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So i went to the bjs located at 180 passaic ave in kearny nj today 10/3/2019 at 7:04pm and to my surprised I'm checking my receipt i was over charged by damn near 50 dollars . the stupid cashier charged me for 9 bags of shrimp which came up to $89.91 . i only purchased 4 bags of shrimp where the hell is my money. I tried to contact the store and yet i kept getting this run around saying the manager isn't there. I'm definitely reporting this has fraud! They just lost a long time bjs member over this horrible cashier that can't do her job. I want my money back!

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  •   Oct 04, 2019

    You should be paying attention to what you are paying for. The fact that you didn't notice fifty extra dollars being spent means you don't plan what you need or factor prices in as you go. Who is stupid? You found no problem with paying for 9 bags of shrimp when the time came to pay.

    Go back to the store and complain in person.

    And seriously, stop playing Pokemon Go or candy crush when being rung up.

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