Axis Capital CorpFraud, don't use them

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I invested large sum in the company Axis Capital Corp-Limited-Retro-Titan-Sdn-Bhd. After several months, as the rep stated, I waited for my refund, but nothing. I already sent emails and messages, as well as I tried to call, but the phones were switched off.
Total fraud, and don’t use them. I wonder if there are other people, who had the same experience. Let’s share views about this company.


  • Fl
    Fleck May 15, 2015

    It happend exactly the same with Axis Capital based in Indonesia this year

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  • Ni
    Nico68 Oct 31, 2018

    @Fleck dear All
    I suffered the same fraude but after it they contact me with other name stating that people that have been frauded can have a refund with a legal action in China. But was not the only time they contact me again they did several attempts. Every time a different person (or -most probably- the same person with a different name) wants to buy the share of Triton Ore S.A. I have. I just cancelled their mails and cut down the phone calls but be aware they are still trying TO STEAL l our money.
    I wonder if we, all together, can do a legal action, in fact their activity and names are well known and I guess some USA anti-fraude burea should take care of this situation.

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  • Mp
    mpez Nov 13, 2018

    @Nico68 Hi Nico. Got conned by Axis Capital as well to buy shares 3 years ago. Now out of the blue a US stock broker, which seems legitimate and FINRA registered, found apparently my share information from a shareholder register. Wants to buy the shares for a very high price. But apparently the stocks have restrictions... Shall i stay well away? Thanks

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  • Ri
    Richard Halls Nov 15, 2018

    @mpez Hi Nico

    I have the exact same history as you. Perhaps we can help each other?

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  • Mp
    mpez Nov 21, 2018

    @Richard Halls Hi Nico. Shall we email each other?

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  • Mp
    mpez Nov 21, 2018

    @mpez I meant Richard

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  • 12
    1/2 Doz Apr 25, 2019

    @mpez I have located these guys in the UK. Have details and happy to share. They still think I’m on the hook. Trying to get them. Operating under another business name.

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  • Li
    Little_Wanderer Nov 14, 2019

    @1/2 Doz Hi guys. does anybody have any updates regarding these guys?

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  • Da
    David McSeveney Aug 21, 2015

    I also invested with Axis Capital Group, Jakarta, a major sum of money for shares in a mining company. The main players are Charles Mason, Canadian by admission, Jonathan Phelps from UK and Louise Clarke also from UK. There is also an Arthur from UK. As above, once I had parted with my money, no-one in the company could be reached. A scam!! Avoid these thieves and liars.

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  • Sa
    Saki1234 Aug 22, 2015

    Hi Davis and Fleck

    I also got connected to exactly the same group of people from AXIS CAPITAL GROUP, based in Jakarta, and they made me invest a quite large sum of money and have never seen a penny returned, exactly the same pattern can't get hold of them any longer, no answer neither via mail or phone.

    They need to be stopped in what they are doing, they are stealing money from people, stay away from them.

    These are the people behind AXIS CAPITAL GROUP who obviously made a profession of cheating people from their savings and more if they can.

    Don't know if is these names are their real names as I do not trust in anything i get from them, but this is who they pretend to be.

    William J. Werner, President - [email protected]
    [email protected]
    Louise Clark, Account Supervisor - [email protected]
    Graham Wolf - [email protected]
    Arthur Dixon, Compliance - [email protected]
    Derek Bradshaw, Institutional trading - [email protected]
    Jonathan Phelps, Liaison Officer - [email protected]
    Charles Mason, Institutional trading - [email protected]

    If you want my advise, then do not make any investment through this company or these people.


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  • Sa
    Saki1234 Aug 22, 2015

    Watch this link on youtube, AXIS CAPITAL GROUP is in the warning video, just to bad i did not see this 1 year ago

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  • Sa
    Saki1234 Aug 22, 2015

    Hi Davis, Fleck, diealone, and others,

    Have any of you guys done anything to stop Axis Capital, or these guys behind it ? like reporting to the finals board in the country, reported to the police, or any other legal action.

    I am sure there must be others out there who is in the same situation as we are, even I have lost lost of money "investing" via AXIS CAPITAL they are many involved, I have contact to 8 people in total so they must have a steady turnover to make the wheels turning.

    i really think they should be stopped in what they are doing, should we join forces ?

