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Backyard MastersLacking customer service!

My husband and I decided to get our first pool. I am an avid swimmer so I was thrilled to actually own a pool of my own. We embarked on this journey and we quickly decided that we would like a Doughboy pool because of its reputation. When we first went pool shopping we realized that this industry was a little cut throat and reminded us of the unpleasant task of buying a car. Nonetheless we decided on the “Diamond” 12x24 pool and made our purchase paid in full on June 5, 2007 at our local retailer Backyard Masters in Farmingdale, New York who are considered a “PREMIER DOUGHBOY DEALER”.

We were very please with our purchase that day. We thought our salesperson, Doug, was informative and very pleasant. In fact a few days later we had an installation problem. The price was $500 more. When I spoke to Sherry on June 9th not only did she contact the installation company for me to resolve the installation price. That was quickly solved. She also told me that day “she was looking at my pool” and “that it had already came in and it would be delivered on the following Friday”.

On June 14, I received a call from Backyard Masters. I was waiting for the person on the other end to tell me the delivery times of my pool for the following day. I was completely shocked when then told me, “Mrs. Louzeiro we received your pool today but Doughboy sent the Desert Spring instead of the Diamond. But the good news is that it is the same price”. I then asked if she was joking but I was so upset that I hung up on her. Never did I receive a call back from anyone nor a manager expressing their regret. So I cooled off and call back to talk to a manager.

That is what brings me to write this letter. I had a very interesting conversation with Dean, the manager at Backyard Masters. After I hung up the phone I decided to do some research on your company and product. Dean told me the following:

1. That the Diamond was last years model (2006)
2. They ordered the Diamond but Doughboy just sent the Desert Spring because its same quality and same pool just a different look
3. Sherry did not actually see your pool she was looking at an acknowledgment of the order that Doughboy sends
4. Its Doughboy’s “HOT” season so therefore they are not going to go out of their way to fix their mistake. You know people from California are not like us in New York they move at a different pace
5. It was too late to order the pool that day cause it was 6pm eastern time and in California because of the time change everything is closed
6. If you are going to put a deck around it then it doesn’t matter which pool you get

My problem with these points are:

1. I called Doughboy and they told me that the Diamond is in the 2007 catalog
2. I find it hard to believe that a big company such as yours would give a customer an option of styles but then send the one they want instead
3. Also if Doughboy really screwed I am sure that they would do something to rectified the mishandling and communication of the order
4. I am a pretty educated woman and you don’t really have to be that educated to know that California Pacific is 3 hours earlier than eastern time. So I think that 3:00pm was ample time to call doughboy and order the pool that day!
5. When I called Doughboy the woman on the line told me that Doughboy use to be in Calfornia 6 years ago.

I feel that Dean completely under minded me and definitely underestimated me. They should be more humble and apologize for their mistakes. At no time did I feel anyone there was apologetic about my situation. Never did they consider doing anything to make good on this. I had to reschedule my installation, my dumpster, my landscaper and my contractor because of this ridiculous and unnecessary error, which apparently was Doughboy fault! In fact the following day after speaking with Dean, we never receive a call telling us if our pool was order as promised. I considered canceling my order but I was annoyed that there only one other retailer in my area that carries Doughboy and they said the wait time was about 2 weeks. Backyard Master promised to have the pool to me by June 23rd which would was quicker.

I finally got my pool a little sooner than I was told. Its in now. I feel that the accessories that the pool came with was a little cheap. A tube split and need replacing within a month. We spent $500.00 on the electricity of the pool and that was my husband doing it himself. Definitely was an experience that left me not ever wanting to do again.


  • Si
    siren216 Aug 20, 2018
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Purchase pool 4 years ago discovered rusting rotting was told to email dustin we did with pictures ..two days later he denied theclaim.. How?? No one even came to observe or look at he can do is charge us $1061 for a new wall even tried to tell us we neglected the pool look at the pics and see if we look like the type to neglect


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  • Un
    Unhappywithbackyardmasters Sep 25, 2014

    Been trying to get them to finish what I paid for. Very poor customer service as well. My next step is civil action. I have contacted a lawyer who states I may be eligible for a full refund. Keep you posted!

