Buzil Rossaricomplaint regarding an employee of buzil rossari pvt. ltd.

D Aug 20, 2018 Review updated:

I wish to bring to the notice of the German directors that I have complained to the Indian management of Buzil Rossari multiple times about the malpractices and conduct of one Mr. Kapil Chopra, the account manager for our territory, but the Indian management has not taken any step till date to improve the situation which has caused a lot of trouble for all the distributors of this region collectively and instead of making the name Buzil Rossari a force to reckon with, he is making it in famous by indulging in dereliction.

I am elaborating his malpractices point wise below which give you an insight about his conduct:
1. His primary job role was to add new clients for existing distributors by way of marketing but what he has indulged in is only making new distributors so that they procure stock and his sales targets are met. All the other distributors of our region shall voice the same concern if the Indian management would care to go to them to verify this.

2. As a distributor we have given him new clients but his and his team's service and training has been so poor that we have lost new clients time and again

3. He has no future projections and just tells us and the other distributors to maintain a stock for prospective clients which are a figment of his imagination, again just to accomplish his sales figures

4. He pits all the distributors amongst each other causing a lot of dogfights and disharmony effecting the overall sales of the products

5. He does not provide a standard rate list for the products of Buzil Rossari and plays with the rates to such an extent that it is difficult to calculate the offer price for the customer/client and one's margin of profit

6. He does not service existing clients properly. We had clients where regular visits were required for training re-enforcement but lost them due to his and his team's non-visits.

7. He keeps rotating stock from one distributor/stockiest to another which causes the payment trail to become so complex that recovery of money becomes unmanageable

8. He gets wrong stock to us which was not ordered and forces us to retain the same for some future non-existent client without realizing or acknowledging that the chemicals have a shelf life

9. He has tried to poach our clients in the recent past for passing them on to other distributors, causing a lot of distrust and disharmony amongst us

10. We started servicing certain new clients on his insistence and were told by him that client shall pay up in 30 days. But we later came to know that he had quoted the client a payment cycle of 2 months while keeping us in the dark, thereby causing a disruption in our regular monetary cycle

11. While prospecting new clients he does not talk about the quality of Buzil Rossari products, he just tries to dump the products on to new clients without realizing the long term negative effect of such dumping

Please understand that the health of any company depends on primarily the quality of its products and the health of its distribution and service channel. However here, the health of the distribution and service channel is completely being neglected and importance is just being given to achieve sales figures by way of malpractice.

Existing clients are being completely neglected and new distributors, stockists and counters small and big are big added by the week.

In Haryana, Punjab and Chandigarh-Panchkula-Mohali, so many of the new distributors have already become dysfunctional just due to the conduct of this one man, Kapil Chopra.

Kindly take steps to improve this situation otherwise we shall have to take a legal recourse by approaching our state's HRD ministry citing malpractices and harassment from this one individual and filing appropriate class action suites in the court of law, which shall definitely tarnish the reputation of Buzil Rossari Pvt Ltd, but which is avoidable.

Truly yours,
Distributor, Buzil Rossari PVT. LTD.
Tricity of Chandigarh-Panchkula-Mohali


  • Ob
    Obliged_by_you Aug 21, 2018

    I am of the same opinion. His colleagues in Himachal Pradesh & Punjab are also of the same opinion. No body likes his working style. The best way to judge this is to look at the timeline of his distributors, which don't last more than 6 to 8 months. Just because of the reason that he imposes stock on them but provides no clients to them. His colleagues call him power hungry since he does not let them function independently.

    The latest malpractice which he has started however is poaching on one distributor's clients and passing on to another one, who is new, which is against the ethics of a distribution channel. Also, when the time comes for payment collection he just washes his hands off and says that that is not my job.

    Buzil Rossari's brand won't last more than 1 year in this territory if this guy continues to spoil the market like this.

    Terribly mistaken I was when I became a distributor thinking that it seems to be a professional company where distributors concerns would be heard by the management and appropriate rectification steps shall be taken.

    But it seems that no-body here cares, they care only about their sales whether they are done ethically or un-ethically.

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  • Ka
    KapoorIndia Aug 22, 2018

    This guy really needs to be shunted out. Had it been Diversey, they would have definitely listened to the problems of their distribution partners, but then Buzil Rossari is not Diversey.
    Mr. Kapil Chopra has gone down so badly in ethics that to complete his targets he has started pitching the newly launched Unilever products against Buzil Rossari's institutional products, thereby creating a conflict in the market causing the brand name of Buzil Rossari PVT LTD to take a hit in terms of ethical and quality sales.

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  • Ba
    Balaji Entp Aug 22, 2018

    Hi Deep,
    Can you provide the email id of his seniors, so that we can send our complaints against his colleagues also.

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  • Po
    poor-victim Aug 24, 2018

    The market has this gossip that Mr. Kapil and his junior are planning to leave Buzil Rossari lock stock and barrel, since their act has been caught. Its also being said that they are going to destroy Buzil Rossari's reputation when they leave. As it is said that 'there's no smoke without fire', I would like to believe in this gossip hands down. It is now up to the distributors to safeguard their interests and keep Mr. Chopra away from their clients.
    "ONCE BITTEN TWICE SHY" - It shall be a miracle if anyone in Chandigarh works with Mr. Chopra again

    Dog in the manger

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  • Ba
    Balaji Entp Mar 21, 2020

    @poor-victim True DOG in the manager. That's why Buzil is not growing even after his resignation.
    He has changed the scenario for Buzil's person in Tricity.
    He has converted all Buzil customers.
    True DOG in the manager.
    Check your facts again Mr. Poor Victim and you will remain poor victim.

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  • Ch
    chddealer Aug 24, 2018

    Who's demands are not getting fulfilled...Mr. Chopra you need to be well planned on business.

