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Bath Fitter Complaints & Reviews

Bath Fitter / all of it

msmarilyn2662 on Jun 6, 2017
My nightmare started in March of 2005. Lifetime Warranty is a total sham with these people! My tub and surround cost $5000 The walls are loading up and bowing from water inside. My window was replaced twice after being lied to about it even being ordered in the first place. There was water...

Bath Fitter / one piece bath unit

Winnipeg21 on May 18, 2017
Bath Fitter Winnipeg 349 Johnson Avenue West Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada Principal Owner: Brian Turcotte The Bath Fitter consultant came to our seasonal home. Upon the recommendation of an employee at Bath Fitter and due to the warranty not covering 'shifting, ' we discussed this at length...

Bath Fitter / Tub conversion

Beverley Keller on Feb 23, 2017
Lifetime Guarantee. Not exactly. Seamless installation? Not exactly. I have had the conversion several years. Mold developed in the "seamless" seam between the wall and shower floor. Three times this has happened. The first time I was charged $100 to have it resealed. I believe it...

Bath Fitter / Tub enclosure

JDIdaho on Jan 10, 2017
3 months and project not done. The walls were not cut to fit, so they filled in the spaces with caulk. They redid it 2 times to try and make it right. 3 different workers and it looks horrible. The caulk is peeling off already. The local company has decided we are too fussy- just settle...

Bath Fitter / Original order; stalled work; wall reordered; wall too short; overcharged for bath fitters mistakes

BMAdams on Dec 9, 2016
11/10/16 interview with Bath Fitter representative; picked wall color and accessories; detailed what Bath Fitter would and would not do in contract; representative took many measurments. We have an oversized tub that we were not covering; only covering walls and ceiling. 11/23/16 Bath...

Bath Fitter / Bathroom remodel for handicapped veteran.

Nan66 on Dec 5, 2016
My husband needs a handicap bathroom and the VA grant was approved for it. We chose Bathfitters to do the work, but just before the work was to begin Bathfitters manager came to our home to discuss the work to be done. He undid everything that was going to be done according to what the...

Bath Fitter / Service/installation

GAL632 on Nov 23, 2016
Ordered a bath fitter door and shower surround in August from their Burnaby BC location. Sales guy comes, measures, and we decided on a 3, 100 door and surround to be installed Oct. 28. I pay 30% down, and wait. Oct 14 or so comes, and they say we can do it early - i say "great"...

Bath Fitter / Tub

bathfitters on Oct 10, 2016
We had our tub covered in January 2016. In Sept I noticed there was water between the old tub and their product. I called and they sent someone to fix it. The first person could not fix so they sent another person. He put seal around the drain. A week later water is back. They sent someone...

Bath Fitter / Tub

Pat Bowling on Jul 26, 2016
A dark stain appeared on the back of my tub, I called the Burnaby office and was advised to spray it with half bleach and water, let sit, then rinse. I did several times but it didn't work. I called back and was told they won't honor my warranty because they have no proof I used the...

Bath Fitter / Bathtub installation / Warranty / Customer service

Ivania Chavarria on Apr 20, 2016
We had an installation done in the summer of 2015. When the sales guy came to my house he had no issues taking my money and letting me know who great of a company it was and if there was ever any issue that they would take care of it. Fast forward to February 2016...I called the company...

Bath Fitter / Not the tub I wanted

Tiffany74 on Mar 31, 2016
I ordered a 60" soaking tub. In order to install, the installers took out an unnecessary wall in my bathroom (which I begged them to take out) and built a new half-wall that would contain the new tub. However, when the salesman first measured, he had no way of forseeing that there was a...

Bath Fitter / Tub, base and wall-acrylic

Lee Mang on Nov 1, 2015
Salesman came to house 6-10-2015. Will save that story for another time. Order would take 6-8 weeks. At six weeks received a call to say end of August. Got that straightened out & amazingly was ready 8-5-15. OMG, it looked as if I tried to install never having done this before. The tub wa...

Bath Fitter / Shower Panel Door Exploded - Charging me to replace!

Reviewer46752 on Oct 13, 2015
We purchased 2 Bath Fitter tub surrounds with 2 sliding shower doors (4 glass panels) that were installed in the hallway bath and master bathrooms on May 27, 2008 for $4, 100.00 by the Milford Ct. Store. On October 1, 2015, out of the blue, I heard a deafening crash coming from the hallway...

Bath Fitter / Deposit

John chfd on Sep 3, 2015
I put down a deposit for a shower installation. No installation date was set. When BathFitter called to set a date for installation I told them I wasn't interested in a bathroom shower update any longer due to job loss. I sent several letters to them requesting my deposit back. Instead of regarding...

Bath Fitter / Wrong information

Reviewer27184 on Aug 19, 2015
I was told by Bath Fitters when I called to set up the appointment that they would do everything except the floor in my bathroom. When the Rep came out, he informed me that all they do is the tub/shower conversion to their method, and that is it. I wanted that, plus ceilings and walls done...

Bath Fitter / Terrible Service

Sheldon Watts on Jul 29, 2015
The caulking has turned yellow with in the first 12 months. Bathroom now looks terrible. Warranty says only covered for 3 months. They offered to sell me more of this crappy caulking and fix it myself. But refuse to warranty the materials used. Expensive waste of money. I would recommend...

Bath Fitter / damaged personal property

Carrie E on Mar 23, 2015
During the installation of a bathtub removal and shower install by Bath Fitters on January 10 and 20th, 2015, not only was the install done terribly and had to be redone by another installe 3 weeks later, they damaged our brand new bathroom vanity and the footboard of our bed. We've...

Bath Fitter / Poor quality product

Michelle Tierney on Mar 20, 2015
I regret ever purchasing this product. We initially bought into it because of the ease and convenience of the installation in one day. The installer did a good job and the bathroom looked nice and shiny for about the first 3 or 4 months. Now no matter what I use to clean it it never shine...

Bath Fitter / installation

FPY on Sep 11, 2014
I got a liner replaced in July of this year. Great installation except for a gash by the drain. Sent the Long Island outfit of BF photos and they assessed that the liner had to be replaced. Three weeks later, last Monday, a tech with the new liner arrived. He was about half hour late...

Bath Fitter / Will not honor lifetime warranty

dsb1252 on Apr 29, 2014
Contacted the Bath Fitter in Livonia, MI. concerning the silicon caulk separating from the wall and tub and the black mold in the caulk. I was told by the person on the phone that there would be a $75.00 charge to replace the caulk. The information I received on the flier supplied by the...

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