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  • Un
    uncledave333 Aug 09, 2010

    kyle, who did you use? BBB was very good to backyard masters, as opposed to island rec, who we were going to use. BBB has 100's of complaints on Island Rec, few on BM. -unsure

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  • Ky
    Kyle BIrd Mar 06, 2010

    I actually went to back yard masters after getting a price on a pool from another
    store. THey were rude and did not want to accept the price. THey insisted it was different pool! I have set up installaion with another company. They just called to confirm date, time and model I ordered. Impressive.

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  • Jo
    John-Farmingdale Mar 03, 2010

    Try to call Cal Spas customer service and tell them that you are not happy with the customer service / warranty work you are receiving from Backyard Masters. Ask them for a different service company on Long Island that services their spas. We did this and got a number for a company that only charged us $75 for the trip charge ($50 less than where we bought the spa). And they were able to fix everything on one visit. We no longer deal with Backyard Disasasters!

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  • Dm
    dmha Feb 25, 2010

    Don't be a fool, don't listen to the "Practicing Attorney" (he or she probably works for them)You should keep adding comments to this site, you should let Backyard Masters know you will keep adding complaints on this and many other sites.Send them copies, keep on the ###.send letters to the manufactures tell them that you will include them in your complaint.This is the only leverage you have.I was going to purchase at their store until I read the complaints.Thank you.

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  • Wa
    Wassersteinewitz Oct 27, 2009 a practicing attorney I would advise you to sign a paper agreeing to write a positive comment AFTER all is rectified. Do not get duped twice! The other way takes away your leverage.

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  • Su
    suzanne darnelle Oct 26, 2009

    I am being told that if I remove this complaint they will then address problems. I have tried to remove it and am unable. Therefore, I am writing a follow-up stating that Backyard Masters has intention of repairing the hot tub, removing the salt generator and putting it back to its original delivery, replacing parts that have rusted and cleaning lines out.

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  • Su
    suzanne darnelle Sep 19, 2009

    Your story sounds just like mine. I have spent 8, 000. for a hot tub. I posted this story last yr after a few months and was told they would take care of things. Please retract what I wrote. Well I am very angry. It is now one year from the time I received the hot tub not the time I ordered it. I have used it 1/2 dozen times. Jim Jones promised me extended warranty for all the aggravation, however Backyard Masters charged. I have so had enough . The pumps went three times, now the valves went twice. I was told by Dean, "There are people starving in Africa" Imagine that for customer serviice. The one thing they have not realized is they are dealing with someone in the legal business. If this is not fixed soon I will be addressing this with a lawyer.

    Yes you are correct there customer service is pathetic. You would think they would offer you another hot tub that works!!!, instead of stating, I have not had this problem with anyone before. Well maybe they need to read the posts. Maybe they need to be aware that a class action lawsuit can take place as was done with the front loader washers. They will have to either replace the hot tub with a new one or reimburse the monies with a class action if the customers win. It appears there are many customers with the same problem. If interested please feel free to contact me. If they do not correct my problems once and for all I am moving forward.
    Quality performance dictates fix the problems instead of continuing to sell the same problems and never address it.

    I do not appreciate being lied to. And Dean, I am not supporting those starving people in Africa with my 8, 000. Why don't you give me my money back and go support them. And for all those people you stated have had no problem with their hot tubs, maybe you need to read their posts. Stop lying and do something active about this. Your responses are totally inappropriate and unprofessional.

    This is bad karma and what goes around in life definately comes right back around.

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  • Ke
    kevinpshan Jul 22, 2009

    3 years ago I purchased a Cal Spa Sauna from Backyard Masters. It was the beginning of one of the worst customer service experiences I have ever had. Immediately on delivery we called Dean to tell him there was a crack in the siding and a rip in the cover. He asked me to send photos, which I did that day. Over the course of the next year I have been promised return calls at least 25 times. There was never a time that I ever received a call from them. I always had to call them and pretty much begin my story from the start as if no one had ever heard of me. After a year and a half I finally just gave up.

    There initial reaction was that the damage was too small for Cal Spa to send a new side panel or cover. My argument was that this was an $8000 purchase. Would you accept a new car with a rip in the seat or a crack in the side panel. They finally promised to replace the cover. Again I followed up calling them once a week for months. 3 years later, same cover, same crack. They just give you the run around. And Sherry... never have I spoken to someone who is a customer service person that is so rude and clueless.

