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Unsolicited Phone Calls Complaints

Sun Cellular / Digitel Mobile Philippines / text and call spam

Sabz on May 24, 2018

Sun Cellular / Digitel Mobile PhilippinesTwo numbers keep on calling me but I put them in the call rejects list already. But, they also keep on messaging me (I don't understand what are they saying either because of wrong spelling and spaces?) when I saw by the morning they called many times in the middle of the night which i...

Home Depot / customer personal information abuse

Mark Lisowski on May 23, 2018

Home depot claims it shares customer's personal data such as phone numbers only with "partners." the problem is sharing in the first place, as those partners are likely unencumbered by any of home depot disclosure policies. The partners share the info with others — partners or...

JDG Financial Services / JD Group / harassed by call centre agents

Skeezo on May 22, 2018

Each day i get atleast 5 calls from jdg financial services agents. I am infact in advance with my payments, yet i get harassed by the call centre agents daily who at times don't even speak. I have demanded that i get called by the manager to lay a complaint and find out for what reason i...

Omegle / a stranger

Fam dog12345Ez noscope on May 19, 2018

I'm a 15 year old boy trying to troll males as a kinky girl, I should of not done that I met a stranger in my last chat I pretended to be 15 and he came off as a pedo, saying am I horny and he is horny, I went along with it for a very long time hoping you guy would see this and inform...

Mirror Essentials / ordering issue

BettyAnn Reed on May 16, 2018

Last night about ten o'clock I was going to order some garments for Mirror Essentials. I got all the way to payment and still could not find out what shipping costs would be. I had already filled in my name, address, phone number before just deciding not to go ahead with the order. At 1:30...

Arrons / customer service

Amanfa Perez on May 9, 2018

My payment is due I'm the 1rst the lady from arrons calls my phone at least 5 or 6 times a day and the calls start at 8 am to 10pm. I was told today that I need to stop paying late and that I can not pay late anymore that they will come get my washer and dryer.. I was also told that I...

Omnipoint Communications, Inc. / several charges against my husband.

Lois Nunez on May 8, 2018

Someone called, he didn't even give his name! Claimed it was urgent my husband call back because he was verifying his address and place of employment in order to have a warrant serverd for several charges that were being filed against him. This person said my husband had to call back right...

Ford Extended Service Plan Unsolicited Calls / esp sales calls

myangrycar on May 7, 2018

My Ford Escape warranty has expired and I am receiving constant phone calls to sell me an extended service contract. I have tried everything to get them to put me on do not call list. I bought a third party ESP when I purchased the car. I didn't know it was third-party when the Ford...

O'Reilly Auto Parts / complaint on store manager

Jason mackey on May 4, 2018

I shop at the store on 3109 Martin Luther King Boulevard in Dallas Texas store number 4025 and every time I go in there the store manager name is Mike he always tried to get me to buy things that I don't need or that I don't want one day I went in there this younger guy just asked me did I...

Conns / harassment and horrible customer service

pissedoffcustomer505 on May 4, 2018

due to a financial situation my husband and i have fallen behind on our account with conns.. they aren't very helpful when it comes to working with them. they cannot take a partial payment, hell they wont even take whatever we can give for a missed payment.. it has to be their minimum...

Singapore Post (SingPost) / rude delivery guy

Henry Kwl on May 2, 2018

Tracking number: LZSGL0000657812 Rude driver when answering my call today at 5.30pm. I understood I have missed his call in the day because I have work to attend to. All I did is to call back to confirm on my delivery. Also he just left without leaving any message card which was mentioned...

PH Media Group / unsolicited phone calls, very rude

Ash Elder on May 1, 2018

Richard Snape called our office several times and screamed at my co-worker and I. He was very rude and would not accept our answers that our boss was unavailable. He called back several times and yelled at both my co-worker and I. We were shocked about how rude this guy was... And looked...

Neutral Tandem-Florida, LLC / unethical behaviour

Nonya Binis on Apr 30, 2018

Neutral Tandem-Florida, LLC operates as a subsidiary of Inteliquent, Inc. This is their company website: 786-789-0160 They are based in Chicago, but have many numbers that they use in your local area to call you. They harass and call at all...

Rent-A-Center / calls and texts being made with employee cell phone

Mrs. Liles on Apr 28, 2018

An employee from rent a center store on cliffdale rd, Fayetteville, NC has been calling me and texting me from their personal cell phone. In the text i was told that i was to pay now or they're picking up only and underlined only! I am only a week late and feel harrassed by an employee who...

Diana Dorrier of Visalia, CA / diana dorrier is a rotten and deadbeat customer and a loser

Harlan R on Apr 27, 2018

I am a small business owner and I missed a call today from an unknown phone number. When I called the number back I received an immediate voicemail recording. Then this apparent nutjob Diana Dorrier of Visalia, CA immediately called me back. She reached out to me and was soliciting me to...

Regus Group / unethical behaviour

Siyamala Vasavan on Apr 27, 2018

Regus GroupAll I did was to ask a general enquiry via email and I received 10 missed calls within an hour on the first day and another 12 the following day. I had to blacklist thr number on my phone. Is Regus that desperate? I went about to do business with another company because it was totally annoying...

PH Media Group / bullying tactics

AEB123 on Apr 23, 2018

23/4/18 Despite being told not to call our company on numerous occasions, John Dunlop will not take no for an answer. Very aggressive tactics, ringing various publicised numbers for our company and trying to get through to the CEO. Unbelievably poor customer service, I fail to see why their...

Regus Group / high pressure sales

LewisEvans777 on Apr 19, 2018

I made a general inquiry of Regus and now they phone me at all times of day and night and 'associates' email me constantly. I have asked to be removed from their database, but they just keep coming. Someone called me today and didn't listen to anything I said then cut me off in mid... / Plenty of Fish / refund

JR Hefner on Apr 12, 2018

I looked up your customer support number on google and it gave me a scam number. Thay made me sign up with coinbase and thay mistaking billed me $45.00 $45.00 $5.00 $3.00 and I never could get the money back You shouldn't give out scam phone numbers on u should automatically...

Auto Warranty Extension / auto warranty extension

justgoaway on Apr 11, 2018

Over last 2 months I have gotten over 30+ nuisance/scam/fraud robo calls all from 561 283 prefix, all issued by Omnipoint Miami E License LLC (found by looking up # online). I always report to a few websites and the call blocking apps I use on my phone. They are spoofing number...