Charges of Karine Martirosyan-Noroian 2012, Westborough, MA / karine m. martirosyan aka karine noroian, shoplifting charges of 2012

Oct 17, 2018

Karine Mkrtich Martirosyan (current resident of Westborough, MA, immigrated from Spitak, Armenia) falsifies and publishes fake court records/criminal charges about many she envies, charges that do not exist. Naira Martirosyan-Noroyan is making up names of judges and/or court officers and she...

+919789166047 profile name shoba / fake profile shobha with my contact number

Oct 5, 2018

There is a person with phone number +[protected] profile name shoba/shobha has created fake profile and used my contact phone number in a fake profile and published on SKOUT portal all the people those who using that skout application is calling on my contact number and soliciting sexual...

"800 Servi" [sic] / unknown

Sep 28, 2018

Caller ID said "SPAM? 800 Servi" [sic] and gave the number as [protected]. My husband answered and asked who was calling and apparently the caller kept asking for me and wouldn't talk to him. So my husband hung up. Get lots of spam calls from "800 Service" which suggests to ME that they...

Polybags CC / harassing phone calls

Sep 17, 2018

Our company workers enter into private loans with your bank. When you need to contact them for payment or telemarketing then contact them on their private cell phones. Please DO NOT contact my office line. All workers work off site and can only be contacted via their cell phones. In other...

American Messaging Services, LLC / constant scam phone calls

Aug 20, 2018

Someone from American Messaging Services, LLC in Grand Rapids, Michigan keeps calling my number. They call about every 2 hours starting at 8 a.m. and it has continued all day long. I do not have an answering machine, but these calls show up on my caller ID. All of them have American...

Escort BA / e

Aug 4, 2018

I have got so many calls about am I available and I haven't post anything I am a mother of there and one on the way I would like to have some privacy about things this will be a law suit in process if this isn't handle I am tired of being harassed by unwanted people I did not...

Brilliant Savings Club / mis-sold products to vulnerable adults with learning difficulties

Jul 26, 2018

My brother who is a vulnerable adult with learning difficulties purchased a bike in 2017 from JD Williams - his name and details were passed onto "Brilliant Savings Club" they contacted him to set up his account claiming to work in association with JD Williams - as my brother didn't...

Legal Officer Collection Department Cash USA #404-362-7048 / they are a fraud company send me an email asking for money.

Jul 22, 2018

I got this email, but I never ask for any loan from them. Name : DORKA VERAS GUTIERREZ Social Security Number : 000000 Outstanding Debt: $954.00 (including late payment charges) Penalty in the court: $6300+ Attorney and court fees: $1000+ Creditors- Cash USA which is a parent company of...

Google Business Listings / listing update reps

Jul 9, 2018

I do not want any business listings and I definitely never want another call from the unprofessional people who call relentlessly regarding the listing. Please call so that I can end the needless and numerous calls I am receiving. [protected]. If this is a Google service the company...

Paris Norris Phoenix Arizona / mazda rx 8

Jun 26, 2018

My husband died I told this to westlake and they claimed that since this had happened that as long as I sent them thevdeath certificate that They wouldvsend me the title, and theybdid not. Instead they repossessed my vehicle from where I was visiting my friend. I had never given them her...

Escort Babylon / phone calls and messages

May 27, 2018

I have been getting phone calls and messages from different people because my number was posted on escort Babylon by someone I dont even know for the past hour. I did a research and saw the pictures that are there are not even familiar to me. All I want is my number taken out of that...

Arrons / customer service

May 9, 2018

My payment is due I'm the 1rst the lady from arrons calls my phone at least 5 or 6 times a day and the calls start at 8 am to 10pm. I was told today that I need to stop paying late and that I can not pay late anymore that they will come get my washer and dryer.. I was also told that I...

Ford Extended Service Plan Unsolicited Calls / esp sales calls

May 7, 2018

My Ford Escape warranty has expired and I am receiving constant phone calls to sell me an extended service contract. I have tried everything to get them to put me on do not call list. I bought a third party ESP when I purchased the car. I didn't know it was third-party when the Ford...

PH Media Group / unsolicited phone calls, very rude

May 1, 2018

Richard Snape called our office several times and screamed at my co-worker and I. He was very rude and would not accept our answers that our boss was unavailable. He called back several times and yelled at both my co-worker and I. We were shocked about how rude this guy was... And looked...

Diana Dorrier of Visalia, CA / diana dorrier is a rotten and deadbeat customer and a loser

Apr 27, 2018

I am a small business owner and I missed a call today from an unknown phone number. When I called the number back I received an immediate voicemail recording. Then this apparent nutjob Diana Dorrier of Visalia, CA immediately called me back. She reached out to me and was soliciting me to...

PH Media Group / bullying tactics

Apr 23, 2018

23/4/18 Despite being told not to call our company on numerous occasions, John Dunlop will not take no for an answer. Very aggressive tactics, ringing various publicised numbers for our company and trying to get through to the CEO. Unbelievably poor customer service, I fail to see why their...

