BCBG Max Azria Complaints & Reviews

BCBG Max Azria / manager service maya

Jul 14, 2019

I visited the Sobe store this Week. Wanted to return a dress I brought for a wedding. Was never told it was a final sale item. I have multiple bcbg dress for special occasions that come up. First time that I purchase a dress from your company not get the service that I'm use to. If I wa...

BCBG Max Azria / online returns

May 31, 2019

I purchased a jacket from BDBG on 3-24-19 online NOT on final sale. The color was not like the photo and did not look good on me. I went online to print the return label WITHIN the thirty days but due to a BCBG website glitch, the system would not allow me to print the return label as it...

BCBG Max Azria / I am complaining about the service in bcbg egypt

Oct 11, 2017

On Sunday Sep.17 I bought a dusty rose short dress from BCBG Cairo Festival City for 7, 090 EGP the dress was extremely dirty so I asked the store manager Sameh to send the dress to the dry clean and paid the full amount in an agreement that I will receive the dress on Wednesday night. I...

BCBG Max Azria / online order

Jun 13, 2017

I ordered BCBG on May 22nd, 2017 for a total of $435.16, and a a few minute later I got an email from BCBG which informed me that one of the item was cancelled and the total is now $ 324.26. They withdrew $435.26 from my bank account on May 23th, 2017. I phoned the next day to BCBG and the...

BCBG Max Azaria / Orange gown

Dec 05, 2016

I bought the BCBG gown (Size 0) from Mumbai (India) store. The torso was longer. I am very petite (height 5' 2"). They promised me an alteration to reduce the torso by inching the shoulders up. The gown was totally altered from the torso without my consent. The local tailor has done such a...

BCBG Max Azria / Pants over $100

Nov 18, 2016

Horible experience affer another. My 21st birthday I realized I had nothing to wear I am a frequent shopper of bcbg so I ran in to grab something for the night. Bought a super cute shirt and pants/leggings than ran at $145 took them home and the shirt fit so cute I ended up wearing that out...

BCBG / Awful experience

Aug 18, 2016

Recently I went to one of these BCBG stores and had a terrible experience there. I came to the store and found a lovely dress, I really liked it and decided to buy. So I paid for the dress and went home. Only when I came back home I noticed a label which said that it was on sale dress and...

BCBG / Dirty dress

Aug 04, 2016

I received a dirty dress and wanted to return it. BCBG rep refused to listen and provide any help. I was literally called a liar and that's all. There were strange stinky yellow stains and when I tried to wash I could not get them off. I have no idea what these stains were, maybe glue maybe...

BCBG / Did not ship items, did not refund

Dec 26, 2014

INTERNATIONAL ORDER- DID NOT SHIP ALL ITEMS, DID NOT REFUND MONEY!! I ordered online internationally and did not recieve all my items!! I have recently purchased 4 items online, they only sent me 3, and on top of that, 1 of them wasn't even what I ordered at all!! So I've only...

BCBG / Exchange Policy / Racial Discrimination

Mar 30, 2014

Today, about 1pm EST I went into the Georgetown BCBG location to exchange a jacket I had gotten as a gift. The jacket was an XS, I needed an XXS. All I wanted to do was get a different size in the jacket. I brought up both jackets to a sales associate who referred me to the manager, Eric...

BCBG / BCBG Misleading & No Refund

Mar 15, 2013

I purchased a skirt, blouse and belt from BCBG in store. However, before I went into the store I researched the return, refund and exchange policies online; it stated that they would 100% refund your payment because they want you to be fully satisfied. So when I bought my items, there wa...

BCBG / Exchange Policy


I purchased 4 cocktail dresses through online sale and when I received the dresses it was a size big. I called the 800 customer service to exchange them for a smaller size and I was told that I had to repurchase the dresses at the full price. Needless to say, I was appalled that I...

BCBG Max Azria / Outrage


Was yelled at for not complying with their illegal request to show ID while using my Visa card at their store. My wife and I were making a purchase and they asked us to leave because we did not want to show ID which is not required by VISA and clearly states just that on the VISA website...

BCBG / returns policy


I just bought a bikini, a skirt and dress online. I had seen them in the store and they did not have my size so I ordered online. Whether they were on sale or not, I never would have ordered them if I had known that I could not return them. Now, having to return them, I looked at the...

BCBG / Store Credit Policy


I purchased a jacket for approximately $200 on April 26, 2011. I decided it did not fit well, so I returned it on April 28, 2011 with the receipt and tag still attached. I was informed I had to take a store credit. I was given a receipt that looked like an original purchase receipt. I... / Sent damaged item


I received a dress from and there was a black streak on the back of the sleeve. It looks to be dirt or dust. When calling to tell them about this, customer service told me I could return the dress and they would give me a return shipping label (so I wouldn't have to...

BCBG / Return Policy


I purchased dresses for my daughter from, they did not fit her. When I went to return them, I noticed in the small print no returns on sale items. I called customer service to let them know when I was making the purchase there was no alert to the return policy. She explained to me... / Hidden &no refund& policy on sale items


I was in Macy's during the pre-New Year's sale and saw the fabulous Adrice over-the-knee boots. It was a madhouse in shoes, so I tried on the 6.5 sample, and found it was too small to pull all the way on- but really close. It was on sale, but I didn't have time to fight the...

BCBG / Bad service


After having spent most of the morning walking into the shops at Leesburg Outlet in Northern, VA, I was greeted by everyone with a "Welcome to <our store>". Friendly clerks, warm faces and an invitation to shop and enjoy yourself. Unfortunately, this was not the case when I walked...

BCBG / refund policy


I too was very taken aback by the BCBG store policy. I purchased a few outfits for some upcoming events. I took them home and picked the ones I like the best. (i have limited shopping time so I quite often decide later.) I realized the skirt I purchased was unflattering...and I bought it...

BCBG / No exchange on shoe purchases


I bought a pair of shoes and a dress yesterday at BCBG in Los Angeles and the salespeople were very nice. I read the receipt which stated exchanges were fine within 10 days with receipt and "All sales final on sale items, accessories and swimwear." BCBG carries necklaces and rings and...