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  • Ku
    Kurt-F. Wasenitz Aug 24, 2015

    Dear all,
    I have been called by:
    Arthur Dixonmailto:[email protected] and Edward Horton ([email protected]) to invest with axis capital in TRITON ORE S.A. shares.
    This I did at April 15 2015 and this was confirmed by Louise Clarke [email protected],
    Thereafter I was asked by Edward Horton in May 2015 to make a second investment. I told him before any further investment I need my TRITON ORE S.A. shares sold and the amount should be returned.
    After this they never replayed to any e-mail or phone call!

    What can I do to get some of the investments back?

    Best regards

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  • Se
    Seamus Rmoney Aug 24, 2015


    Please contact me right away at [email protected] regarding Axis Capital.

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  • Da
    David McSeveney Aug 24, 2015

    Today, I got a call from Charles Mason, the start of the conversation was steeped in foul language and threats. After he was bad mouthed back, the phone went dead and he called me back. He says that tomorrow he should have the investment group papers authorizing the payment for the shares to be made. I asked him to send a copy of the papers and to have the money in my bank before COB. He agreed to try his best, if he is to be believed. On Friday and Saturday I contacted the Indonesian consulate to get advice on police intervention and a legal avenue via lawyers. So far no response, however when I get info I will pass this on. Saki 1234, if you are reading this, contact me with a revised
    e-mail address as your yahoo one get rejected. More info for all. Ask Axis for your dividend payments, you own shares in a company, you are due a dividend. See what happens. Also ask for a copy of the share certificate. Record all telephone conversations if you have a modern phone. There is something amiss with Charles hand phone number. Rerouting probably. Lets get all the scammers off the streets and in the crow bar hotel!

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  • Bi
    Biel Seguí Vidal Sep 27, 2015

    I'm Gabriel, I got the same Issue as you, Ivestments with low risk and high profits... finally we don't know anything.
    Last week i Could contact with Charles Mason, ( 22Th/09)
    As per conversion, He request me to Buy additional 11.000 Share in order to reach 35.000 Share and with this amount would be possible to finish and sell the investment.

    I didn't send the money, as I don't trust them so much... and for what I see there many other people in the same situation...
    Kurt, I will send you an email an we can creat a group and dicuss for further actions...
    share documents, Phone Nº and so on...

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  • Pc
    Pccruz Sep 30, 2015

    Same here ... Total Fraud. Happened to me exactly as you guys are sharing.
    I really would like to take all my efforts to stop these people harming even more decent people.
    Please, if there is anyone taking measures against this company let me know, please.
    Also would like to join a discussion group to take it forward to the authorities some where.

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  • Gs
    gs-dUK Oct 04, 2015

    Hi, looks like you can add me to this ever growing list of people who have been swindled. I've had contact with all of the Axis people listed above plus another three (David Webb, George West and Jonathan Pearson). Not sure if they are "real" people or all the same person cos their accents all sound very similar!! I am very interested in getting back my "investment" and would be willing to join up with anyone else who is interested in doing so or has already started the process. My e-mail address is [email protected]

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  • Si
    sibir Oct 10, 2015

    Same situation with the same players and Triton Ore shares... When asking to sell shares, Axis Capital (Edward Horton, Charles Mason) is calling back and asking to purchase additional shares to reach the minimal amount to finalize the selling...
    Ready to join a collective action.

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  • Si
    sibir Oct 10, 2015

    Same scheme as all of you. When I am requesting selling the shares, Axis Capital (Charles Mason, Edward Horton) is requesting to purchase some additional shares to meet the final purchaser requirements in terms of amount of shares! Done already once in February with of course nothing at the end, arguing some "delay with the regulator".
    I am ready to take action with you all. [email protected]

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  • Bp
    bpchin Oct 13, 2015

    [email protected], com Exactly as above for me. Same pattern.The last big one was Triton Ore where my total investment was of AUD152, 000. I originally checked with Financial Services Authority (OJK) Indonesia and they replied that ACG is not listed in OJK and is therefore not under their supervision, but "regardless if you have any information that indicated illegal activity please do alert Investment Awareness Body so we can run further investigation. You may address the information through this following contact: Phone:62 21 29600 000 (ext:8871, 6524) or email : " I first sent my details by email on August 6, no word and then I sent by mail all my details of payment and invoices to OJK on 2 September. No response to date. I had suspicions that ACG were intercepting my email. I notice today that the AGC website was still available on 2 September, but now at 13 October has been pulled. Like others above I suspect this Charles Mason is the same as Arthur Dixon and same as James Banister, but no matter. Please involve me in any way I may be able to assist.

