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canvas prints

Used a gift certificate my daughter bought me for chrismtas to purchase some canvas prints (plus a little cash). Waited a month only to be told that they didn't have the canvas in stock. I asked for a refund and have been getting the runaround ever since. Customer service says they requested it from accounting, and accounting doesn't respond to emails. Customer service says they can't do anything.

ad product on website, no longer available, no response from company until called

Online I ordered a seven inch light barndoor. Two weeks has passed and no word from Backdrop until I called, they don't have it. Was Backdrop going to contact me? From the complains I'm reading this is there norm. Sad products look great online, customer service is not functioning. I will contact my credit card company and cancel the charge. I will not do business with Backdrop again and unsubscribe from their website.

two orders, neither of which fulfilled

I placed an order in late July. I received an order confirmation. Then, I received no products. Nothing. Crickets. I go to their web site to call them and find no number published. Hmmm. Thankfully I found the number on Yelp. Once I actually got them on the phone to ask about the order, they magically sprung into action (more than two weeks after the order) and shipped SOME of the products. Part of the order. The rest was "back ordered" they said.

Part of the order I did receive was four floor drops. Two identical drops, printed twice. NOT what I ordered. I had ordered four different floor drops. To their credit, they shipped out replacements for the two missing pieces, and gave me a mailing label to return the duplicates. That's the only reason they're getting 2 stars instead of 1.

They claimed the back ordered items were delivered to my front door, which was incorrect. When I emailed customer service, they said "They were delivered, you'll have to have the post office track it." In other words, "not our problem". Well, the SHIPPER has to initiate traces, not the recipient. Idiot. And, when I called them to let them know the tracking information they provided was the tracking information for a different part of the order entirely, the person on the phone confirmed that those products had not, in fact, shipped, but were back ordered.


So, despite their incompetency, I ordered five vinyl floor drops for me to use in the studio, thinking those would be easy enough for them to print and ship. That was 18 days ago. When I asked for updates on that shipping time via email, once again, I receive no answer. It was only when I threatened to challenge the charge if I didn't hear from them that they even bothered to email me back to tell me the items from the July order are still on back order. And no information was provided on the floor drop order from 18 days ago.

I emailed them this morning and told them to just cancel the second order entirely. I also told them to refund me the back ordered product cost as well. I'm confident I'll have to do a charge back with my credit card before I even warrant their attention. This has been a frustrating experience to say the least. There's a reason there are so many bad reviews about this company. I tell you, the hassle is not worth any price savings over a more reputable company.

  • Updated by Michael Chadwick Photography · Sep 11, 2019

    UPDATE: Upon seeing the above review, their customer service representative called me. Apparently they are very much understaffed as ownership has decided that reducing customer service staff is the answer to saving money. Obviously this is not doing their company any favors. That said, they did work quickly to try and provide me with a satisfactory outcome. We agreed to cancel the backordered items, and they upgraded the size of the floor drops in exchange for the value of those outstanding items. The replacement drops were shipped promptly and received with no additional problems. While I am not going to do any more business with Backdrop Outlet, I can at least say they're trying.

non-delivery of purchase, and will not provide refund

8.5 weeks and my purchase has not been delivered, and the company creates excuses why they will not refund my money. Each time I have called there have been nothing but excuses as to why my money will not be refunded.

This is a company that I refuse to do business with, or will I provide any recommendations for in the future.

It is my opinion that consumers seek another business for your products.

  • Updated by Jeffrey Campbell · Feb 28, 2018

    30 mins on the phone today trying to get my refund only to be hung up on by a woman named Wendy.

