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My husband and I visited Bojangles in Rockmart Ga on Sunday July 22, 2018 while traveling . Your workers had no hair nets, gloves etc while serving food. Rude and hateful while ordering and more than two workers were sticking their unclean unwashed hands down in the food on the bar up front EATING food from the hot bar while standing behind counter. We found this the most disgusting environment and we will not return to this Bojangles ever!


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      Jul 25, 2018

    My spelling isn't nearly as problematic as your franchise on Lee Highway in Ooltewah, Tennessee. As you may note, this is a complaint to follow up on the one that precedes this. My wife and I usually go to the above location every Saturday morning for breakfast. I have the same complaint. No hairnets, no gloves for the food handlers and on last Saturday morning the 20, I pointed this out to the order taker David. The male person filling the orders had a pony-tail, tattoos up both forearms and many more negative appearance points. I pointed out to David the fact that the server was carelessly handling food without gloves, touching french fries and putting his thumbs in trays of gravy and biscuits.
    I was ignored! Next there was no knives and after asking the reply was they had none. There was no coffee, and scraps of food had been left on the tables and floors. The place was a wreck. We will eat there no time soon. We will most likely go back there in two weeks. At that time if the situation is no better, I will go to he Hamilton County Health Department and complain.
    John A. Campbell 9611 Thornberry Drive. Ooltewah, Tennessee. [protected]

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