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  • Sa
    Saso MARTINOV Oct 13, 2015

    Dear all,

    I'm in the same situation, is there anything that we can do to safe our money

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  • Oy
    Oyvind Oct 18, 2015

    I'm in the same situation as all you other. Purchase stock in OR Holding in November last year, and now i could not even reach anyone in this company.

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  • Sc
    SC 2015 Oct 19, 2015

    Hello Everyone,
    I also been scammed by Axis Capital Gruop, I suppose to have shares in OR Holding and Pan Colombian Mines SA.
    I have been calling and email ACG but not reply, phones, emails and website are down.

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  • Sc
    SC 2015 Oct 20, 2015

    Hello Everyone,

    I just receive an email form AXIS CAPITAL GROUP, (see the below ) I called already but no-one answer the phone. I will try again later.

    Axis Capital Group are pleased to announce that the upgrading of our firewalls and servers has now been completed.
    As part of this upgrade, please note our main switchboard number is now +6221 526 4713.
    Please note our website is:
    To contact Accounts please use:
    [email protected]
    For all other enquiries please use:
    [email protected]
    Yours sincerely,

    Louise Clarke
    Accounts Supervisor
    Axis Capital Group
    [email protected]
    +6221 526 4713

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  • Gr
    grber Oct 20, 2015

    I'm in the same situation as all you other. Purchased stocks in OR Holding and PLC Developing Waters in October last year, but until now i have been given excuses after excuses and I have not been able to get my money back. I just have received a letter from Axiscapitalgroup saying that they have finished upgrading their servers and switchboard and can be reached at [email protected] or [email protected]
    their main switchboard number is 6221 526 4713. I have emailed them and phoned them but no they have no responded.
    Please involve me in any way I may be able to help get these thieve brough to justice.

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  • Ja
    Jan Wagensveld Oct 20, 2015

    Just to add my case to the list: I have also made a substantial investment through this bogus company. I just sent another email to them, but delivery failed because the domain name has now been cancelled. They are probably enjoying our money somewhere on the Bahamas. I have invested initially in July 2014 in Triton shares and then switched later to another stock with ostensibly better returns, giving them another substantial chunk of money! Let's haunt these gangsters, no matter what. Who is taking the lead here? They are all British, so is there perhaps a British national amongst you to see what avenues are open to us to prosecute fraudulent nationals in the UK? Maybe they can be located somewhere, questioned, passports withheld etc. Let's not rest until justice is done here. I wish I had given the money to a good and charitable cause instead. Anyhow, they will meet justice and us standing by. Laughing.

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  • Zo
    Zodan Nov 18, 2015

    Hi to you all,
    I have a similar situation with the so called Ackermancompany. The want me to buy Triton Ore SA stocks to go out from the previously bought Black Hawk Mines stocks. The guys names are Arthur Harris (compliance), Edvard Parker and William Hillary.
    Please share your experience if you had a similar case. What to do now and how to get the money I already send to them.
    Please include me in.

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  • Am
    AMF1234 Nov 26, 2015

    Same situation here with OR Holding shares. I manage to get sporadic communication through addresses (Edward Horton) but the message remains the same; they pushing to invest more money before releasing any investment. Very difficult to get hold of them, my first payment made last year will be the last one. Sounds like a bunch of crooks to me. Ready to move the legal case further if required.

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  • Oz
    OzExpat Nov 30, 2015

    It seems I've been tricked into this too. My life savings now gone !
    Age 69 with nothing to start retirement !

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  • Ms
    msa2556 Dec 11, 2015

    Axis Capital Jakarta - I got fooled into an investment with Developing Water. Lots of BS, no contact and now their email and phones don't work. Charles Mason - total bottom feeder. These thieves need to be taken down. [email protected]

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  • Pa
    paul mcmurdo Dec 18, 2015

