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Pashankar publications & Media Pvt. Ltd / Wrong Information updated in the web , as well as the BM of Pune Brnach does not attend the call

Jan 29, 2011

Dear SIr, This is to inform you that we ahve booked 105 Packages to various parts of Maharashtra and MP, on 24th January 2011, of this, 25 Packages are still not delivered on 29th January . I tries calling up the BM, I think he is not at all interested for attending the call, simply...

Armed Forces MCSS is NOT US Military MCSS but IS a privately owned SCAM. / You be the judge America

Jan 27, 2011

Armed Forces MCSS is NOT US Military MCSS but IS a privately owned SCAM. These scammers opened up their deceptively named store in an old recruiting office. When the Army moved out these fakers dressed up like Army officers and moved in. They have been scamming then harassing US Soldier...

Nancy Stillians / [protected]

Jan 24, 2011

Nancy (Nan) Stillians fanciess herself some kind of political watchdog in Des Moines and the state of Iowa. She sends numerous lengthy e-mails on subjects which concern her to anyone and everyone unfortunate to wind up on one of her lists. I do mean unfortunate. Ms. Stillians will not...

Havison Middle East Fzco / Fraud and cheaters

Jan 22, 2011

They Havison Middle East is a Fraud company, They are so called Advertising Company, They are located in Sharjah airport freezone, they are three partners Sumesh, Safeer and Shahnawaz, they give advertisment in Gulf news for job, after giving you a job without authentic offer letter, when...

Wsbtv Atlanta News and Linda Stauffer are wrong! / DO THE RIGHT THING!

Jan 20, 2011

Dear WSBtv Atlanta News, In November 2009 Redshield Entertainment LLC and the reputation of its CEO Louis Gibson was attacked. Usually a fair reporting news channel, WSBtv Atlanta News after being contacted by former sales rep and manager Mathew McCloy, who claimed he had not been paid...

ABC Good Morning America / Shout out Board

Jan 9, 2011

Good Morning America an ABC television show offers a so called Shout Out Board for viewers to post comments about the daily topics of conversation. On a regular basis there are viewers posting negative comments about Sarah Palin and her family. Most recently 01-08-11 a congresswoman in...

Evanov Group / turnover

Jan 7, 2011

Worked at the Jewel Radio station owned by Evanov Group, as a Sales person for 8 months The first question I had for them was Sales Rep turnover they said something like 9 sales people in 3 years of operation, the truth was 42 sales people and 9 sales managers. The reason for the high...

Lime Media / Lime Media Scam


They call their fixed price PPC Google Adwords package "Instant Google" and say that since they have so many Google Certified employees, they get this "special deal" with Google where they pay less for clicks which makes it possible to offer such a good deal. This is clearly a scam since...

Hollywood Video / Unfair Collections Submission


I recently recieved a credit monitoring alert about a collections account that just showed up. When I investigated, I found out that Hollywood Video apparently turned me into a collections agency. I had no knowledge of any balance owed to this company, and I have never recieved a phone...

tv-9 / false news


tv-9TV-9 Kannada news channel has broad casted a false news on our news paper ie kannu pathrike (kannada news paper), we have strong proof to prove that the news is false... we need your help please spring into action regarding this issue... thanking you. KANNNU PATHRIKE.

HIghbeam Research / Scam Bait and Switch Unauthorized Billing


I had the same thing happen to me!! I was charged $199.94... I canceled my "free subscription" the same day I signed up for the "free trial", however the company "claims" to have no record of my cancelation. No refunds! NEVER used the service!!! I went to the Better Business Bureau and...

Tenzin Norden / Miss Bhutan Tenzin Norden Scam


Tenzin Norden was fixed as the Miss Bhutan runners up from Day of the pageant. Over 50 news sites online have stories and complaints posted on their forums about both Tenzin Norden and Sonam Choden Retty... I am personally taking the initiative of filing this complaint here since I believe it...

Miss Bhutan 2010 Contestants / Miss Bhutan Winner


Miss Bhutan 2010 ContestantsThe Indian trainer hired to train the Miss Bhutan 2010 contestants has revealed that the beauty pageant has been fixed by Karma Tshering. Karma Tshering and is the organizer of the Miss Bhutan 2010 pageant. The Indian trainer was treated unfairly and discriminated against because he tried...

DNA NEWSPAPER / not recieved newspaper



Times of India / subscription not receied


This is to bring to your kind attention that I am a regular subscriber to TOI for the past 3 years. Prior to this I was a regular reader of "The Hindu" for more than 10 years. I have also recommended more than 15 persons to subscribe TOI. Worst Service I received my copy daily on time...

Euro Weekly News / Hire, no commision then fire


Euro weekly news / Michel and Steven Eusen AVOID AT ALL COSTS NEVER get a job there if you can avoid it - especially in sales. Their turn over is high, they ALWAYS advertise (They advertise in the SUR In English funnily, they don't trust their OWN newspaper advertising!!) Why? Because...

Corporate Voice Weber Shandwick / Bad work envo


I worked in Corporate Voice Weber Shandwick for so long, must say the place has gone from bad to worse. The bangalore branch sucks to the maximum extent possible. I had the worse time of my life, especially the last one year that i worked there. Sayan, the branch manager is one ###ing...

S.G. Impressions / Danger of Dengue Spread


We are residents of S.G. Impressions, Sector-4b, Vasundhara, Ghaziabad. There is a danger of dengue spread in our society as there are water standing alround and no proper sewage system. There are around 100 families living in the society. The society basement is dumped with wastes whick...

nisha gavaskar / not recieving my paper


I have taken the coupons of Hindustan Times paper but dont recieve the same on time. The news paper dealer Mr Amol Kale has a very laid back attitude that he has forgotten to give the paper. I have repeatedly complainted for the same to the newspaper office but they dont give a damn either...

