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Innovative Products Network / Shawn Bombaro


Innovative Products Network and Smarter Living Products respond to smear campaign and baseless allegations. CORAL SPRINGS, FL – 1/12/2009 – Innovative Products Network and Smarter Living Products announced today they have posted a rebuttal to a baseless smear campaign...

SecureAlert TrackerPal / Security Issues


SecureAlert TrackerPalVery Poor Software Design, This company fails to admit their poorly written software and security breaches. The data on their system is not secure, do not trust personal information on this site.

Signature Market News / Illegal Charge - Verizon Home Phone


Today, 03/12/09, I was illegally charged $14.95! I called their # 877.320.810 and spoke with Grency. These charges would have been adding up if I did not receive an announcement email. How dare they! REPORT THEM IMMEDIATELY!!! Signature Market News - ILLEGAL SPAM Susan Staten Island, New York

Best of the Bay / Infomercial Scam


A "Best of the Bay" rep called my friend's restaurant, and told him that he has the best Japanese restaurant in the area, and wanted to do an exclusive on his establishment. Our originally impression was that this was something that no one could pay or bribe their way into the show. A...

Best of the Bay / No credibility


There is no credibility to this show. They sold us a spot on their show claming we would have exclusivity in our category and county for the duration of our contract. At the time we signed on they aired 1 day per week. By the time we signed we were told the show was doing so well that they...

Dilli Ajtak Kiks Of Today / personal Details on internet


I wanted to know about my future just like many, so more than a year back I mailed to [protected] I have never ever got any reply from aajtak but my mail to them is public.There is also no option to delete our own mail. Our all details are given to them and the whole public can...

Redding Record Searchlight / Unfair Reporting


The Redding Record Searchlight, even though it is a different county has posted articles 4 times on an assault charge. The articles are one-sided and lies. I haven't been able to find any similar articles for Siskiyou County posted in this newspaper. The Record Searchlight ha...

S. Siskiyou News / Unfair Reporting


The Southern Siskiyou Newspapers that is printed once a week, has 7 articles about an assault that happened in May, 2008. Based only on the victim's story, not the truth! Other similar assault cases are not covered at all or just mentioned in the Sheriff's Report with no name...

Siskiyou Daily News / Unfair Reporting


Siskiyou Daily News has put 9 articles in it's newspapers repeating a one-sided story, of an assault. Five of these articles were on the front page and four had mug shots of the suspects. I did research and found that other similar incidents are not covered at all or barely. September...

DTG / Unethical Business Practices


A customer service representative from Idearc Media contacted me in September of 2007 to offer the services. I requested that the representative send me something in writing so that I could review the services that are offered. I never received this document. The service was activated. In...

Raw Story / Unreasonable Behavior


Dear Sirs and Madams, What happened to the complaint I filed with you about Raw Story's irrational behavior to a journalist they had retained? Please answer me! Dennie Williams [protected] [protected] PO Box 511, Litchfield, Ct. 06759

Minds of Meida / Poor Service-Logo Designed Poorly-Compnay Name Misspelled


OH MY GOD!! My partner and I just had a horribly experience with Minds of Media. We requested a Logo design and when it was received (let me tell you)... our company name was spelled WRONG and we then decided that we did not want any revisions or corrections, just our MONEY back, they...

Universal Subscription Agency, Inc. / False Magazine Subscriptions - Stolen Money


False subscription selling - don't be a fool and write a check out to them. They will not deliver your magazines and they will cash your check within a week. Beware.

American Reading Club / SCAM!


First, call [protected]. If you do not get the answer you want, contact the better business bureau for the Metro Atlanta area. This company has an unsatisfactory rating with them. This company knows how to play the old bait and switch game. Do not allow them to do this! Contact the BBB ASAP!!!

Lexisnexis - Hse Direct Online / Renewal penalty


All those looking into paying through their nose for inadequate website news information from Lexis Nexis should take note that even if you think you are only paying for a year's subscription, you are actually signed up to an automatic renewal and you have to give 90 working day...

Goam Media / Fraud


Received a solicitation phone call from Goam Media in which they falsely claimed that they were renewing a listing and wanted to verify information. New to my position, I was unaware that there had been no previous subscription. Phone conversation records my acceptance of their offer but...

Chris Jones, SPORTS RAP / Bad check


We did work on Chris Jones's rented apartment, he gave us a check that was made out incorrectly and will not provide us a replacement check or pay in cash for the bad check. This has been going on for over 4 weeks now. He really is a fast talker. When you catch him in a lie, hi...

Points Across America / BIG TIME SCAM


I used to work for P.A.A. Inc. and the kids that work for them have a quota to meet and must meet that quota or they cannot leave their hotel room until the next day when there quota is met... if at all. Also, if your quota of for example is that you must sell a minimum of 8 subscrition...

