Buchbinder Rent A Carunauthorised credit card charges 2.5 months after we ended our rental.

We hired a car voucher number EC9A298A/car rental provider K500011077 & returned it to Hamburg airport on the 3rd of July without damage. We paid the remainder of our fee at pick up form Hamburg for the rental. We then paid a further 147.66 euro at drop off for an unfilled tank of fuel & for some extra kms we travelled over our allowance.
We have now received a further 144.00 euro charge on the 17th September for no reason at all.
My husband received a speeding fine of 20 euro direct from Landkreis Gifhorn der Lanrat Germany which he paid on 31/7/2019, we have the fine & record of the receipt.

I have had to cancel our credit card so your company can no longer put charges on it. This is poor service to charge a card without explanation over 2 months after we returned the car.

I have put a dispute in with Mastercard. I want an explanation & receipt of all charges incurred for the rental 22/6/2019 to 3/7/2019 and an explanation of these further charges. If you have charged anything due to the fine then we are demanding a refund as we paid that direct ourselves via international transfer.

Oct 08, 2019

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