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Bestswiss.comI fell for the claims of perfection on their website, further solidified by the high price ($1490). Bottom line - these folks are crooks. After ordering, I pressed them for a picture of the watch I was to receive. After several attempts, they finally sent me a picture. The picture they... / Frauds


After putting up with Tom's fairy tales and little white lies, I finally swallowed my pride and took my Rolex Daytona replica to a jeweler to open it up and examine the movement. I am not surprised at the findings; cheap Chinese movement and the value of the watch $100 to $150. Far...

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this guy is a real piece of not buy from them they sell china made watches. when you buy from them they act like your best friend but as soon as you need them for a return or anything else they dont respond. they suck

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Purchased what i was led to believe was a grade one rolex replica from the site for 950.00 us it has been three months and i have yet to receive my watch, at the beginning they would answer the phone and say it will be coming soon, they advertise next day delivery when... / replica rolex fraud and rip off


Purchased a rolex replica preside from took the watch to a watchmaker for a look see. Every detail on THE WEB SITE IS A LIE watch at best is worth about 100.00 bucks. The way they advertise the watch and the watch that comes is like night and day its a piece of crap I wa... / rolex replica fraud and scam


There are several web sites on the web that sell fake Rolexes for near to over $1, 000 a pop. This is ridiculous. There are no counterfeit watches that are worth that kind of money. Stay away from anyone who says that they have the "best" Rolex Submariner, and they're only charging... / replica rolex watch scam and rip off


Purchased a watch from for 990.00 they requested a western union in order to receive a ten percent discount. I paid the the money and I NEVER RECEIVED THE WATCH.. There phones go busy dead and they dont answer there emails. If you looking to buy a replica watch DONT DO... / replica swiss not swiss cheep asian

Sc advertises there watches as grade one swiss for 990.00 however on close inspection the watches are "CHEAP ASIAN QUALITY" with asian parts worth around 100.00 . Once they have your money they plug the phones and the internet so you cant contact them. hey are one of the... / replica rolex scam and fraud


I have purchased replica Rolex watches before from other companies with very good success such as the Ladies Rolex for my wife from Ideal Watch company which was looked at under the microscope of a master watchmaker, said it was excellent. With that said, I purchased a Rolex Submarnier... / company makes good


Bestswiss makes good i now ask that all postings be removed asap thank you your site brought results and fast... / Replica Submariner Roles


I purchased a rolex submariner replica for $1, 000.00. After receiving the watch the stem fell out after 2 months. I sent it back and they replaced it. The stem fell out again after 10 months. They then stated it would cost me $100.00 to repair since it was off warrentee. I sent them a... / Internet scam


I ordered a Rolex Ladies Masterpiece for my wife for our 1st anniversay in white gold in Sept. '07 and received the watch as promised but sent it back because in March of '08 the bracelet woul not stay clasped. It took amonth and they send me back a a Ladies Datejust which cost... / are not worth giving your money to.

Ju are not worth giving your money to. I have recently ordered from a 2017 Daytona Oyster Perpetual with Stainless Steel bracelet and Black Face model number 93 for $1600. I paid for my order with my American Express credit card. When i called the...