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  • Ba
    Balaji Entp Mar 21, 2020

    @chddealer True...
    Goes with you as well.
    He is doing business with none of the Buzil distributors.
    He knows how to do business.
    He knows how and when to give the answers to his competitors.
    So better mind your own business rather looking others plate.

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  • Ne
    necklace123 Aug 24, 2018

    Demand fulfilling is secondary. Working style is primary. Mr. Kapil was appointed to bring a revolution in Buzil Rossari's market penetration, but instead he has brought about a revolution in appointing new distributors, keeping the old ones in limbo, by not getting them repeat orders. If a distributor has to fend for himself then why appoint marketing people. Just observe the graph my dear BRPL managers; Mr. Chopra appoints a new distributor, the distributor picks up material worth lakhs from BRPL (his incentive is made). Second month no repeat sales because of the lack of followup attitude so the distributor does not pick up material from BRPL (incentive is not made), so a new distributor is appointed by Mr. Kapil. This new distributor picks up material worth lakhs from BRPL (his incentive is made). 2nd month this distributor also does not get repeat sales because of the lack of followup attitude (so no incentive is made) but before the end of the month a new distributor is made so that he picks up material worth lakhs from BRPL (incentive made). Focus on previous distributors is lost because of the new distributor making spree. The talk in the town is that 'Kapil ne to aj naya distributor khadda kar diya par sales to hain naheen'. My dear BRPL managers, what do you think??? Is this marketing strategy good???

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  • Ba
    Balaji Entp Mar 21, 2020

    @necklace123 How many distributors are there in Tricity. Do you have any idea. Now since Kapil has left Buzil. He has only 1 distributor in Tricity and giving tough competition to Buzil dealers / distributors.
    Do you know the meaning of marketing, if yes then please think again.
    This negative marketing has worked for Kapil and he really likes this type of negative promotions.
    So keep it up and spread the rumors.

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  • Ni
    Nikhil Bedi Aug 29, 2018

    I disagree with the company's policy as well who in the first place allowed its managers to appoint so many distributors randomly. There should be a cap on the number of distributors in one region.
    Even the worlds best companies such as LG, Samsung, Apple, HTC, Benetton, Carrier, Amul, Godrej, Hindustan Unilever, Dabur etc. have limited number of distributors in one region.
    What is the fun of keeping a marketing team if all the sales have to be done by the distributors. But here in Buzil Rossari the sales are expected to be done by the distributors and not by the marketing team. What non-sense?
    This means that the marketing team is here only to make new distributors but provide no sales support. The Buzil Rossari brand is so new that no body in the market recognizes it. To increase recognition and visibility there has to be door to door marketing, promotion schemes and followup support. But their marketing team lacks all 3 things.
    This is not the way Buzil Rossari can grow.

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  • Ba
    Balaji Entp Mar 21, 2020

    @Nikhil Bedi For your kind information and records. He is the same guy who is giving tough competition to Buzil Rossari now a days. He has only one distributor in his present company and the same distributor is of Buzil. How much secondary is given by Buzil and how much secondary he has given, you can ask Buzil sales person or Regional Manager. Why Buzil is not doing business more than 2 lacs in Tricity ?
    Instead of putting allegations on others first check yourself. He really don't care of such stupid allegations. Buzil team is spreading that he has given Distributor Price to customers. Think again if he has done this, then how he can sale his products on customer price.

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  • Sa
    sand grains Sep 14, 2018

    We have observed that the company has not taken any action against Mr. Kapil Chopra till now. If the company thinks that he is doing alright now, we have another bombshell for them.
    Recently, the primary and secondary sales figures were submitted to the management. We have proof that he has fudged the figures and the customers.
    Only if the company really wants to clean up the mess they can verify the customers and their figures and everything will be in black and white.
    Mr. Sanjeev and Kapil both work hand in glove with each other. Both men need to be checked for integrity.

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  • Ba
    Balaji Entp Mar 21, 2020

    @sand grains Kapil and Sanjeev has left the company few months ago.
    Why company is taking any action against the newly appointed persons ?
    Why they are not getting business ?
    Why primary of Buzil is not increasing ?
    Why secondary is not focus area for newly appointed persons ?
    Why they are begging for orders ?
    Why Buzil distributors are working with Kapil at present (with his new company). Why ?

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  • Bo
    Boat Sailor Aug 27, 2019

    This poem is based on the nursery rhyme Mary had a little lamb

    Upper crest is falling down
    falling down, falling down
    Upper crest is falling down
    Its knees broken by the blow
    And whatever might Chopra do
    Chopra do, Chopra do
    Whatever might Chopra do
    Buzil Rossari is sure to go

    We have got to know
    got to know, got to know
    We have got to know
    That Kapil is the culprit
    But Buzil Rossari does not budge
    does not budge, does not budge
    But Buzil Rossari does not budge
    Because it is Kapil’s puppet

    Its pack up time for both of you
    both of you, both of you
    Its pack up time for both of you
    Since the world has found something better
    We are happier without you
    without you, without you
    We are happier without you
    Since you were the upsetter

    It is time for Diversey now
    Diversey now, Diversy now
    It is time for Diversey now
    Since we are the best
    You can go and bask in the Sun
    Bask in Sun, bask in the Sun
    You can go and bask in the Sun
    As we will now create unrest

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  • Ba
    Balaji Entp Mar 21, 2020

    @Boat Sailor Earlier Buzil's competition was with Taski / Diversey.
    Now you can ask the Buzil sales person in Chandigarh, who is the major competition of Buzil at present.
    Why they are mentioning Kapil's company name in their reporting group ?
    Why ?
    Ask them to work hard, rather than wasting time on pasting poems

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