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after finding out we were expecting a baby my partner and myself visited babyland in kirkcaldy and received clear advice on a pram we liked. However on returning to purchase the pram we found it had rise from 299.00 to 399.00 pounds. When asked about the reason for this rise (although a rain cover was added to the package)) the staff made us feel most unwelcome as though we had no right to question it and were told that we were never told of the original price and handed a card that had the stores number to complain if that is how we felt and made to feel as if we were liars and an annoyance to them. As my partner is expecting I feel that the staff laid unnecessary stress upon her and I find this appalling but do not know where to complain as all I can find is the store details.
I was advised by friends that this situation would arise so I believe I am not the first complainant about this company and would like other expectant couples to avoid this unnecessary stress and confusion.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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May 26, 2016 8:57 am EDT

Do not go to babyland Fife!
I got my pram from them. It's the venicci mini. The first time I took my little boy out in his pram the wheel came off! I phoned the shop and was told it was my fault and that I must have done something to the pram. No question of was my little boy ok or anything. Both me and my mum received disgusting customer service from both the manager and a member of staff (who had sold me the pram). I had to take my pram back into store to show them and they still said that nothing was wrong with it. I asked for a refund because I didn't feel comfortable pushing my baby around in a pram that wasn't 100% safe. They refused and said that they wouldn't give me my money back. I had only used this pram once and had only been pushing it for around the 10 minutes when the wheel cam off. I ended up going to little peas pram shop in Dunfermline and ordering another pram.

May 14, 2016 10:23 am EDT

Ordered 2 pretty expensive baby cot bed bedding bales and when delivered one was clearly either an exdesplay or just been opened and shoved back into the clear zipper bag they arrive in.
One was well presented, obviously factory foled and neetly put into the clear bag but the other... As mentioned either exdesplay or used.
I sent many imags into babyland with email explaing i was not happy as they had been out of there packing which for a newborn is not good with germs and so on.
As we had no other bedding sets at the time of the nirth of our new twin babies i had no other choice but to wash them and use them.
I asked for at least a dicount but not a chance, and was told they where sent out new which to me is indacating i opend the bedding bale up and shoved it back into the bag.
I shop online all the time with many websites as i work offshore and if any incidents like the happens i always get it sorted with either a discount or a voucher as a goodwill geasture but with babyland nothing but just to sort out my own return costing how much i dont know plus they expected me to leave my newborns without anywhere to sleep.

My advice for you all, shop elsewhere.

Forgot to mention as well this bedding was a discontinued bedding set which most places where selling for £45 but unfortunately they where all sold out but this company charged full rrp of £65

give a wide birth... Total disgrace!

Nov 25, 2011 8:58 pm EST

I too have had an awful experience with babyland fife. The owner is a lying obnoxious cow. We have been waiting for 6 months for a replacement part for our buggy. Despite contacting the manufacturer who said the fault was a manufacturing one, this cow still refuses to accept liability. Once they have ur money they don't want to know you. Try consumer direct and they will advise you on the procedures to follow. The next step for me is going through the sherrif court to resolve the issue. My advice to anyone, avoid these horrible money grabbing people at all costs

Apr 25, 2011 9:50 pm EDT

if you hadn't put a deposit on it, then they don't have to give it to u at that price, you shud have bought it when it was 299 - i dont see how u can complain that the price has gone up. its crap that the staff werent more helpful but thats just life.
like tesco had this tv i liked on sale 2 weeks ago, i went back in its gone back up, its a promotion. yeah it sucks cus its a lot of money. best to write to them n say your not impressed with how the staff were with ya, but wiv regard to the price increase u aint rly got a leg to stand on mate


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