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News & Media Complaints | Page 6

Africa News Network / Upgrade iphone 7 plus 128

Alexander Köhler on Nov 23, 2016

My name is alexander köhler and I work at africa news network as a video editor. I upgraded my contract to the iphone 7 plus on 8-november-2016 and requested it to be delivered to africa news network tna media lechwe street corporate park south midrand 1685. It's been nearly 3 weeks and they...

Marshall Alarm Systems, Inc / Advertising - breach of contract

Marshall Alarm on Nov 9, 2016

On 10/25/15 met and signed a contract with Steve Barenfeld, North East VP Managing Editor of Choice Media [protected] providing 5 promotional ways of advertising. (1) Print ad in the Our Towns Finest Magazine to be distributed in local Shoprite grocery store, (2) Win a cruise for 2...

GWN7 / Media coverage

Karyn Tee on Nov 9, 2016

I am horrified at the time and money spent on the coverage of the american election campaign. I refused to watch it as it was boring . To be forced to endure all that was very thoughtless of you. The only thing we australians need to know is who won as that will effect our trade etc...

Rhythm Galaxy / Beware of this fake company

Rakesh Sen on Oct 3, 2016

Rhythm GalaxyPlz be careful of this fake company named as Rhythm Galaxy situated in kolkata located at No. 1/A11, Jadav Ghosh Road, Sarsuna, Behala, Kolkata - 700070, Madhabi Kunja. And the proprietor name is Deepankar kumar Gope who is a big time FRAUD always tries to cheat people with his false...

Mark Dean Music Journalist-Live reviews and Interviews / Owning up to being a fake journalist

Angry Man Today on Sep 16, 2016

Ladies and gentlemen, it is I... the world famous Mark Dean. I have a big confession to make so please read on and hear me out. I have even used a spell checker for a chance to make sure everything I say can be taken seriously. I have also waited 5 days to write this since my last alcohol...

ABS- CBN- Corporation / Black propaganda against philippine president rodrigo r. Duterte

adren13 on Sep 13, 2016

ABS CBN is doing "False Media Reports" to president Duterte in order to create global misinterpretation and one biggest false report they made was airing Duterte Versus Obama saying that Philippine Duterte called US president Obama as "Son of a Whore" which is Untrue in order to destroy...

Yahoo ~ ABC news / Inadequate political news coverage

George Fetzer on Sep 6, 2016

Why don't I see coverage of Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein, the Green party or any stories about the government trying to cross an Indian reservation with another oil pipeline. If I want bull stories about a quarterback's feelings or more tales of Donald Trump's massive ego, why... / Aol e-mail

Karen Coartney on Aug 11, 2016

I want to cancel my service and I'm going to the media and complaint under I get my aol e-mail back and easy to use with the click of the the button for my E-mail. Now you can call me, I have worked for the State of Illinois for 20 years and I will have an congressmen or governor contact... / your news

Darlene Oetgen on Aug 8, 2016

When I get on my computer to read the news, I am disgusting. They may or may not put pertinent news on the front lines, but they are good at relaying the stupid skimpy outfits Hollywood stars are wearing. That's just one example of their junk mail. They totally release the same...

Yahoo News! / Yahoo News

Susan Belanger on Jul 21, 2016

One good thing is I'm getting more and more friendly with MSN.COM. I keep hoping you'll see everyone's complaints and stop with all the articles that go no where, auto play ads and "read more" buttons. *Many Auto Play Ads. You click to stop them and they just start back up after about 30... / News with misleading title published on social media and company webiste

Hong Zhao on Feb 24, 2016

Reporter from reported news that Chinese seniors lining up to get their pension. The title was inaccurate as Chinese seniors were required to provide their government that they are alive. On the weekend of February 20, 2016, Chinese Consulate Toronto scheduled to provide... / Business advertising scam encourages the public to do illegal electrical work and post slander feedback

Cyber Tranny on Feb 20, 2016 were first contacted on the phone in 2008 by offering business online advertising where they claimed only the best businesses advertise. The costs were more that Yellow Pages and NoCowboys were not using Google adwords to boost their performance. But instead they mailed...

WSJ (Wall Street Journal) / Digital 8 weak trial for 1 euro

Reviewer57095 on Feb 8, 2016

Who would have thought, that a company like that would try to pull money out of customers with something I would call "hidden terms of service scam". Why do I call it this way? Because what they do makes no sense and their neither does their logic behind it. Let me explain my situation. I am... / FALSE Article Information and Petition

Alicia Pipkin-Barranco on Jan 7, 2016

So I called PETA directly at [protected] and spoke to Odessa who stated THIS IS NOT TRUE. PETA's stance is that any breed of dog, including pit bulls, should no longer be bread to produce more because of the overpopulation of dogs needing to be rescued and because 4 million are...

Nancy Grace / Unfavorable report on Steve Avery case

Reviewer38186 on Jan 5, 2016

Nancy grace last night attacked netflix regarding the Steve Avery case. Being an attorney, reporter and journalist she failed to accurately report on the documentary on netflix. Clearly she did not watch the program. If she had she clearly would never had overlooked all the evidence... / Sports Statistics & Recruiting

Reviewer23308 on Dec 14, 2015 stats and articles are not remotely accurate. All of the statistics for players we know are vastly incorrect. We have contacted on numerous occasions and they refuse to fix the issue. Please do not waste your money on a subscription. If you are wanting to know...

Awrold Radio / Ray Daniels scamming me out of money

Big Sean on Nov 5, 2015

Ray Daniels is investigated by Atlanta District Attorney for scamming unsigned artists out of money.He lost NYC Small Claims Court case 6/29/2010 owing me 650 dollars.He moved to Atlanta owing me a judgement, he should be locked up violating the law.

Rebel Group / Matrimonial content error

Rachit.AGL on Oct 13, 2015

I had given a content to be published in Times of India Sunday version 10th October 2015 to [protected], REBEL GROUP Address : 206, Odeon PLAZA-2 Plot No 13, Sector- 10 DWARKA . We had asked them to publish the content in Grooms section but due to error from his end the matter wa...

Arivano Marketing / Shady Business Practices

Reviewer50134 on Sep 18, 2015

These peoples meet at nestle office that bad pyramid and scammers use. All things Moe says to me are lies. He is no respect for Iranian community and he lying me to make money. I dont work with him anymore again in the future. Sales are lie and fake everything.

US Periodicals / Continuation Solicitation

Reviewer11652 on Sep 18, 2015

This company continues to send renewal notices to my former spouse, Karen L. Marshall, for National Enquirer. The subscription expired approximately 10 years ago, and, on numerous occasions, I have requested they remove Karen from their mailing list. Karen passed away on March 14, 2014...