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Benchmark builders and sloppy workmanship
Sloppy and shoddy workmanship by benchmark builders is very irritating.
Less than a month after i moved into my new house i realized that my backyard turns into pond whenever it rains and water remains on the lot over two days.
See the attached pictures for yourselves….
I called benchmark builders many times but nothing had been done. They are just not responsive and don’t care about customers. It has been over several months now since i have been calling benchmark builders to fix this problem but had absolutely no response.
My floors, among other spots around the house are a disaster! Take a look at the attached pictures. I’m sure everyone will be aggravated to have paid a lot of money for a new house and have in return such horrible flooring!!!
Friends, you want a builder who will be responsive and ready to fix their sloppy work!. Friend don’t be a victim. If you’re in the market for a new house or home,
Consider yourselves warned…. Go with the other builder who will be responsive and fix your house when problems arise. All my neighbors who went with the other builders have no regrets today!. Not a sloppy builder like benchmark builders who are only interested in your money.
I will change this review to a positive one if benchmark builders ever get their acts together and fix their massive sloppy workmanship.
I will keep you posted. Otherwise assume the problem still exist and don’t be a victim!!!


  • Lo
    Lorp Sep 22, 2019

    I am disappointed in the comments here, we owned a Benchmark home in Frenchtown Woods for 26 years and had none of the problems listed in these complaints. We only had a few minor issues on our 30 day list and they were fixed immediately. We were very happy with our home.

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  • Af
    A former BB homeowner Oct 08, 2019

    @Lorp Glad it worked out for you. Lots of us are not so lucky.

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  • De
    DEBuilder Jul 24, 2019

    Check the Better Business Bureau A+ rating for the past 30 years. Benchmark Builders of Delaware is a locally owned company who cares about the communities they build and the people who are their customers. Most of these negative reviews are from competitors. There is really no checks and balances to slamming a company on the internet. Check out an independent agency rating before believing the internet trolls.

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  • Af
    A former BB homeowner Oct 08, 2019

    @DEBuilder Being a former homeowner of a Benchmark home. All of these complaints are very real. They build homes to the lowest grade possible and charge well above what you should be paying. I could go on and on with the list we had as well as others in our neighborhood had. They lie and do not stand behind their building. This review accusing real home owners of being internet trolls sounds more like it could be Benchmark posting after all they create awards and give them to themselves. There are many companies out their that have a BBB rating but that really means nothing. There are lots of companies out their that have great ratings but if you ask real people who have had services or products from that company you will find that rating is not legit.

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  • Bb
    BB suck Jul 03, 2019

    Benchmark Builders are some of the worst builders in Delaware. They lie to get you to build. Start out with a low price of a home if you want to call it that but then after they add their extras and gouge you for those, you are paying the same as you could have gotten with a quality builder. Don't let the lower base prices fool you. This company builds crap. Your yard will be filled with buried junk (black silk fabric, water bottles, wood, siding the list goes on as to what has been found). Electric won't work, ceilings will crack. There will not be a straight wall in the whole place. The so called paint they slap on the walls will just suck your good paint up so that it has to be repainted even after priming the wall then painting. You get textured wall even though you are not suppose to. You could file your nails with the rough spots they leave on the walls. Do yourself a big favor STAY AWAY FROM BENCHMARK BUILDERS OF DE

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  • Ro
    Robert C Thomas May 02, 2018

    If you are looking for a home, I would highly discourage you from purchasing a Benchmark Builders of Delaware home or even any that they may be building in a joint venture with. This company lies to buyers, fails to give appropriate documents disclosing all details of their community. Then while they are still building are very discourteous to their homeowners that have already purchased. They have the motto we got your money now go blow it out your [censored]. Bad workman ship, terrible customer service. Staff that don't know what is even written in there documents that they are selling. Yes all builders have issues with contractors but at least the company you are purchasing from should know what they are sell as part of the community. Lucky the state has a Board formed by the AG and they can help when Benchmark fails to do so even if they are still building and are acting as the HOA. Shame on people telling people they shouldn't complain. It is not all about nail pops and drywall. How about Electrical, heating and plumbing issue ( items that could cost you your life with the defects). Protruding outside walls. Sidewalks that are crumbling after a few month. Oh and how about contracts for HOA maintained area for both open space and homeowners that doesn’t look out for the homeowner. They claim all these great award which the head honchos are on the boards of the awards committees so that pat their employees on the back and then advertise the awards. This company can be added to the list of horrible builders like Ryan, Capano, etc. At one time they were good but since they have passed the business to their kids forget it. Keep your sanity and stay away from Benchmark Builders Delaware.

