Bojanglesiced tea tasted like rubbing alcohol


I typically enjoy a good breakfast at Bogangles, but this morning's iced tea left a bad taste in my mouth (literally). As a regular drinker of iced tea (half sweet, half unsweet), I realize that tastes may vary on a daily basis. However, the tea I had this morning was so terrible, I could not drink it. It tasted like they sprayed rubbing alcohol in the container and didn't rinse it out. It actually had a slight burn of alcohol to it. I did not drink the tea till I was out of the building, so I didn't have a chance to say anything to the employees. The reason I decided to write the complaint is that my wife said she had the same experience at the Bojangles in Moncks Corner, SC. It makes me never want to drink tea at Bojangles again. For a company that claims to steep tea "the old fashioned way" they need to get this very simple recipe right...

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