Auto Warranty Extension / auto warranty extension

Apr 11, 2018

Over last 2 months I have gotten over 30+ nuisance/scam/fraud robo calls all from 561 283 prefix, all issued by Omnipoint Miami E License LLC (found by looking up # online). I always report to a few websites and the call blocking apps I use on my phone. They are spoofing number...

LuLu Express Shawamekh / soliciting information

Apr 10, 2018

I recieved a raffle prize ticket for the 50, 000 AED prize at the counter after i made a purchase at lulu express in Shawamekh - Abudhabi. I wrote my phone number and name and put the ticket in the box. A few hours later i recieve a message from +[protected] in poorly written english...

National Warranty Service / constant phone calls

Mar 22, 2018

It is really hard to pinpoint a direct day as they cal me at least 3-5 times a day for the last 8-10 months for the last year. I get their robo calls. I am very exasperated with these calls. I have explained I have a full warranty. I have gone thru their dial this program of dial this and...

Faisal Khan Solangi Hyderabad Sindh Pakistan / he is harassing my friends and my family in the pakistan and abusing on the social media.

Mar 5, 2018

Faisal Khan Solangi Hyderabad Sindh PakistanIam kashif ali Pakistani from saudia arab person his name is faisal khan solangi from Hyderabad [protected] sindh Pakistan.he is misguiding to my friends and family which are in the Pakistan, and he is also giving my mobile number to his friends which are in the KSA, and they...

National Dealers Services (National Warranty Services) / extended car warranty

Mar 5, 2018

I received 58 calls so far from this company. I keep telling them I am not Interested but they keep calling. What do I need to do to have them stop. I am 71 years old and I consider this harassment by phone. This company is relentless> I want the calls to stop. They have been calling me...

Mobile Plus / selling cell phone contracts / deals

Jan 17, 2018

Dorico from Mobile Plus phoned me from a private number. I ask him where did he get my information and if he is aware of PPI. Protection of personal information. He started getting arrogant with me and I hang up. He phoned me 39 time again. My daughter answered and said that he must stop...

Unknown phone calls / unknown stake calls

Dec 30, 2017

Respected sir, My problem is from last 2 years, I have got around 50 calls from unknown numbers, I have complained to police regarding this issue.last time when I visited police station they informed you will not get calls from unknown, but after 3 months they started to call me on 29 the...

Domestic Abuser / domestic violence abuser

Dec 6, 2017

Domestic AbuserJena Sadler is an uncaught family domestic abuser. Her arrest record started early in San Angelo where she still resides. She has lied her whole life about everything from money to children! Her biggest lies are against anyone who crosses her path! She is a sheep in devils clothing, you...

San Diego Gas and Electric / incorrect information non public information posted

Nov 19, 2017

San Diego Gas and Electricgoogle states SDGE customer service for El Cajon is [protected] that is not correct SDGE 24hr customer service for the entire territory is [protected] please make immediate correction ...please fix this was an unauthorize edit was made ... ... Fix ASAP.bkahblagblahblahblah filling chacters give...

unknown / cuss words used

Oct 27, 2017

Person called at 10:55 on October 27 from [protected] He asked for a name I did not understand him as he had an accent.. Then asked was I the person at this number (not exact words) and when I asked why he said "f--- you." I was appalled and when I asked him the name of his organization he said -...

US Online Pharmacy / harassing calls

Oct 4, 2017

Have been receiving these calls for many years. I think I might have stumbled on a way to stop this for a long while. I contacted 3 different websites looking for the provider of the last 2 numbers they used [protected] and 5198. All 3 site said this was Broadvox. Trying to contact them it...

Len Franks Electrical / unethical behaviour

Oct 2, 2017

I have at approx 9.15 & 9.32pm received FaceTime calls from one of your customers @ p.[protected] which where indecent and not appreciated can you please stop this person .I contacted your customer support to get redirected and was abused by it sounded like an indian who could not...

National Warranty Services / repeated daily phone calls when they have been told to stop.

Sep 26, 2017

I have been getting 2 and 3 calls daily from National Warranty Services about a car I haven't owned in 8 months. I can't get them to stop calling. When you ask for a supervisor the rep just hangs up on you then they call back 2 hours later. I don't know where else to take this. At thi...

Carmen Kwasny / carmen kwasny

Sep 25, 2017

Carmen Kwasny claims to be a Lakota pipe keeper and keeper of the Lakota sweat lodge she said the sweat lodge was given to her and her alone by the great-grandfather Carmen Kwasny is now forbidden all people and the Lakota from doing the sweat lodge The Sacred White Buffalo Calf Woman... / link showing my phone number

Aug 18, 2017

This is all the data I have My phone is connected to this prostitution website. I want you to sever my phone number from your site and searches My phone number appears linked to your site. This is an adult escort site. I receive phone calls from men wanting sex. Please remove link or cached phone number. [removed] [link removed]

Del's T. V. / seller selling locked product

Aug 6, 2017

I have a seller on letgo that sold an iPhone 6 that was locked with a broken screen. I contacted him several times and he would not respond or pick up the phone calls. I went to the local police and had it reported. After I land the seller negative feedback Heat finally called Apple and...