Baymont Inn & Suitesmaintenance


Visited the Baymont Inn in Columbus Texas to check on relatives displaced by the storm. The intial customer service was pleasant. A young Hispanic girl with glasses greated me pleasantly and was very helpful in locating my family and notifying them of my arrival. However my family's living accommodations left more to be desired. The room itself was poorly maintained and cleaned. I've read several reviews where he lays blame to FEMA occupants like my family and housekeeping staffing issues. My personal opinion is that is highly unprofessional. To lay blame solely on one or a group of individuals is inaccurate and morally wrong. A system does not function on one its a whole. You would think a hotel of that size and magnitude would have suffient staff on duty. Most issues are not merely housekeeping or customer service its also maintenance and day to day upkeep issues. Nighttime there is no Manager or acting Manager on duty to deal directly with customer requests or questions or point redemptions. I don't even believe there is housekeeping on duty at night. One night staff employee was very dry and uncogenial but it could have been she was distracted by her 3 children that accompanied her to work and were there in the lobby. All in all the living accommodations were inadequate. Customer service was hospitable especially the initial rep that assisted me in finding my family.

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