Belinda Poppi / Criminal Minds


What the hell happened to channel 7 tonight...had friend over to watch our usual night of criminal minds and missed half the program due to digital interruption...scrambling etc...did something happen? or is it just me. The other channels were fine, except 7two is now doing it as well. I...

Disney Channel TV / Racism


I have a child, 4yrs old and I've noticed in basically all of your programming that minorities be it Black, Latino, Asian, Middle Eastern are scarely represented in your movies and especially your TV channel. I don't see any programming that shows much representation of...

punjab kesari / mobile tower installation fraud advertise


Dear friends, newspaper: punjab kesari dainik jagran dainik bhaskar other all papers advertise are fraud ********************************************* im sharing with u Fraud contact...

mobile tower / mobile tower installation fraud advertise


Dear friends, don't believe newspaper advertise, like: mobile tower installation, in newspaper they have mention >> 18 lakh advance + 30, 000rs Rent, they all are cheaters, they will ask u deposit 2500/4800/5100 rs in ICICI / SBI bank, *****THIS IS NEW TRICK**** Y...

Newsday / Promotion fraud


As I entered my local Amityville Stop n' Shop I was stopped by a man at a desk set up by the entrance. He offered me a 'free, no commitment'trial subscription to Newsday and that if I did I would be entered to win a raffle for a one hundred dollar gift card to Stop n'...

The Daily Herald / defamation


To Whom it may concern, In November 2006 Ms. Christine Byers published the article about me in the "Daily Herald" newspaper and it was published on a first page of "Daily Herald". The problem is; the article contains a lot of false information/accusation and somebody has destroyed my... / Witholding payment


Join the fight and file your complaint with the BBB today. We need to ban together to stop from doing this to other people and the public must be made aware of their questionable business practices If you were part of the people who weren't paid in June, 2010 from...

Patriotic Readers Club / Operating under false pretenses


They got me with their little scam too. They posed to be the company to which I had been receiving magazines from and fraudulently received my account information. I went to my bank and they helped me to deal with the charges and sent the information that I had in to the fraud...

Times of India / Non receipt of Coupon Amount


S Kumar 34 Devi Karumari Amman Nagar Kolappakkam chennai [protected] I am a small distributor who is delivering times of india paper to houses in our locality. I am not getting Coupon amount.. for 6 months...? Suffrering a lot..!! My Agent name: Murali, [protected] Porur Chennai. Pl guide me whom to contact...? or whom to give complaint...

td-news2020 / hey i have received a mgs frm td news2010 that i won prize rupee 250000 pound in 2010 guinness intl mobile draw


sir i got a msg frm td news 2010 yhat i won a prize of 250000 frm 2010 guinness intl mobile draw promo... and it includs that for it i have to contact mr. mike via email:[protected]

3AW Radio Station / breach finding 3AW has emphasised clause 5.6 of the Commercial Radio Australia Codes


ACMA file reference: ACMA2010/2638 Investigation 2332 Dear Ms Martinek I refer to my email to you of 15/4/10 and your response of the same date. I write now to advise that the Australian Communications and Media Authority (the ACMA) has decided to publish the Investigation Report...

WLFI TV 18 / poor media service


WLFI boost's of quality comunity service when at any time of the day poor operations can be seen any where from programing mixing to personell presentations of subject material there isan't a day that goes by when production oversight fails to regulate a quality service to the...

St Petersburg Times / Susan Martin Fraud


St Petersburg TimesSusan Martin is a liar, fraud, lesbian and incompetent. False stories. Under investigation. Lied about real estate markets. Snell Isle residents hate what she did to ruin their values. / Posts lies

Kl has supposedly been set up to tell people about scams. Yet it has no system of controlling any posts to its blogs. This has allowed the site to become a free- for- all in any slander and gossip any person wants to post regardless of the truth involved. Any damage done is hidden... / withholding earned pay

An has withheld money I earned as an independent contract (writer) for them. The amount due now totals over $6000 for February and March 2010 payments. After many attempts to at least be kept informed, they announced that they would be withholding my earned pay because my method...

matrimonial add / matrimonial add


i booked a advertisement for matrimonial of my son for publishing on 28th march, 4th april, 18th april & 29th april spl issue. In the add my mail ID is mis spelled as mehtamohinde [protected]@gmail instead of [protected], due to which i could not receive my mail response, Please...

Los Aneles Times/Subscriptions / Paid for One Year Subscription in advance but no delivery


Neeti Karia, 11901 176th Street, Apt. 277, Artesia, CA 90701 Billing Department The Los Angeles Times, 202 W First St., Room 434, Los Angeles, CA 90012 February 08, 2010 Hi There, Ref.: Neeti Karia - Account Number [protected] I have received an invoice in the amount of $6.50 for...

ID Sheild 360 / unauthorized charges


Thru nelson rating group was offered a trial with them and then would be charged after the 14 days. the 14 days were not free I was not told this and was charged 1.95 that was not authorized. The one phone number they gave me in a email is not a working number and the other number you get a recording telling you the lines are down.

American Patriot / unauthorized charges by you


Was not told on the phone their was a 1.95 charge for the 14day trial period. Found this out from their web site after my credit card was charged for this without my authorization.

Idearc Media / over charge


Rep called and wanted to know if I wanted to advertise again. I said yes, as long as I can keep the same price otherwise I wanted to stop.He agreed everything was to be the same for the year. I get my first bill and its double of what i agreed to. My wife called to drop the ads and they...

Glenn Beck / Endorsement/Consumer fraud?


This is not actually a complaint, but I am a journalist and I am looking to talk with any customers who've had an experience (bad or good) with purchasing products endorsed by Glenn Beck either on his radio or through his TV show or on his personal Web site. It is for a book that will...