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If you have read through the thread of comments regarding this doctor you will see that there is a lot of name calling. The person doing the name calling is the doctors new wife. The Linda Beee and all of the others posting in his favor. You see she is simply afraid of everyone finding out the truth of this man. So I urge you to read through the osteopathic medical board hearing minutes from 8-11-18.
I am one of those victims. I have every right to speak the truth of what happened in hopes that it will help someone else. For speaking thetruth I am being called physco. That I am not! I just believe that the truth of this doctor should come out. The lies that he's put in my chart to try to cover his actions is not right. No doctor should be able to hurt people in the way he has. I am not his only victim. There are others and more I'm sure that haven't come forward yet. His "wife" is just trying to threaten who ever post the truth about this doctor.
He was ordered by the courts to have a chaperone anytime he's with a female patient. The medical board highly recommended that his license be revoked and also stated that he tells inconsistent statements under oath basically just saying he lies. Please read the minutes and know the person you are trusting your care to.

Dr Jack Hawks DO
Dr Jack Hawks DO
Dr Jack Hawks DO
Dr Jack Hawks DO
Dr Jack Hawks DO

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      Aug 13, 2019

    Watch your back homie...that’s all we are going to tell you. In the meantime Be Happy clinic...

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