Customer service or lack of

On May 11, 2016 I placed my first and only order with Backdrop for one single 6'x8' backdrop and a backdrop/floor combo size 3'x4'.
May 18 I sent an email to the company inquiring about the order as the status still showed "partial" fulfillment and in their shipping section it states most orders ship next business day. I got a response from Amy explaining all items go through a printing process and some take longer than others. It was the combo items that were waiting to come out of production. Their website is lacking information and this would be good to be included in that section so that customers know there is actually a difference.
May 19 I received shipping notification of the single backdrop and I received it within a week. It was in a cardboard tube just over 6 feet long and had some weight to it.
May 31 I sent another email asking again what's taking so long as I still had not received notification that the combo shipped. The same day, Amy replied with an apology for the inconvenience but my combo had been lost in transit and she's put in a rush order for another one and will have it out to me by the following Friday.
June 7 I emailed Amy yet again saying I still have not received shipping notification and asked for a refund on the shipping cost as this service was unacceptable.
June 8 I received a reply from Amy saying she has personally placed my combo with shipping and it would go out that day. She says and I quote from the email "there is absolutely no way for me to refund the shipping expense however I have made sure that you will not be charged anything extra. Since this is an international order sometimes due to the bulk of the items additional shipping is required. In your case I have made sure no additional charges will apply."
June 15 I emailed her again asking for shipping information so that I can get actual confirmation that the combo had shipped and where it may be. I did not receive a response.
June 20 I emailed again saying 2nd time asking, can I get shipping information, again no response.
June 21 a delivery man was on my doorstep with a much smaller box about 3 feet long and very lightweight but he wasn't just asking for a signature, he was asking for another $20 in taxes and fees per the label on the box. I pulled the email up on my phone to show him there are to be no additional charges but he can't do anything about it so I call up Amy immediately and ask what's going on, this is what your email said so why the additional fees? She puts me on hold and comes back with an apology that she made sure there would be no more charges from '"the company" but have nothing to do with border fees. I summed up her email and made it clear that is not what was said and I would not be paying any more costs as this was an awful process all together for an item I should have received over a month ago. She tells me some orders have fees due to weight and size which I already know and understand but ask her how does the first delivery of a 6 foot box that takes 2 hands to hold not have any additional fees and this smaller, 3 foot box the delivery man was able to hold with 5 fingers does? This is not an acceptable answer. The delivery man got tired of waiting so he left with the parcel as I was not paying and I now have to go to the store myself and pick it up after tomorrow.
With Amy still on the phone, she offers me a gift card but my answer was no, she could call up the post office and pay the additional fee I was told I would not have as this whole thing was an unacceptable process. I told her she can refund my original shipping cost and then I can go pick up my order and pay the $20 but she tells me she has to discuss this with her manager and of course that person is not in today so she tells me she will get back to me tomorrow.
June 22 I received an email from Amy saying and her manager was conveniently not in today as well but was spoken with by phone and the manager had requested I send in a copy of the receipt for the extra charges, that would be forwarded and she would get back to me with the manager's response. That day I sent the receipt.
June 27 I sent another email to Amy asking for an answer and asking for the manager to contact me. She replied saying she has forwarded my information to the manger, will check in with her again today and tell her I would like to speak with her ASAP.
June 30 I emailed Amy AGAIN asking for the phone number to reach her manager directly. It's unacceptable to be waiting this long to hear back.
June 30 I received an email from a Wendy an in the email signature it says "customer service manager". She says and I quote "I will be going over your issue with my manager tomorrow morning and will contact you as soon as I speak with her".
I reply, I've been told this many times by Amy for over a week and am tired of getting the run around and wanted the manager to contact ME directly. This is the absolute worst service I have ever encountered. Wendy then called me later in the day to tell me she would be processing a refund to my credit card the following morning (July 1st) for the additional charge.
Today, July 6 I receive an email from Backdrop Outlet saying "your backdrop outlet gift card is ready" and it is for the exact amount of the additional charge to be used in their store at checkout. UNBELIEVABLE! I then sent another email to Wendy saying excuse me, but a gift card is not what was agreed upon, but a full refund for the additional charge, call me ASAP. I also left a voicemail for her stating this is completely unacceptable and demanded the refund she told me I would get on my credit card. This store will never get another dime from me, including by use of a useless gift card I did not agree to.
Still waiting for any response.
Needless to say, as nice as the finished product is, it is most definitely not worth the headache of this disgustingly poor customer service and I'll take my business elsewhere.

Today, I posted a review online and got a phone call faster than any other response. It was to tell me to take the review down and that I would not get a refund if I don't. She tells me, why would I give you a refund if you're going to keep a bad review up? Maybe because it's the right thing to do and people need to know what kind of company this is. My response? write more reviews on as many sites as possible so that people find it and stay away

  • Pa
    Pauline Godwin Apr 20, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have had similar problems with this company Paid £100 in delivery when told free delivery The backdrop was stained have sent photos no response don't buy fron this company

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Undelivered Products

I ordered $566 worth of photo backdrops, wind machine and plexiglass mirror. I received the plexiglass, but was told the other items were delayed a couple weeks. I was fine with this as it was at Christmas and no problem. First week of January I called and was told 10 days... OK... End of January, called and it would be 10 more days... hmmm... February called in and it was going to be the middle of March. They have already charged my credit card for the $566 even though only the $49 plexiglass shipped. I call in to cancel the order and fine.. cancelled. Well, today, I receive one of the backdrops (the expensive one) and am told they already shipped two others (LIE!) and that they were only going to refund a small amount of my original order. So, they ship me things after the order is cancelled (and I am told it is going to be March before receiving) and now they won't refund all my money. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THESE GUYS!. It is a total rip-off.

customer service

all they have to do is call back. finally at the 4th try l got a human. no body ever called me back the 3...

Non Delevery of Product

I placed an order on 9/23/09 for a backdrop set costing $1865.75 plus shipping of $130.00. The amount wa...