    The first winter, my spa started tripping the circuit breaker in February. I called Backyard Masters they said. As usual it took numerous calls to ever get to someone that even had a clue about scheduling a service call. The first thing they told me is the $125 cost for the service. Even though the tub was under warranty for 5 years, they charged because I was out of their service area. I'm a 20 minute ride from their store. I rode the 20 minutes many times when I was buying the $8000 spa from them. They finally informed me it would take a few days to get a service technician out. It was below freezing in February and my water could easily freeze, damaging beyond repair. Luckily after repeated tries I was able to get the tub back on and as long as the pump was off it didn't trip the breaker. If I was not able to do that, I might have lost my $8000 investment in less than 6 months.

    The technician arrived and told me it was a faulty circuit board and they had to order the part. Welcome once again to HELL. Multiple phone calls to find out how long it would take to get the part. Not once did I get a call to me... not once. After the two week they said it would take I once again called them to find out the part was in. Now a few more days and calls before they could arrange to get the technician back. He finally comes to install it and guess what. It didn't fix the problem. Now I'm not making this next part up. He drove back to his house, brought back what looked like a used pump part, installed that and the problem seemed to go away. At least for two months when it started happening again.

    When I called them to arrange for service they told me there would be another $125 charge. I tried to explain he put a used part in. They didn't even seem to have any record or recollection that he had been out to fix it. They kept telling me to call back with numerous excuses, Sherry is not in and she's the only one that can help, George the tech is sick, George is on vacation, George hasn't called in today, George is on another job. Every time a promise to call me back and never one phone call to me. I kept calling for weeks and then I finally threw in the towel.

    During one of these phone calls I asked what the status of the cover and broken slat that they had been promising me for a year was. At last, for the first time, I got a call back. A message from Sherry on my answering machine saying, we're sorry to inform you, but the cover and sidewall were now out or warrenty. A had to stop dealing with them because I may not have been able to control myself.

    To all the folks at Backyard Masters, here's my suggestion for you. Pick up a book called, "Word of Mouth Marketing, by Andy Sernovitz. Read it and put it into practice. Customer service is the best marketing money can buy. According to other posts here you claim to have 30 years in the business. Most likely under many names since I don't see how you would ever get a return customer. The bad news for you is those were 30 years when the INTERNET didn't exist. Now the people you treat like garbage have a way of getting back at you.

    To all people considering Backyard Masters - Think twice.

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  • Ti
    ticked off May 09, 2009

    We bought a $8, 000.00 hot tub from Backyard Masters in Farmingdale. After being told it would be 3 to 4 weeks delivery and then finding out after 6 weeks the wrong one was ordered and to order again would be starting over - after 8 weeks we finally ended up with the "wrong" model. We did not know what the codes were on the controls so went back and was told we would have to contact customer service M-F in CA . They couldn't even tell us what the codes were!!! Extremly rude after they have your money.
    Then after 6-1/2 months of usage we were enjoying the tub and one evening while soaking - Heat and pumps go off. Husband checked all circut breakers -even though all was done by the electrician. Went to Patchogue store and told had to call the other store to talk to Marie (Maria?). After calling Marie she told us we would have to pay $125 just for a service guy to come to house. It had a code flashing-- NO ONE could tell us what "HR" meant (we think it means heater -OK now what?) I guess $8K is for a disposible hot tub!!! She told us the service charge is in the agreement -MAKE SURE YOU READ ALL THE FINE PRINT!!! I just wish I would hav e checked this website before I dealt with Backyard Masters. If I can ruin one purchase with this I guess it helps a little - right now we have a $8K bird bath.

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  • Cl
    CL Oct 29, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    These people are the worst of the worst to deal with.There's no doubt the owner wrote the follow-up to save his butt.The owner is rude, the personel are rude, and they lie once they get your money.

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  • Da
    David Armstrong Jan 17, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Just had to follow up with some nice comments about Backyard Masters! It's tough because when one has a complaint, there was no way for me to get it retracted. Backyard Masters really do come through!!

    I just came here and needed to post that Backyard Masters really came through for me and my family in the end. What I was not aware of, was that it was actually the manufacturing company's error, they never delivered the fencing and had to manufacture a new one to replace it. Which took awhile. I did not realize this until I spoke to Dean himself. At any rate, the fencing arrived, Dean sent a very competent team from "Recommended Pools" (owner Joseph Portino) over to erect the rest of the fence and to fix the lopsided part that the other installer put up. I was not charged any money for this. They really were very apologetic and I am very grateful, the deck and fence look great and I can rest easy at night knowing my little ones are safe. Thank you so much, Dean!!!

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