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  • Re
    Renee13 Oct 17, 2017

    Benchmark Builders does not build in Charlotte. They are a local home builder in the State of Delaware. I am sad that a few homebuyers find it necessary to bash a builder. I have owned Ryan, RC Peoples and several other builders in Delaware and Benchmark was one of the best built homes we had owned. The customer service dept. worked with us and we had no issues. Shame on you people that have nothing better to do but complain! I have friends that own Toll Brothers, Cal Atlantic, Ryan, KHovnanian, etc. ALL BUILDERS HAVE AN ISSUE EVERY NOW AND THEN! THEY ALL USE THE SAME CONTRACTORS!!! If a builder only has a handful of complaints after building THOUSANDS of homes? That's a fantastic report card as far as I'm concerned! If you're not building a custom home, you aren't getting a custom home. Nail Pops, Settlement Cracks, cosmetic items are not major issues and no one is freaking perfect! Lighten up people!

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  • De
    Deb Mccor Nov 01, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I may be in the market for a new home in Mobile, and I had a very good friend warn me against Benchmark Homes. I will definitely not be using them. I will also warn anyone I know against them. I do not believe the reviewer that gave the good review. Thank you for the warnings.

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  • Ma
    marylyn May 27, 2016

    Just moved on and have a growing list! Walls are bad, plaster poor, nails protruding out of walls and wrong flooring. Very disappointed in this thought we were getting a quality home!! Will see how they respond to our problems. .Am hoping they fix everything without any hassle!! Will update after they respond with fixes!! To be continued...

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  • Re
    Renee Davis Apr 21, 2016
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    Verified customer

    Does anyone know if legal actions have ever been taken against Benchmark Communities. I think it is worth investigating how many properties they have built and how many problems exist. If the company is intentionally building these poorly put together homes and getting over on the customers by lying about the material one would think that could be a class action lawsuit in the making. Is this the only site for reviews about Benchmark Communities builders?

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  • Re
    Renee Davis Apr 21, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Do not look at Benchmark homes. They are the absolute worst. I have purchased homes from Richmond American and Lennar and I did not have one problem with them. The customer service was on point and they did what they say they was going to do but this builder is different. If you do go with a Benchmark home then be prepared for whatever comes your way. They are honestly the worst in the business when it comes to craftsmanship and customer service. Please do your own research and talk to people who have purchased a home from them because they will tell you the truth. I would go into a Benchmark Community on the weekend when everyone is out and ask different people their opinions. You will get an honest response out of those folks.

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  • Co
    Concerned buyer1 Apr 17, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am in the process of looking for a home in the Charlotte area. After reading through all the comments, I have a question. What builders are the right ones? I was set to purchase a Ryan home but after seeing all the complaints that was scrapped. Benchmark seemed great and they do not have as many complaints but now I am not sure. Which builders should I take a look at?

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  • Sh
    Shopping around Charlotte Feb 11, 2017

    @Concerned buyer1 Was wondering who you ended up using in Charlotte. I'm in the market here now and have fallen in love with a built Benchmark home in a subdivision having a hard time selling the lots. Hoping it's the over priced lots that's keeping buyers away.

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  • Ne
    neisha Vanterpool Apr 12, 2016

    I will say sloppy workmanship is true. We just purchased a home from Benchmark and I was super excited until water started leaking in my living room on my new floors. The plumber came out and was rude as heck and so they sent another plumber out. We do own other properties and this is by far the worst experience ever. I know this is not our forever home but I will NEVER buy another benchmark home again. They don't compensate for the fact that I can't even fully move in because of the leaks. I have these fans pushing out hot air and is loud as heck to dry out the floors under the tub and tile. It is just dishearten that my new home looks tore up. The general manager is a fast talker and so during my walk through he was saying how much pride they put in their homes. He went on and non talking about the quality of the house and craftsmanship but what I am seeing and how I am feeling it is all a lie! I could not be more disappointed in this whole experience. It has only been 3 weeks since we closed escrow and we have to deal with this mess. I am one upset buyer and I won't ever even look at a Benchmark Model.

