Bojangles’ International / Becajun.commanager and cashier cussing my in front of our 11 year old child


This in reference to bojangles in cedartown ga. 30125 the manager Kurtis and the cashier Tianna. Tianna called my wife a [censor] and asked what her [censor]ing problem was. This came after she was rude and argumentative. All we wanted to do was upside our gravy and she treated us like we were beneath her and wasting her time. At the time she cussed my wife out, Kurtis the manager came over and treated us the same way!! He never apologized for her actions or said anything to her at all. After this we pulled off and found they left foid out anf gave us wrong items as usual. I went back in the store to get it corrected and Kurtis and Tianna were laughing about the whole ordeal. They did this in front of our 11 year old son. Is this the way you want your company represented? I don't what was said by me and my wife to her, there is not a company in the world that would allow us to be treated this way by an employee!! If they are not fired we will make this situation as well as a lack of response public on every social media outlet possible, as well as public bojangles review sites as possible.

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