Bel Air Veterinary HospitalApologies


After Cleo passed away we, (and every other pet), were very upset at the time and as many people do, often times try to find "someone" else to blame. And having talk to Dr. Cook and Dr. Moore personally, we betterunderstood the situation and complications of Cleo's ilness, problems, etc. Yet they continued to see all of our pets without reservation. We have talked to the entire staff and have always gotten at least and more clear explanation to our question and have had them as our vets for close to 20 years. Therefore, we feel that knowing that each pet's life must eventually come to an end, and were promised by Dr. Cook himself that everything possible was done at BAVH, that they are owed our most sincere apologies because of our anger and and our effort for trying to find that "Someone else" to blame and we thank them for their efforts.

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