Unfulfilled Order

I ordered at the end of October 2009, Backdrop Outlet's Five Piece Baby Poser Combo Set. Only after my order did I discover from the company that they had this item on backorder. I was surprised by this because most reputable internet companies clearly list when items are not in stock, and not the other way around. I was promised by e-mail and through instant messaging that this item would be in stock and shipped to me within a week. After said time had passed by and I didn't recieve anything, of course I contacted them back by e-mail and online messaging. They informed me that this item still did not come from their supplier but would for sure the following week. Due to being busy with personal matters I let a few weeks go by, and still nothing was delivered. I contacted them again and once again I got the same excuses about how they have not received the items I ordered and how they would send them out within two weeks, when they would supposedly get them. By the second week of December I received a shipment with only two of the five pieces from the Five Piece Baby Poser. Unsatisfied, I contacted this company again but I received an irritatingly indifferent attitude concerning my problem. I was always promised that once it arrives that they will send it. As of today, February 16th, 2010, I have still not received the last three pieces. Since then, I have found out that this company has a very bad reputation from the Better Business Bureau and I myself have asked the BBB for their assistance. Currently, I have tried to contact the company for at least a partial refund but so far I have not heard back from this company. So far my case has not been resolved and I am doubtful it will be resolved to my satisfaction.

I recommend anyone considering on buying from this company to consider otherwise. You will NOT receive your goods on time, if you will get them at all. Most likely you will be ripped off of your money. It is my opinion from my experience that this company actively deceives unsuspecting customers by falsly making their offered products appear to be in stock, when they are not, and attempts to steal customer's money by not providing what is ordered. There representatives confirm this with their indifferent attitudes to any and all contact, and flies in the face of good solid customer relations. If you order from Backdrop Outlet, you will be sorry, like me.

Thomas Bell

Poor service

I ordered a backdrop a week ago for a shoot I need to do for the holidays. When I placed my order, there wa...

No refund - no item

I ordered a backdrop stand from this website and after 3 weeks (although the website said it was in stock) it still had not arrived. I called and asked for them to cancel the stand as I needed one soon for a photoshoot. To this day (11/18/09) I have not received a credit reimbursement and the order was placed/canceled in July!!! Also, a holiday baby poser has never been received. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM, although the people on the telephone were polite - their service has been awful.

  • Ka
    Kathy H Apr 18, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered a roller system from Backdrop outlet in December and it's the middle of April now and I they still haven't sent the system. They told me they order from overseas and I'm next on the list, the last promise was they'd send it April 9. I haven't heard a word from them. They won't talk refund at all and they've already charged my credit card over $700.00 for the system and they did that the day after I ordered it in December.
    I don't know where to go from here with them.
    Be careful if you order from them.

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Bad service

Watch out for this scam of a company. They leave "In Stock" on the website so you order it and then when you call to check because it hasn't arrive three weeks later they say two weeks. Then you call back again and they say two weeks. They tell you 25 were mis-tagged or mis counted and they apologize. Then they say depending on the import delays it may be longer. They won't refund your shipping and if they decide to refund your shipping they say they have to cancel you order completely and you have to order again. Putting you even farther back on the list. If you get customer service on the phone watch out they're very touchy. You can't get irritated or they hang up on you. No price or deal is worth this. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

  • Lo
    LoriLind Feb 24, 2010

    I placed an order on 9/23/09 for a backdrop set costing $1865.75 plus shipping of $130.00. The amount was chared to my credit card immediately. The set was never delivered. After many (over 20) phone calls later it was agreed that they would refund the amount I paid. This agreement was confirmed in an e-mail on 1/22/2010 from Jason, Customer Service. As of today plus an additional 4 phone calls I still have not received my credit.

    I have caught this company's representatives in repeated lies regarding the matter. I just want my refund!

    Evidently, from information I have obtained from the internet this is common practice for this company. Also, they previously operated under another name and was forced to change due to such a bad reputation and many other prolbems.

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  • Ah
    AHOFER Mar 16, 2010

    I have had the same experience as you Lori...DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!!!

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  • Mf
    M farmer Apr 01, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Like wise They are a shady company. Im to the point that i will be driving to there store front, with my friend from the bbb and take care of my problem.

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  • Di
    Disgruntled to say the least Mar 16, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered and 3 weeks later product never showed. It showed it was in stock and later I track the status and it mysteriously changes to "Out of stock, no shipment available". I emailed them 10 times and called everyday for a week and they pass the phone around, or dont answer and do not return calls. I then disputed it with my bank and got my money back, and then a month later the company pulled the funds a 2nd time from my bank, they provided false shipping documents to show it arrived when it hadn't. (It was supposed to be 2 seperate packages as well.) It is now 3 months later, I have no product, and have lost $214.00

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  • La
    lajoiek Feb 13, 2012

    Maybe all of you who seem to have so many problems with the company should contact the Better Business Bureau and report this company so it can be shut down for fraudulant information and customer service. You should be promptly reimbursed the money you've spent and they should be sued for sending false documents to banks.
    Stealing customers money out of there accounts is not something any reputable business should be doing.

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