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Goldman McCormick PR NYC Frauds Publicist Ryan McCormick and Mark Goldman — Public relations/publicity services were paid for and never rendered. Cruel crooks!

Goldman mccormick pr review: two words: never again goldman mccormick •legal• public relations firm wa...

Andy Katsihtis, SVP of APEX Exchange — Unethical behaviour

I heard a colleague was in the buildings lift and an employee later identified as Senior Vice President, Andy...

East Bay Times Newspaper — Refund not received

June 2019 my mother in law moved in with us. At that time we changed the address for delivery of the...

WorldRenownedCFE d/b/a Charles Fitch — online fraud

The year 2020 has now arrived and Charles Fitch continues to stock people using social media. Today I will...

Zen House Oslo Santo Daime Church Norway Adrian Freedman — hosting mentally sick musicians, broken leg threats, pedophile smears, named in police reports, lsd, cannabis and ayahuasca retreats

Hosting mentally sick musicians, broken leg threats, named in police reports. The Norwegian Santo Daime...

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Zen House Norway with Adrian Freedman Ayahuasca Norway — homosexual peodophile humiliation, police problems, hosting drug traffickers, threats to murder witnesses in drug trafficking cases

Homosexual Peodophile Humiliation, Hosting Drug Traffickers, Threats of Violence, Threats to Break Legs or...

Verizon Media Native Ads — warning: verizon media ads are a ripoff.

Our company tried using Verizon Media Native Ads which use to be called Gemini Yahoo. Horrible - you'll be...

KD Paine & Partners and "Paine Publishing" — pr measurement/social media measurement

Katie Delahaye Paine (also known as KD Paine or KD Payne,) sexually assaulted me in her New Hampshire home...

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez — corrupt politics; a do nothing politician

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez in Congress? What the hell happened to the United States. She does absolutely...

Fix Radio — graham mack

Your a disgrace to radio online which I found out graham mack use to work at my home town radio station bob... — bad mouthing or extortion

limited hangout website. caucasian lady with cute face marries native american. spends hours writing watchdog...

Forbes Unethical Journalism Editor Alexandra Talty PAID Pay For Play by Jessica Nabongo to solicit funds disguised as a news story. — #thecatchmeifyoucan, @thecatchmeifyoucan, catchmeifyoucan, #jessicanabongo, @thecmiyc j. nambowa

Forbes Unethical Journalism Editor Alexandra Talty PAID Pay For Play by Jessica Nabongo to solicit fund...

Fujifilm Office Rebate — warning: ripoff and lie about 47% rebate

Like all filmmakers, we were enticed by the 47% tax rebate that fiji keeps advertising at all the film...

C-Net — suspending accounts and deleting comments based on political bias

I voiced disagreement over politically motivated articles on the platform that did not break community...

Kelsey Dyer — fake journalist

Kelsey dyer, you are a hypocrite! How can someone use her designation to spoil someone else life only to...

Edmonton (1270)

Blogtalk Rasdio — unethical and fraudulent services blogtalk radio

Well, where should I begin? I have had my blogtalk radio show higher consciousness since october the...

All television shows/ commercials/ Radio stations — shows/ commercials/ radio stations

Why much every show on television have some content about men or women cheating on their spouses? Why doe...

Kelsey Deyer — fake news reporter

Kelsey Deyer the fake news reporter is a hypocrite who writes about other people's insignificant actions and...

Jane Michaels and Jane Mikhaylovsky Thank you and Realty Animation Not happy with you — animation, marketing, video, commercial, professional, business

I recenlty hire realty animatation to do some video animation and boy they screwed up the job. First they...

Shepard Smith — shepard smith rhetoric

Rhetoric I am writing this not only for me but from all my girls that watch Fox News. Shepard Smith does not...

Leading, High-Level Democrats — unethical behavior

I'm sure by now you have heard about the suspicious pkgs today, addressed to obama's, clinton's, maxine...

All Sponsored Stories — all sponsored stories

I hate all those stupid sponsored stories on Yahoo News. They usually have catchy headlines which sound...

Channel 7News — violence shown on the news

Last week the channel 7news Adelaide showed graphic footage of a fight in Melbourne post the Ricmond...

Good Morning Britain — piers morgan

How much longer do we have to put up with Peirs Morgans dominance, child like interviewing & over talking of...

Knarly Up LLC — you're policy

I don't like you attacking free speech like Alex Jones Your attack on free speech is attack on America...