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B & H Photo-Video, Pro Audio Complaints & Reviews

[Resolved] B & H Photo-Video, Pro Audio / customer service is horrible. company does not follow through

Jan 13, 2019

Be very cautious about any kind of return with this company. I returned an unopened iPad pro and apple pencil. It was confirmed via email that their warehouse received these items on 12/31. In the same email it stated that it would be all processed within 3 business days. It is now 1/13...

B & H Photo-Video, Pro Audio / customer service

Jan 09, 2019

No longer a friendly place. Long-time customer here, many orders, but lately buying here has been less than a recent exchange of emails with Henry Posner, their Director of Communications about customer service, he did not say hello or hi or address me by name or even thank me...

B & H Photo-Video, Pro Audio / bait and switch sales maneuver

Dec 09, 2018

Purchased advertised B&H used equipment at a fixed price. Was shipped an inaccurate product with an active inventory/property code from a third party AV rental company. B&H switched the deal and shipped equipment that is not authenticated for resale. B&H claim the unlawfully purchased item... / stealing my money

Apr 18, 2018

Hi all, I would really like you to help me complaining about this site they stole my money I requested item from there (car charger for mavic air) they deduct directly money from my master card the after one day they asking me send my id copy??? Why need to send my id...

B & H Photo-Video, Pro Audio / appalling service

Nov 09, 2017

My complaint has to do with their useless customer service. I used to often order from this company, but I guess my last time was really the last one. My order arrived being defective. I immediately called them to figure out what to do. And I must say I have never met THAT lazy people, who tried...

B & H Photo-Video, Pro Audio / Didn't deliver product on date

Feb 17, 2017

I had the worst experience buying a product of my entire life - and I live in Brazil, where the customer support is as bad as it can be. I travelled to USA on vacation and I decided to buy my long waited CINTIQ, I was staying there from Jan 28th to Feb 11th. I placed an order on January...

[Resolved] B&H Photo Video / Scammers

Nov 17, 2016

I have purchased Canon Lens from B&H Photo Video website and received the wrong model. Customer service was absolutely unhelpful. They tried to assure me to keep it and said that they will refund the price difference. I refused and demanded a full refund but they said no. Lens which I...

[Resolved] B&H Photo Video / Very disappointed

Oct 14, 2016

Ordered a laptop from B&H Photo Video website and when my laptop finally arrived it was damaged. I contacted customer service right away and asked for a replacement. They said that first I have to send the broken laptop back and only then I'll get a new one. I asked for a return label and...

www. / Seller haven't changed the order and told me some ###

Feb 06, 2015

I bought Nikon camera from the website It was real scam, ‘coz the camera arrived in awful condition and nothing worked. I contacted the rep and asked to change it. The seller told me to return the camera and after that he told me to wait. I waited 3 weeks and...

www. / Scam and still no refund

Dec 24, 2014

I placed order on the website After that the seller didn’t provide any info, they only charged me quickly. I returned to the website and cancelled the order, but after 2 weeks no one contacted me or provided any refund. The company is real scam, so better...

www. / I heard nothing from them within these 6 weeks

Dec 03, 2014

I ordered camera and different accessories for it. I placed order on the website 6 weeks ago, but these ### simply fooled me. They didn’t provide any info, no updates and the website showed nothing, but they took money from me really fast. I tried to reach them...

[Resolved] www. / I didn't get the ordered stuff and seller stopped to communicate with me

Nov 15, 2014

I bought camera and lens from the company The order arrived on time, but the package contained only lens. I checked it and it had scratches in some places. I contacted the seller, who apologized and told that they would provide new order for me. I returned the len... / Stay away

Dec 19, 2013

Sometime ago, I placed the order on the website, but my advice - don’t deal with this company. I bought Canon laser printer, which didn’t arrive at estimated day, and I contacted the live chat agent, who promised to check my order and called back. Of...

B&H Photo / Bait and Switch

Jan 23, 2013

I purchased 3 Nikon Lenses in Feb, 2012 from B&H. They sent me 3 nikon lenses that I now find out were grey market lenses. Within 8 months, 2 of the lenses needed service and I sent them to Nikon to have them repaired and was told that they will not touch them because they are grey market...

B & H Photo and Video, New York / Won't Honor Quotation

Dec 04, 2012

After much discussion I received a quotation from them. I was told when I wanted to order the otem(s) I could just call with the quotation number. and it would make ordering a breeze. When I went to actually place the order, I am now told that was a one day price and they refuse to honor...

[Resolved] B&H Photo Video / Review not published which against B&H on their own website

Jun 08, 2012

I have purchased nikon lense 50mm 1.8D from B&H. it shipped to me used even i purchased as new. i return item to B&H for new replacement. but at same time i left feedback on item which contain problem i passed through. this review was against B&H so they never posted on net. after 6 week...

[Resolved] B & H Photo Video Pro Audio / Defective Product, Poor Service

May 07, 2011

I purchased an Asus notebook computer from B&H and it hasn't worked right since the day I got it. And I didn't realize they only offer 15-day returns. Stupid me. They told me today to fix it myself by reinstalling the operating system and all the other software. So I tried to do...