    Hi All,
    Add me to the list...
    I invested a substantial sum in Pan Colombian Mines and have had the same promises and excuses from Axis Capital over the last six months.
    I also received an email from Axis Capital to advise of the change of website and telephone number to +62 2152 64713.
    As I type this message (18/12/15) I am sat in a hotel in Jakarta waiting for a pre- arranged meeting with Jonathan Phelps, but no show.
    It is now 16.55.
    I visited the Axis Capital Office at Prudential Centre today (18/12/15) at 09, 00 and called them to let them know I was in the reception area on the ground floor, I was advised by Phelps that it is just a mail box and he would send a driver to my hotel to have a meeting at their bonded office which is elsewhere in Jakarta.
    He stated that he knew where the hotel is and even identified a landmark nearby.
    Later I spoke to Arthur Dixon to request confirmation of when the driver would arrive and received a call from Phelps to say that he would come to the hotel for a meeting between 14.30 and 15.30.
    I called Axis during the afternoon and became more and more agitated, eventually they would not pick up the phone.
    I was also advised by Dixon that Axis Capital will be closed for two weeks over Christmas and New Year.
    These scam merchants must be stopped and locked up, please advise of the next step to be taken.
    [email protected]

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  • Ca
    Carsten Seubert Dec 31, 2015

    Hi all,
    You can add me to the list as well. Same story as with most others. Was gullible enough to invest a large amount with them, in my case shares of Developing Waters PLC. When first hints turned up it might be a scam I tried to get the funds released but was also told I had to invest some more to reach the minimum amount for completion and then my funds would be returned with a healthy profit.
    Did not pay further but asked somewhat later for an account statement. Account statement now shows all my "shares" in my Axis account as paid. Contacted them for a release, so far no response. If anyone has taken legal action, I am happy to contribute further information to the case, I have all correspondence kept and listed.
    Pls contact me at [email protected]
    Nevertheless, happy new year to all - let's hope we get these scammers locked up and, as unlikely as it seems, our money back.

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  • Je
    Jean-mathieu Fleckinger Jan 04, 2016

    Same here. How can we not stop axis capital group to continue fraud?

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  • Km
    K Marie Giroud Jan 13, 2016

    are these clowns also behind summit capital management? if so they have conned my husband out of 25, 000 euros! they orignally sold him stocks under groupoNdelta and when the stocks were supposed to have floated 5 months later the company suddenly disappeared and were apparently bought out by summit capital management, now summit have been on the phone today asking for my husband to invest a further 35, 000 euros to make his stock holding to 50, 000 shares so that they can sell them and that we will recieve 184, 000 euros in bank account in the next 5 days! this to me smells like one massive scam

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  • Ha
    HanP Feb 01, 2016

    Hi to all,
    unfortunately same situation, but with different company!! Labanna Capital Management.!
    They caled me in January 2015, wanted to sell some common shares from Frankfurt stock - Nordex. I didn't agree even if the trade could be from today's look successful. I was in contact with Nicolas Harris.
    In July I bought thru them shares of SolarWorld, again on Frankfurt stock exchange. This action was made with james Jordan. After two months, I told them sell all shares and send me money back. Two weeks without contact and finaly information from new guy Nicolas Harris, that shares were successful sold -almost 35% profit. I was happy, but wondered why they didn't sent me money. Mr. Harris told me, that they bought IPO of Triton Ore S.A.. he told me, that it's hreat chance and I can make fast money, but have to buy next IPO u to 50.000 shares. I told him, that I want my money back, even if without profit. From that time only promises, that Triton will list shares at Q3/2015, then they will be sold.
    I started to be nervous and contacted Frankfurt stock exchange, because Triton should there list shares. They never heard about this company. When I tried to contact Triton and ask why they even don't have ISIN number needed for trading of shares, Mr. Harris called me that Triton canceled the listing and will do it at Q1/2016, so I should wait.
    I contacted Danish's Finanstilsynet to check Labbanna, because they have office there. Two weeks later they announced that Labanna does not have authorization from the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority in accordance with the Financial Business Act to carry out financial services in Denmark. (see here: I dealed with fact, that my money are... somewhere.
    Three weeks ago I tried to call to Mr. Harris and told him, that I sold my apartement and have some money to invest. I wanted to speak about next business with common shares to see what will happen. He offeref me automaticaly IPO of Triton Ore. I said OK. Two days later, I wrote him email about Finastilsynet and wanted some explanation, by email. Nothing. He called me many times from hidden number, as usually...
    Warning: I'm sure that Axis and Labanna an Triton = one big s__t, one big fraud!!
    I awaited that the Finanstilsynet will do something, but nothing... This net of lies is bigger than anyone can think. I don't know what to do, but want to do something!

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  • Gi
    GiovaF Apr 06, 2016

    Is there anybody who got in contact with Equity Resources Corp. for a deal on shares?