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  • Pa
    Patheticwork Apr 03, 2016

    I have read the above complaints and I can totally relate to all your unhappiness with the product you received from this builder. I have a friend that purchased a home on Cognac Drive and I can tell you the repairs have been through the roof. Let's see where to begin, the house was only 17yrs old when I made the repairs. Every window on the backside of the house was leaking, the windows were replaced, the shearhing was wet like a sponge with snails living in the wall, first 4' row of shearhing was replaced, siding was placed. The flashing where the garage roof attached to the side of the main house had the flashing stopped 6" from reaching the end of the roof therefore all the water was pouring into the exterior wall of their powder room causing mildew on the wall that kept returning and they were not sure from where. Studs were rotted and had to be replaced along with the sheathing and the siding. Let's head to the inside where the drywall on the ceilings were not glued to the joists and had to be screwed to the joists because the only stopping the ceiling from falling in the rooms were the ceiling fan/ceiling light in the center of the room and the joint compound where it was taped along the walls. The floors were so bad the plywood had to be cut along the walls and ripped up so we could apply joists to the side of them to level out the dips in the floor (yes, they were that bad). We laid down new plywood when this was corrected. Lastly, how about the door frames In the rooms? They are not shimmed and nailed in place through the jamb they are shot in place from the molding so if you doors seem like they are falling out of the jambs or not working properly this would be the reason why. If you find all of this hard to believe and you own a home in this development than see for yourself. Go in your attic and move you insulation to see if you see a gap on the underneath of the joist to the drywall, is your powder room exterior wall getting mildew or mold?, pop off the bottom row of siding and see if your sheathing is wet/damp or try opening your drywall inside and see if your insulation is wet. Try removing the trim off the inside and outside of an interior door and see if your door frame stays in place with the single nail at the bottom of the left and right side. This is all I am going to comment on for now which should be enough to explain the product your are receiving for your future investment. Oh and one other thing that person that has been buying homes and moving every four years turning a profit keep moving within four years because these homes will not be worth the upkeep if you are looking to remain there for a long time.

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  • Ti
    Tina A Stoffel Jan 18, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We are having to tear out a moldy shower due to poor craftsmanship as I am posting this. I also have a river running through my backyard. We've had to replace crappy faulty light switches, ductwork and expensive air conditioners just after a couple of years because they were not installed properly. The gas does not work to one of our fireplaces and the list goes on and on. I will never ever hire them for anything ever again.


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  • St
    Steven Bailey Mar 31, 2015
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    Verified customer

    Benchmark's theme is "everything matters". They left out a few words. It should read, "everything in regard to profit matters". They are not concerned about the customer, only their ability to slap together some basic tract homes and turn a profit. If you want to upgrade items or make any additions or changes, even at your own cost, it is simply not going to happen. Additionally, they will try to pressure you in to a contract by threatening to raise the cost of a home if you don't sign in a day or two. This is a very unscrupulous builder! Stay away from them!!!

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  • Mo
    moneywasted Nov 06, 2014

    We agree. The workmanship is shoddy. The sheetrock mudding, the caulking and the finish work of the wood and stain looks like a child did the work not a professional. Driveways sink and they eventually repair. It should be redone, not patched. It looks like crap. They don't follow-up. Not even to let you know they will not take care of it. They just leave you hanging. The customer service stinks. They don't follow-up. You have to keep writing letters or file a complaint with BBB to get anything done. Do not buy a home built by Benchmark!

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  • Ca
    Carpenter507 Jun 12, 2014

    You're full of it!

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  • Ba
    bad news builder May 07, 2014

    I have recently moved into a Benchmark development and have been disgusted by many things -- misrepresentation with regard to the contract; sloppy workmanship; beer cans inside the house; sub contractors smoking in the basement (after house is under roof and windows/doors in place; cigarette butts left in the basement (still there after settlement); shards of duct material left on the floor of basement after settlement, trash bags full of trash, empty bottles all over the yard after settlement, etc., etc. Then of course after settlement we experienced the complete lack of customer service regarding any issues that still remain (and there are many). This company has no concern about the customer once settlement has taken place. When you are finally able to get someone to return your phone calls, their attitude is horrible. In hindsight we should have done our due diligence on this builder prior to signing on the dotted line...our mistake.

