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Unsolicited Phone Calls Complaints

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XXX / Personal phone-number circulated

Ananya Biswas on Apr 26, 2017
Hello, I have been receiving phone calls and text messages from various numbers stating that they got it from your chatting services. Point of concern is, I am not on Omegle. I barely knew about your existence before this trouble started creeping up. Someone is circulating my number and...

Letgo / Billy breeden

Levi Dixon on Apr 25, 2017
LetgoI'm Levi Dixon and I had a run in with a guy (Billy breeden) on my page that was a total ### and then he left a bad review on my page and then blocked me!! He also lied on the review he left and I believe it will mess with me selling my products!! I do not believe I should have to...

Quit Calling Me / Constant harassment that is going to legal

Church 24e65 j bo; on Apr 20, 2017
Tell your telemarketers to quit calling 805-577-5907 right now. If they don't, after I've told them 93487593847593847693847590328475 times to stop, I am going to the authorities and really raise hell. NO, I do NOT wish to change back to ATT after they let us go 2 months with NO...

Rent-A-Center / i am only a reference

Tekeshea on Apr 20, 2017
I don’t have an account with these people (Rent-A-Center), and I never will due to their unprofessional-ism. They are looking for one of my friends and they are constantly harassing me to get a message to her. I told them I informed her and I have asked them to stop calling me over and over...

Global Crossing / unsolicited calls

kwirgirl Love on Apr 18, 2017
4/17/17 Global Crossing. I received a call from this number 443-391-8054, they didn't leave a message. I usually do not answer strange numbers anyway. I blocked the number and looked it up and seen Global Crossing and many, many complaints dating back to 2011. This is really unacceptable...

Tinder / unsolicited calls

Maite Mendieta on Apr 18, 2017
Hi. Today I received 2 phone calls from people I do not know. Both said they got my details from Tinder. I do not have an account with Tinder. I am really quite disturbed by this especially since my private number is being displayed. I was told that people could have gotten that info from...

Life Time Fitness / Operations

Bigdaddy-4u on Apr 16, 2017
I am a member at the castle creek location in indianapolis indiana I appreciate amenities provided. However I am sick and tired of the men's locker room always looking like no one has cleaned once a certain time comes around. The time I am speaking of is typically after 3 or 4 pm and...

Digi Telecommunications / customer service - collection department

Audrey Saloman on Apr 12, 2017
Hi, I received a call from your collection department today - 13.04.2017 @ 9.09 from you CSR called David. This is the 2nd time David has called me to request for payment, however, this number is still registered under the previous owner. I have clearly informed him to get the record...

National Auto Division / Telephone calls

Guytie on Apr 12, 2017
I have received several calls from nad I told them we were going to trade in our vehicle and they still kept calling even when I spoke to a supervisor and he told me he was going to take me off the call list they still keep calling several times a day and sometimes when they call and I...

TapJoy / tapjoy rewards/design home

Angela Chandler on Apr 12, 2017
TapJoyI haven't received rewards in 3 weeks. I have looked at my phone settings based on your rules and they all appear correct as specified on the tapjoy account. I have submitted 100's of support tickets with no helo. So please don't tell me to do that again . My device isn't being recognized...

Omegle / Calls

Kavya Singh on Apr 9, 2017
I would like to inform you that my number is been circulated at your app with no reason, by someone else, I don't even use this app, and now I am getting so much of calls from all overs, it's a very big problem for me, so kindly please look for it, as I am having a lot of trouble, and the...

US Pharmacy / Harassment

Gwenjo on Apr 5, 2017
I would like to start a class action suit against this company for one million dollars. For 3 years they have called 10 or more times a day after I have asked to stop from the beginning. I do not know how they got my phone number. Plus they use fake numbers most of which cannot be called...

Winners International / Won prize from publishers clearing house

Robert Flanagan on Apr 5, 2017
Received call at 6:36 am pacific daylight time (PDT) on my personal cell from 876-397-9224, caller ID showed the call as coming from Jamaica. When I called back from a land line a man who stated his name was David Johnson started to tell me I had won a prize from Publishers Clearing House...

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / How to get free chicken a scam

Ann Ridgeway on Apr 3, 2017
On facebook last week it had foe coupons for kfc and so I click on it andit has me lots of question if I or a loved one had diabetes idohave love one just thought I let u know that this site is using your company to herrass me about dibetes and I get call 4 or more times a day cause of...

Courts Malaysia / Courts.com.my / Receiving msg from courts

Shri08 on Mar 30, 2017
*rm0.00 : courts: 30/3.3ptg-anda masih gagal kemaskini baki tunggakn rm279.50 bg acc 831601108020. Sila segera buat byrn hari ini utk elak caj!0392057011&7012* i just want to know whether this is your official message.This week monday(27/3/2017) a bought a new sim card. Since then im receiving this message. What its about and does it affect me?

DU / Scam call mobile number 052 350 4475

Shereen Paloma on Mar 27, 2017
Dear Customer Service Agent, Today, 27Mar 11:12 AM I have received a missed call and have called the number back from i believed a a bangladeshi national as per the accent, with the number mentioned above. He advised that I won a lottery for the EXPO 2020 draw amounting to 100, 000 AED...

Omegle / Giving out my phone number

CarmenCarmenism on Mar 23, 2017
I'd like to make a complain about someone I do not know giving out my number on Omegle. I do not use the website and do not have an account there at all. This is now the third time I have received random text from strangers claiming that they have gotten my number from Omegle and saying I...

American Messaging / Spam calls from your customers

Sick of Spam on Mar 23, 2017
Yesterday, I received 2 calls on my cell phone from customers of yours: (619) 340-8647 (619) 340-7070 My son also received a call from the first number above on his cell phone, too. Our phone numbers have been registered with the National Do Not Call Registry, and these unauthorized call...

Dollar General LLC. / Unfairness

Virginia Hall on Mar 22, 2017
I was an employee there and the Manager at the time would take me in her office and curse me out for what I never knew, well I'm trying to get a job back there but it seems that she did something to keep me from doing so, I would like another chance to work at the sore #2314 because I had...

Zee Luke / Loan shark

Zee Luke on Mar 20, 2017
I received a call from E Loans a guy named David Morgan at 510-426-6139 ext 2408, they said my loan was approved for 2000 loan he kept asking me question I felt uneasy I said I will call you back, went to the ELoans.com found a Company located in New York at 1-866-576-7283, she said they...
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