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Buysku.comThey practice refund/replacement fraud

WARNING! They practice refund/replacement fraud. Often, you will not get the item you ordered or a defective one, which will require sending it back. Upon receiving the item, they will pretend in words that you'll receive the refund/replacement but in actuality they never do! Proof of my particular painful experience with them in correspondence history. Please do not purchase from these crooks until they honor their policies or go out of business. Let's keep the internet free of junk chinese companies like these for everyone's sake.

Buysku.comI had to cancel my card because of them

I was just asked to take a picture of my credit card and fill out a file for a $67 purchase, this is all after I requested they cancel my order. On the file that I was supposed to fill out there was a section for airfare that they tell me I don't need to bother completing, but they do want a scan of my signature. The website also charged a $2.01 international fee without notice. I had to cancel my card.

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    essentials Jun 23, 2012

    I also had to cancel my card after fraudulent activity appeared shortly after logging a purchase on their website. Be warned that if you ever send back an item for refund, YOU WILL NEVER GET A REFUND FROM THEM EVEN IF THEY KEEP TELLING YOU POLITELY THAT YOU'LL GET IT ANY DAY. Danger, do not risk your money and time with these clowns. They should be banned from selling merchandise to the states.

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