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  • Oc
    Ochir Aug 18, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree with you 100%

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  • Ve
    Very saddened Aug 08, 2012

    DO NOT TRUST Benchmark Builders or people that represent Benchmark (ie realtor they may be using). This economy has driven this builder to do/use unethical business tactics which got me to involve an attorney. Lie after lie with written proof of the lie via the Standard feature sheet and e-mails from the builder directly trying to weasel his way out of doing what he signed off on. Unreal. just very dissappointing and gut wrenching and sadden that there are people like this still in business. It's not my fault the economy is where it is and that Benchmark took a lose in their homes. Then they shouldn't sign a deal if they are going to be babies about it during the build/completion of a partial already built/shell. There will be down times in the market but they can't accept that and that their profits won't be 4 fold maybe 2-3 (which is still good) but greed clouds their minds. The get contractors for peanuts that do shooty work. Some of the contrators are good and still take pride in doing good work even for peanuts from Benchmark. But you get stuck with the low end contractors. You have to fight Benchmark tooth and nail and stop them from doing this to others. those of you who paid top dollar for your place from Benchmark probably have not had many or any issues at all (I like to give the benfit of the doubt. I am a fair and honest person who works hard for my money and expect the purchase of a Benchmark property to be in line with my values and morales. Check out one of the issue with my build that they won't fix. I have other issues as well but one at a time. See pictures of $8500 flooring I paid for that looks like 6 different packs of left over flooring from other jobs.

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  • Mh
    MHASTE Dec 22, 2011


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  • Cr
    Crybaby Hater Aug 09, 2009

    Cry you little whimp! Why don't you try advertising your crybaby site somewhere where someone cares. If you took care of your house instead of blaming someone else...

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  • OR AT:

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  • read all about it at:

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  • I agree! Benchmark builders is ill-responsive to to home buyers needs

    Home 1 year punchlist 6 month punchlist webb 30 day punch list contact us site map
    Google4ee8c5bf93810213. Html

    Launry room:
    Ø elec. Outlet not working
    Ø dryer vent not right

    Ø bad seam and finger prints on ceiling
    Ø damage to inside right end wall cabinet
    Ø scratch on windows kitchen and bumpout
    Ø missing flourescent light bulb
    Ø microwave fan not working properly
    Ø screen door not working
    Ø no cabinet touch up kit

    Powder room:
    Ø paint on mirror and light
    Ø elec. Outlet not working
    Ø door needs adjustment
    Ø bad splice on shoe molding

    Dinning room:
    Ø outlet below thermostat has a open ground

    Ø bad splice on shoe molding
    Ø paint on carpet on steps
    Ø paint on hand rail upsairs and down
    Ø paint on hand rail base upsairs and down
    Ø register not fitting properly
    Ø upstairs knee wall top has very rough edges
    Ø linen closet door squeaks loud

    Living room:
    Ø gouge in window sill not fixed right
    Ø outlet by window wall plate bad fit
    Ø hole in screen

    Family room:
    Ø touched up ceiling does not look good
    Ø squeaks in floor
    Ø plywood seam on floor popped up
    Ø repair wall @ outlet

    Front bedroom:
    Ø damaged base molding not fixed right

    Back bedroom:
    Ø damaged base molding

    Middle bedroom:
    Ø damaged base molding
    Ø paint drips on closet door
    Ø cable outlet not working

    Master bedroom:
    Ø bubble in tape on ceiling
    Ø bad spackle job at return and tray ceiling
    Ø eye ball lights not on separate switches
    Ø no switched elect. Outlet
    Ø cable outlet not working
    Ø damaged base molding 2 spots
    Ø tighten and level switches and outlets
    Ø no insulation on top of access hatch
    Ø missing some styrofoam insulation peices in attic

    Master bath:
    Ø scratches and stains on shower
    Ø scratches on window
    Ø missing a towel rack
    Ø outlets not working
    Ø fan not working right
    Ø bottom drawer of vanity not opening right

    Hall bath:
    Ø nicks, scratches and paint on tub
    Ø spackle and paint @ door casing
    Ø fix molding at base of tub
    Ø paint on floor at base of tub
    Ø touch up paint around tub enclosure
    Ø faucet leaks during shower

