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I took my brother to bojangles on April 09, 2011 and just got him a meal purchased with a card. I didn't get a reciept with it but I thought it was fine cause the cashier was a girl I used to go to school with. But for some how I checked my account activity today and it saids that bojangles was charged $65.00 out of my account. Now I don't understand where that just comes from. Everytime I've purchased something there nothings ever been wrong until when I just checked my activity! I'm going there tomorrow but I have no reciept to prove what was purchased but my statement says is been deductive $65.00 so I'm curious if I will be able to be reemburst. My purchase was only $5.89!!


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      Dec 17, 2011

    You can definitely be reimbursed, speak with the manager in charge about your transaction; get a bank statement that says what you were charged with and let them have a copy of it for their own records to keep on file. Her fingers must have slipped on the buttons and charged you for about 11 times the amount you should have been charged for. This has happened to me but I always caught it before I took their money. It's a simple mistake, but very hard to over-look.

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