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BIZ Customer Service

5394 Seneca Place
Simi Valley
United States - 93063

Customer Support Phone Numbers

1800 727 2100(Customer Service) 1 0
+1 805 421 4466(International) 1 0
1800 662 5931(Toll Free) 1 0
Mon9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Tue9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Wed9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Thu9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Fri9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

BIZ Complaints & Reviews

BIZ / Honesty & Integrity

I have been a BIZ Builder.Com customer for many years now. I've read all of the many complaints posted - and I'm surprised to even see this - because I've had such great luck with this company. Would I recommend them? ABSOLUTELY YES! Did they "cheat" me? ABSOLUTELY NO! Is there...

BIZ Builder - George Massalas / Bad Business - Not Honest

I've been reading a few complaints directed against George Massalas - and BIZ Builder.Com. I'm actually one of their regular customers [they have thousands throughout the U.S.] - and I wanted to set the record straight: 1. CUSTOMER SERVICE: Absolutely outstanding. They have a team...

Biz Builder / Wonderful Service!

I've been a customer for years - and love the concept. I read all sorts of complaints on this website, and I wonder what these pathetic shoppers have been smoking! I'll tell you honestly: IF YOU WANT "FACTORY DIRECT" PRICING - and you don't want to buy 10, 000 pieces of the same... / Company

Well - firstly, I didn't plan to write a complaint. I was just trying to find their website. But, truth be told - I am a customer, and I would like to state a few comments about this company: 1. PRICES: Outstanding [in fact, they're way below wholesale], and ... according to their...

Biz Builder / Stellar Service!

Well - I just couldn't help myself and take a moment to write about this wonderful company: BIZ Builder.Com! I've read a few of the complaints listed here - and, to be frank, I think it's all a bunch of crap. I've been a customer for over 6 years, and it's been a great...

Biz Builder / Customer Service, Etc.

I love this company! But, I see so many people complaining about them. I can only conclude that whatever the issues - they simply don't understand "how" BIZ Builder.Com operates. Their prices are unbelievable - and their Customer Service is outstanding! I'm just sorry to see all of the "unhappy campers"!

Back To Basics / Jack LaLane Blender & Juicers / Ordering & Receipt of Goods

I'm another "satisfied customer" - having used BIZ Builder.Com's website services for more years than I can recall. I was shocked to read all of these complaints - especially since I've had the exact opposite experience. My goodness - so many people seem to feel they've... / Terrible company!

Ordered a juicer in October. Billed immediately. Haven't received it yet. Customer service says that I should have read the fine print, and I'm a dummy for giving them money. They ignore the BBB (the BBB is trying to get them to pay $1200 to join, and because they won't... / Unauthorized charges!

I ordered a Jack Lalange Juicer in October 2007. I realized very quickly that I had made an error in judgment and tried unsuccessfully to get my money back. I was told the product wasn't in stock and would be shipped direct from China. No one in their right mind would agree to the... / Rip off website!

Do NOT buy anything from this website!!! I purchased a juicer over 4 months ago, and it was never shipped. I called my credit card company to dispute the charge. Luckily I called a couple days before it had been 3 months. Amex said after 90 days, they can't go in and dispute a...

BIZ / Takes money and does not ship!

Want entertainment, read Kim Samson's complaint. It had to have been written by bizbuilders damage control department. I mean what "normal" consumer would hammer away at some hidden terms like quote "If a customer doesn't take the time to read what's presented - they will... / Deceptive advertising!

If anyone were to actually read the 5 pages of "terms and conditions" they would surely not purchase anything from this company. If anyone would go to the Better Business Bureau to check out their rating they would know better than to order anything from this company. I placed an order...

BizBuilder / Juicer order!

DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM BIZBUILDER.COM; their customer service could certainly be classed as the worst on the web. My order for a Jack LaLanne Power Juicer was placed on 8-24-07 and the status of the order has not changed since 8-27-07. "8.27.07 - Thank you for your order. At this time... / Bad business!


Yep, just like another dis-satisfied customer who sent money to They tell you in fine print, away from the order page, about products being shipped from China to arrive in 120 days The order page gives you the impression that orders are processed in a few business day... / Scam and cheating!

Ordered a JackLa Lanne Power Juicer 07/03/07. today is 10/19/07 Guess what? they took my $91.35 and never delivered. Go into the site, order something and see the run around you get. "It's in China", did you read the policy you agreed too?", etc. check out the bizbuilder...

Biz Builder - Swivel Sweeper / This company is awful!

This company is awful. I ordered Swivel Sweepers on 6/1/07 for delivery by 8/1/07. Still waiting. The ad for the sweeper says "all orders ship in 24 hours" The ad looks genuine, exactly like the TV infomercial. It turns out they change the rules after you buy, saying 30-60 days, but...

Biz Builder / Beware, Biz builder is a scam!


I joined the Biz Builder coop at Level 3 ($99 reg plus $99 a month membership fee). I ordered $4,000 of product any was told they would be delivered in 4-6 weeks. I waited, but no products. So I called and was told they still hadn't left China, and I needed to wait another month. Next...

Biz Builder - Magic Bullet / Beware of Biz Builder!


I ordered from Biz Builder a 21 piece "Magic Bullet" and one free Complete 5 piece cookware set on 12-15-2006. I received my magic bullet at the in of January 07. Today is 4-13-2007 and still never received my free 5 piece cookware set. I have kept in constant contact with the company, but...