    Ø screen for rear window is damaged (Bent)
    Ø no screen on side window
    Ø clean (Mold and cement) around egress window

    Ø exterior light not working
    Ø exterior molding around front window is damaged

    Ø fill holes in fypon
    Ø paint outside front door
    Ø trim around side windows outside front door looks bad
    Ø vinyl siding sections are loose on left and right sideds
    Ø siding is dented, kinked, wavy and not secured properly above garage
    Ø siding is dirty or stained on rear side wall
    Ø all gutters are fill of rusty nails and debris
    Ø all gutters are bent and dented
    Ø front sidewalk cracking at joints
    Ø poor drainge and erosion at rear of house and at down spouts needs to be graded
    Ø holes in back yard need fill and seed
    Ø front door kick plate dented and has screw sticking out
    Ø flood lights not mounted on bases like all other lights
    Ø flood light behind garage not working (No switch)

    Ø damage to wood sheathing at gable walls garage attic

    Ø a lot of costruction debris on roof and in gutters
    Ø exposed nails not sealed

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  • The story of the construction of my new house (It was no fun!) in delaware by benchmark builders

    At the estates at dove run middletown, de 19709
    Check out the punchlists the one year has pictures
    1 year punchlist

    Updated 06/26/07


    I signed the contract late march 2006 (They were just pouring the foundation) and closed 7/14/2006. I am still trying to get my punchlist done and i have not heard from them in over a month they are not returning my calls. I called the main office for benchmark builders today [protected]) and was told they could not get in touch with me dispite the fact i called them 5 times and left my cell#, some i left on voice mail some i left with a peson. And i was told the opional flood lights don't come with seperate switches? I gave up and decided not to go through the frustration of dealing with them until the one year punchlist. And now its time for that (6/20/2007) so here it is with pictures 1yearpunchlist as i gave it to them. I will update the story and punchlists as we go.

    Home|contact us|about us|site map
    Powered by
    Microsoft office live|create a free website|free file sharing

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  • Ww

    Even idiots don't wanna go through hassle and haggle for a builders to fix their ### WORK. WOULD you want to that when you're looking to buy a house? Now I know how Benchmark Builders do business. I would not be like the original poster. I'll go with a builder who live up to their integrity. I heard a lot of one-on- one complaints about benchmark builders at my work place also. We are not surprised to read these complaints.

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  • Do
    Don't Know Apr 04, 2009

    I bought my first home in frenchtown woods. Sold it four years later for a decent profit. Bought another home from benchmark in the dove run development. Also sold for a profit. I now just bought in their newest 55 community of milltown village. So yes, mr. Or mrs. Complainer, it is true that i've purchased these homes. And if you've never bought from this builder, as you make it sound, then what are you ### about them for? If the original poster has a problem with the work that was done, and benchmark refuses to repair it (As long as it's a valid complaint!) , benchmark uses an independent warranty company they voice their concerns to.In addition, if the grading around the house is not correct, they can go to the local authority that validated the grading plan and get them involved in any needed corrective measures.

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  • Co
    CONCERN READER Mar 27, 2009

    Right from the get go you can tell that the above comment could be a lie and full of nonsense! Let's get some real and honest people to comment. There is no way the above commentator could have bought 3 homes from this builder in the past fifteen years! If there houses were good quality why don't you keep them!!!
    Anyone who's got cheated or had a bad experience with a builder who advertises quality and cannot live-up to it but does sloppy work and cut corners as we've read from the complaint board about benchmark builders or ryan homes should feel free to share their bad experiences to warn prospective first-time home buyers.
    My co-worker is kicking herself in the foot and highly disappointed from buying a house from benchmark builders last year. She said she wished she had read from complaint before goiing into contract.
    I 'm planing to buy a house soon. I hope i'll find a builder who will keep their word on quality.

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  • Do
    Don't know Mar 24, 2009

    I have purchased three Benchmark homes in the past fifteen years. I have found this company to be reliable, honest and responsive to my concerns. Some people just love to complain about everything! They feel the builder owes them a lifetime of continual care for their purchase, even if the items that need attention were the result of them not knowing how to take care of the home, or simple abuse of the home by the owner.

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