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I bought a LayzSpa Monaco hottub in Mar 2019. I have stored it, inflated it and operated it as per instructions. It bulged and burst, just outside the warranty period. A hottub repair company said that the liner in this type of hottub is not repairable because of the design not being a tube but being an inner and outer skin connected by internal fibres. Repeated use causes the fibres to eventually weaken and stretch causing the walls to bulge and even burst. A patch will stop the air escaping but will not fix the internal issue of stretched fibres under inflation. Inflating thereafter will only cause more fibres to stretch and will make the bulge worse. This is bad design, not fit for purpose and should nit have been saleable. When I purchased the product it included a patch repair kit. By including this in your bought product the implication was that the hot tub can be repaired if it bursts. But as previouly mentioned it can't be repaired because of the design. Again I say this is bad design. I notice you have taken the Monaco off the market. Why were these products not recalled?

I have contacted customer services who say it is outside of the warranty period so they can't do snything sbout it. But they have not answered my questions.

Why was a patch included and how is this supposed to repair a burst Monaco?

Why did the hottub burst if stored, inflated and operated as per instructions?

By the way you replaced my sister's hottub outside warranty for the same issue. Mr + Mrs Lynch of Fordingbridge. Why would you do that then, but will not extend the same treatment to me now? That could be seen as a precedent. I repeat again that this was outside warranty. You took the model off the market not too long afterwards, but not before I had bought one. If the goods were not merchandisable quality you should have recalled the product or issued revised instructions to lower inflation psi.

I am not satisfied that you cannot do anything in this regard. You could offer me a replacement product or some compensation in this regard, discount on another purchase, etc. Please advise.

Josie Lyon


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Jul 29, 2021 9:13 am EDT

Love to assist you. Contact Bestway Group at [protected] or the retailer you purchased your LayzSpa Monaco hot tub through.


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