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R Aug 15, 2017


I am writing because I've had two visits to the below mentioned store and both visits have been disappointing and discouraging.

On my first visit, I was met with terrible customer service via the drive-thru window. The individual had an attitude, no greeting whatsoever, when I completed my order just said to go to the window, never asked how I was or gave greeting if the day such as "Good Morning" or told me to have a good day. My order was incorrect, I decided to try a Cajun filet biscuit but wanted cheese and couldn't even get that.

My more recent visit (out of pure necessity based on where I was and timeline I had), I decided to stick to traditional breakfast because chicken was terrible last visit, so I ordered two egg and cheese biscuits with extra cheese. Instead, I get two Cajun chicken filet biscuits with a slice of cheese on each. How you confuse egg and cheese and Cajun chicken filet is absolutely beyond me.

Again, customer service was deplorable, similar attitudes, different person. I WON'T return there and will be leaving very pointed feedback and reviews but this needs addressed. I've spent over $20 on two horrible trips and haven't been able to even eat my damn food because simplicity isn't even something they can do.

My usual store is in Garners Ferry Rd and Hazelwood, in Columbia and they are amazing all around!!! But the store below, it needs work because I'm still fuming over my experience yesterday.

Store in question is:
4301 Fort Jackson Blvd
Columbia, SC

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