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Yes it's true Imvu is a scam & they will ban you for [censored] that's not even in their rule book, somebody tried to hack me idk how I never shared my password & I sure as hell don't click on any links but anyways I got logged out my account when I contacted Imvu they told me what happened so they disabled my account I had to show proof it was me so I did after that they said I would have to pay 73 to get my account back that got hacked like what kinda [censored] is that I've never heard no [censored] like that so I was like [censored] it I'll make a new one so after making a new one they disabled my account again & said that my account was connected to the old one so that's why it got disabled again I'm so done with Imvu best believe I called my bank & they had to refund me every [censored]in dime you don't have to sue to get your money back call your bank & explain to them you was scammed they will look into it then they will send Imvu corperate a money back ticket & they had to refund me back 980 dollars I spent on them for the entire year! So no I don't recommend them to anyone second life is so much better all adults no kids better graphics more free will great customer service better understanding love them

Oct 02, 2019

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