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Please help me recover my assets from

In December 2023 SOFI, an internet bank and broker, transferred my Bitcoin to because they no longer supported Bitcoin. After the transfer, I opened an account with establishing an ID and a password. In the following 10 weeks I deposited more money at and made several purchases of cryptocurrencies. Using my password, I was able the access my account several times up until the middle of March 2024.

I mid March 2024, suddenly my password no longer worked.

I tried contacting at their customer support phone line at least three times leaving my name and number each time for a call back since they stated they had no customer support representatives available. No call back ever came. I have also called the customer support line numerous times and have always gotten a voice prompt stating that no customer support representatives were available, please leave your name and number for a call back. I suspect has no customer support representatives and never returns calls.

When the phone calls failed I tried to contact them by email. First, I was told my account password had been inactivated due to suspicious activity. Then I was told I need to “verify” myself. So I sent in the required information. No response from on the verification issue. Finally, I was told that they had sold all my cryptocurrencies in my account and accessed my account with an administrative fee. I was told I should go into my account and move the cash left in the account to my bank. Of course, since my password had been “inactivated” I was unable to access my account. In one email told me they would sell all the crypto in my account and send the funds by ACH to my bank account if I gave them authorization to do so. I authorized them to sell my crypto and deposit the funds in my bank account. It's been at least two months and still no deposit. All of the email responses I got from appeared to be canned responses that were not germane to my requests.

This was a custodial account not a private wallet

In short, I believe I have been scammed out of thousands of dollars.

If you need any documentation or information, please call me at [protected] or email me at [protected]

Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Claimed loss: $15,000.00

Desired outcome: Payment of $15,000.00

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Noah Richards
Manchester, GB
Jun 01, 2024 3:15 pm EDT

Honestly Blockchains activity needs to be brought to books. There are thousands of complaints filed against them but they keep winning because they are the bigger party.

Trust me when I say this report them immediately to BROKERSCAN.NET you have a guaranteed chance of getting your funds back because they fight for people like you and I.

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