Body Labclients falsely signed

R Jul 04, 2019

My daughter have been signed up for a gym contract falsely, just for the mere fact that she turned 18 years in January this year has a bank account opened in the begging of this year as well was an opportunity for the untrained consultant to sign her and just to make his or her set target. sales consultants at body lab germiston needs proper sales Technics and be taught sales skills applicable as a gym c/o, my poor child is using hearing aids as well and cannot easily hear unless the stated words are repeated constantly and this was an advantage for the Germiston Lab Consultant.

My child does not have an idea what a contract is whatsoever.

She was approached by a consultant on her way to school who the company does not want to disclose the name and telling me the person is not working there anymore, what a coincidence.
This consultant could not even give my child a contract copy.

I have tried to resolve this, I phoned the Germiston Offices and spoke to an administrator named Lucy and one of the managers at Germiston Body Lab name Evelyn, they were of no help and rather rude (apathetic service), to no avail. now as a father who his child was made to go to an agreement she does not understand just because she is 18 years, questionable. this girl has never opened an account in her life, she is just a school kid and this is affecting my child emotionally and academically affected at the cost of Germiston Body Lab staff .

I will continue with Legal action as I promised them as well, this affects me as a parent, taking company time to attend to a matter that managers and staff do not find important to be resolved amicably for my child's sake

Rabana Modisaemang

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