Contra Costa Times / Harassing phone calls


I am also having a problem with the Contra Costa Times. I suscribe to the Daily Review Newspaper and tried to renew my suscription via the website with no success (due to admitted problems with their website). The CC times called me on 10/11/08 and I paid via telephone. Not sure what they...

Obama lack of information / the news media out right lack of telling the truth


This complaint is to the news media (televised and in print); you report on Senator Obama but do not tell the truth by omission of the facts. How come the mass media does not question and dig into his dealing with the 1960's radial William Ayers. You cannot tell me he sat on a board...

HT Media/News paper / Non Delivery of newspaper


I registered to the HT Media scheme of Rs 199 for 5 months newspaper on 22nd july 08.At the time of registration i was told newspaper will start within 2 days but still it has not been started. i tried several times cell no. of Mr.Lalit (#[protected]) but he has not picked up my phone.i wa...

News Paper Agency / Bad response


Hi I am satish, we paid in advance for 6 months for the TOI paper bill...but the services provided by the agancy is pathethic... we have opted for TOI but they give Deccan Chronicle, The Hindu both twice/thrice a week...and two/three days we dont get paper... They throw the papers from...

Madhuraj Translites (P) Ltd. / SIM 64K fault


I would like to inform you that I'm a very old and regular customer of Airtel (my number [protected]) and also using 4-5 connections for more than 5-6 years. I've never had a major problem with Airtel but this time I've got one. I was given 64K SIM card Airtel GOLD(no.[protected] 3...

Pricol limited / Request to stop Cricket news updates from 543212


(1) i was getting cricket news updates from No.543212 from 29.04.2008 and i am being charged for that. For your information, i have not requested for that. i wanted air tel to deactivate news update service. (2) i have contaced 121 customer service on 30th of april and explained the above. and i...

Times of India / Subscriber cheated


I was one among those who was wishing to see ToI takeover THE Hindu and among the first of the fools to subscribe on 26th Jan itself with subscription number 2012073. First got cheated with a flask which didnt work!! I am not receiving my paper and the old paper agent says though he doesnt...

VOLTAS LIMITED / Chennai Edition news papers not received & 100% payment paid in well advance


we all are working one of the tata group company M/s. voltas limited chennai. and your chennai edition persons cams and collected 6 months and 1 year scbcription(payment) many of our employees last Jan -08. All cheque have depaosited your AC. But papers not delivering our house. We tried...




dept.of work and pensions / carers allowance


on the 19th of feb, on page9 of the SUN newspaper,it reported that the muslim terrorist KHAN, who is now in prison, used to recieve £640: 00 per month to look after his mother.!! how strange, my huband is my full time carer and only recieves £48:65 perweek. now who is right and...

Idearc Media / Scam and cheating!


We notified Idearc Media Rep that we did not want to renew our contract in Jan. 2007. He took the call, but didn't tell us that we had to contact them in writing. In March 2007, we wrote a letter to Idearc Media regarding the renewal of our advertising contract. We finally received...

Phuthuma Nathi / BEE shares - Phuthuma Nathi


The Naspers Group has awarded the contract to trace shareholders to TSP (shareholders partnership) to claim ordinary shares under the Phuthuma Nathi shares scheme. They have not made any attempts themselves to get hold of the shareholders, but grant TSP the right to claim 15% admin fee to...

Instant Imprints / Charged for an online ad that we did not order.


DO NOT GET INTO A CONVERSATION WITH THESE PEOPLE. HANG UP IMMEDIATELY. THEY WILL START BILLING YOU FOR NOTHING AND IF YOU DON'T PAY THEY WILL REPORT YOU TO A CREDIT AGENCY. We were contacted by a rep from this company trying to convince us to let them create an online ad for our...

Half Price Magazines / Never received magazines ordered!


I ordered Good Housekeeping and Automobile on June 11, 2007 . The delivery startup "wait" time was to be 8 to 12 weeks. These were charged to my credit card by never received. I placed the order through Google Half Price Magazines. I have emailed Half Price and they said it would be taken...

Times of India / Unfair decision!


Times had started this contest called Utsav moorthi sanman. This was for best decoration for ganpati festival at home. My house ganpati was shortlisted by times group, The next day it was put into voting with a snap of my bappa in the papers. This was headlined as readers choice award. My...

Virgin TV / Unsuitable picture on front of leaflet


I have received a leaflet through my door entitled Play Your Guide to Virgin TV, my 3 year old son saw the picture on the front cover of the leaflet which is regarding a new TV Crime series on FX channel 179 called Dexter. The picture on the front cover is of the character Dexter looking...

Weigh Down Workshop / Deceptive nature ignored by media

Re A fact of life is that dangerous religious cults use front groups to lure and ensnare unwary new recruits today. The complaint is that even though so identified, it often doesn't matter to the producers of several major media outlets who should...