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Dane29877 on Mar 14, 2017

What a terrible site!!! They don't respect other peoples privacy and they are truly horrible! I contacted Blockshopper many times and asked them to remove my personal information like name and address from their site and got nothing but empty promises. They said sure but did not remove...

BlockShopper LLC / Revolting Company that Destroys Privacy & Safety

Reviewer80384 on Feb 5, 2016

This company is truly horrific. I keep to myself and keep my internet impact very low. There are very few results that return when you Google my name. Until Blockshopper. I was so happy to buy my very first home last year. However, Blockshopper decide to rain on that parade by taking my... / They stole money and my person details

Reviewer38240 on Oct 18, 2015

The company broke the law. Someone must stop these liars. I haven’t had any deals or purchased anything through them, but one day they got the access to my account and stole money. As well as they started to post my details on their website. It was illegal action. However... / refuse to opt out

Orlea on Feb 6, 2013

Block shopper created a special web page for me and my spouse which are published for the world to see without our permission. Our right for privacy have been violated. For the past year we have been sending emails requesting to remove us from block shopper advertising, but we are not...

BlockShopper / privacy

catomaso on Jun 11, 2012

this company collects real estate data and publishes it along with personal information including current and past address without the subjects consent. this company is exposing the people who's data they publish to unwanted calls, inquiries, identity theft and stalkers at a minimum... / scam rude an rip off

ken33160 on May 6, 2011

Block has me listed as a bad shoper at the wrong address and with the wrote the following. Re:Wednesday, May 4, 2011 2:34 PM From: "Rob Biedermann" <[email protected]>View contact detailsTo: "kenneth gilgoff" <[email protected]>Kenneth, is this English that you...

Blockshoppers / Violation of Privacy

VST on Mar 28, 2011

I was made aware of the fact that a company called Blockshoppers uses search engines like Google to expose information from public records, making anyone's personal information like home address, EASILY accessible to ANYONE who knows how to use Google. They claim to have an opt-out...

BlockShopper / Attempted to gather personal data

lawyerlady on Mar 22, 2011

After I noticed that a real estate transaction that I was a party to in recent years popped up on a Google search of my name within a private for profit web site known as, I contacted Blockshoppers to request that my information be redacted from their private web pages a...

BlockShopper / Unwanted online postings

IvanOA on Feb 8, 2011

In typical fashion, they used a picture of me they stole from a website for a conference I spoke at. I told them that because they were using my picture for commercial purposes (i.e. they get paid per click) and yet they do not have ownership of the picture, then they had 24...

BlockShopper / Privacy Violation


Has anyone tried to sue BlockShopper in their county small claims court? It's fairly cheap like $50 and you don't need a lawyer - you can represent yourself. BlockShopper has to send a permanent employee to defend themseves at trial - I figure that's really worth the hassle... / Encouragement of identity theft

This site encourages identity theft by publishing a persons personal information without the consent of the person itself. On asking to take the info off the site, they are very rude and turn deaf ear. There have been numerous complaints against this site but still this site continues to...

BlockShopper / Home address and purchase info displayed on my Goolge name search results page


Hello -- my home address and purchase price details display as one of the first things on a Google search of my name. While I understand all home sales are a matter of public record, is it lawful for my personal info to be so easily revealed and accessible via Blockshopper? They claim it... / Do not do business with this site

Sa invades peoples privacy, has no "opt out" if you don't want your personal information promoted to top of the google search. By doing so they put familys at risk. Also, if you google Scarlett Simpson, who is the contact person for this company, you will see loud and...

BlockShopper / Revolting practices

They invade all of our privacy and make it so easy for identity thief. Yes, this is public information. They are correct. But who gives them the right to place it on the web for anyone to see. Just one click. Their opt out policy is a joke. YOU HAVE TO CONVINCE THEM THAT YOU ARE AT RISK...

BlockShopper / Published my personal information

Google your name. If you have done any real estate transaction, like buying or selling, getting permits for refurb, or refinancing, your name, home address, the names of all of your relatives, your age, your previous addresses, everything including photos of your house will pop up on... / Intimidation

An update on continued problems with Although they posted a new privacy policy, they aren't following their own guidelines. I had a letter from my County Prosecuting Attorney's office, written by a Protection Order Advocate. In no uncertain terms, it stated that... / The Blockshopper joke

Brian Timpone - Chicago, Illinois Ed Weinhaus - St. Louis, Missouri Timothy Landon - Evanston, Illinois Funny thing is they are even turning profits on YOUR names everyone. So mail us all a check, even for the $0.25 or less when split up, that you owe all the people... / Won't remove home listings from Google search


These guys will not entertain opt out requests or in the least removing your personal information from being indexed by the Google search crawler. As a result, when someone Googles your name, the first thing people see in the result page is the price of your property. This is wrong because... company / Invasion of Privacy

This is a new complaint against This website, which supposedly provides "content, " is actually scraping people's profiles, including PRIVATE, profiles. I write this as one of the people that they posted an article about. My issue and complaint is that the career... / Blockshopper has severely undermined Address Authentication [without ccv] for online purchases


Thanks to, credit card fraud is easier than ever. There is no longer a need to hack into a database to get credit card numbers, names and addressses. All a criminal needs is a credit card number and name (or lots of them). Now simply google the name on the card, and they...