Backdrop Outlet Complaints & Reviews

Backdrop Outlet / ad product on website, no longer available, no response from company until called

Aug 28, 2019

Online I ordered a seven inch light barndoor. Two weeks has passed and no word from Backdrop until I called, they don't have it. Was Backdrop going to contact me? From the complains I'm reading this is there norm. Sad products look great online, customer service is not functioning. I will...

Backdrop Outlet / two orders, neither of which fulfilled

Aug 23, 2019

I placed an order in late July. I received an order confirmation. Then, I received no products. Nothing. Crickets. I go to their web site to call them and find no number published. Hmmm. Thankfully I found the number on Yelp. Once I actually got them on the phone to ask about the order...

Backdrop Outlet / non-delivery of purchase, and will not provide refund

Feb 28, 2018

8.5 weeks and my purchase has not been delivered, and the company creates excuses why they will not refund my money. Each time I have called there have been nothing but excuses as to why my money will not be refunded. This is a company that I refuse to do business with, or will I provide...

Backdrop Outlet / Customer service or lack of

Jul 06, 2016

On May 11, 2016 I placed my first and only order with Backdrop for one single 6'x8' backdrop and a backdrop/floor combo size 3'x4'. May 18 I sent an email to the company inquiring about the order as the status still showed "partial" fulfillment and in their shipping section it...

Backdrop Outlet / Undelivered Products


I ordered $566 worth of photo backdrops, wind machine and plexiglass mirror. I received the plexiglass, but was told the other items were delayed a couple weeks. I was fine with this as it was at Christmas and no problem. First week of January I called and was told 10 days... OK... End of...

Backdrop Outlet / customer service


all they have to do is call back. finally at the 4th try l got a human. no body ever called me back the 3 other times l left a message. the product l ordered at a show was sold out-ok, will get more in 2 weeks-ok. l see the same sales rep at the next show, he tell me the product is in. l...

Backdrop Outlet / Non Delevery of Product


I placed an order on 9/23/09 for a backdrop set costing $1865.75 plus shipping of $130.00. The amount was chared to my credit card immediately. The set was never delivered. After many (over 20) phone calls later it was agreed that they would refund the amount I paid. This agreement wa...

Backdrop Outlet / Unfulfilled Order


I ordered at the end of October 2009, Backdrop Outlet's Five Piece Baby Poser Combo Set. Only after my order did I discover from the company that they had this item on backorder. I was surprised by this because most reputable internet companies clearly list when items are not in...

Backdrop Outlet / Poor service


I ordered a backdrop a week ago for a shoot I need to do for the holidays. When I placed my order, there was no indication the product was backordered, nor was I notified that the product was backordered once the order was placed. I am trying to work with them to resolve the matter, and...

Backdrop Outlet / No refund - no item


I ordered a backdrop stand from this website and after 3 weeks (although the website said it was in stock) it still had not arrived. I called and asked for them to cancel the stand as I needed one soon for a photoshoot. To this day (11/18/09) I have not received a credit reimbursement and...

Backdrop Outlet / Bad service


Watch out for this scam of a company. They leave "In Stock" on the website so you order it and then when you call to check because it hasn't arrive three weeks later they say two weeks. Then you call back again and they say two weeks. They tell you 25 were mis-tagged or mis counted...