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  • Oz
    OzExpat Apr 17, 2016

    Beware Also of a so-called Lawyer in Cyprus named Janos Graham who claims success in recovering funds. He is another scammer who will just take your money and disappear. His documents are all fake. He is not registered with the Cypriot legal or business community. Amazing how little legal options there are to pursuing these international scammers. And that, of course, is what their counting on. Likewise, the posts on these forums that point to these ### as 'helpers' are equally ### themselves. Be careful out there.

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  • Ni
    NisseGandhi Mar 06, 2017

    @OzExpat I've been out for this scammer and he convinced me that I will have my money back from Banc de Binary. I have paid him so much fee's I lost count on how much. He is an awful person that you definitely cannot trust. He made a contract for me to sign and then I believed it was serious, but NO.

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  • Bo
    Boris Weeber May 09, 2016

    Hi all, I just wanted to contribute to this post, as the same thing happened to me in 2014, albeit with a happier ending. I invested about 6K EUR with these con artists, then they somehow convinced me to send another 5-6k. The company was Triton Ore and the stocks were (supposedly) bought over the German Stock Exchange. The amount I invested was not as significant as some others who have posted, but there may be hope for some of you.

    By the way, I had several Brits call me, but there was also an American (or Canadian) and an Irishman.

    When I finally realised something was wrong, I spoke to my bank. They advised me to request a recall of the SWIFT transfer, even though several months had passed, although the chance of any result was slim. Regardless, I tried through lack of other options, and what do you know, after months of dodging emails (I never managed to get through to them on the listed telephone number), they called me out of the blue. This guy was actually upset about the recall request, saying that it was unprofessional of me to go directly to my bank and not to Asset Capital. Well maybe 8-10 emails and calls were not sufficient, but all I was worried about was my EUR 10k.

    Cutting a long story short, I finally got my money back in full (less the bank charges from the original transfers). It came back in 2 transfers of the original amounts, about a week apart.

    Please try to speak to your banks about this. Perhaps this ### are afraid of being traced through their bank account, so I recommend going through this channel ASAP.


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  • Ja
    Jakke Aug 15, 2016

    I have same experience with axis capital group. I made (or they told so) investments to TRITON ORE S.A. and never return. Now they are calling me again saying they have exit solution - just need to send more money for them. Should I believe...I do not think so. However, if somebody has idea how to get money back, please tell me. I have many names from them (most likely not real ones) and I have saved all emails from them.

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  • Li
    LittleWanderer Mar 09, 2017

    I also was conned by the guys from Axis Capital Group regarding the Triton Ore S.A. shares. Now I was recently contacted by FMA Global Ltd. from Hong Kong (or so they say) by a guy named James Parker, who was interested to "unblock" my shares for a mere sum of 4500 dollars.
    I believe these guys are the same, just changed the company's name.

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  • Fr
    Fred Victim Jun 12, 2017

    @LittleWanderer I made a similar experience for other shares the Axis Capital Group pretended to buy for me. First they told me they could be sold immediately on the stock market, afterwards they said it was part of a large institutional package that cannot be sold.
    After one year I was contacted by a fraud US firm (Silverhill Hoover Law Associates, Mrs Jennifer Lee Andrews) who pretended to have my share information from a shareholder register. "Lifting restrictions" was the same scheme, I lost a significant amount of money to their "EU transfer agent" Johnson Capital BV in Amsterdam. This company belongs to the British Christopher George Warman, born 23 July 1943. Later they were asking for advance payment of US taxes, the US IRS confirmed that this was fraud because they would never ask for that.
    Christopher George Warman own/owned more companies like that, address for those seems to be in a residential area in Herfortshire (can easily be found in the internet).
    There might be a direct connection between Axis and these guys.
    After I contacted them and told them that I found out Mr. Warman`s home address they offered to step back from the contract and re-fund my payment - but no money received so far... (I don`t believe that will happen, if yes I will update this post!!)

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  • Mp
    mpez Nov 13, 2018

    @Fred Victim Hi Fred. Got conned by Axis Capital as well to buy shares 3 years ago. Now out of the blue a US stock broker, which seems legitimate and FINRA registered, found apparently my share information from a shareholder register. wants to buy the shares for a very high price. But apparently the stocks have restrictions... Shall i stay well away? Thanks

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  • Mp
    mpez Nov 21, 2018

    @Fred Victim Fred. I was conned by axis capital too. Now a US broker wants to buy the shares. Apparently they are restricted. I asked to see some evidence. They send me details and a company called Herman Melville ltd is the transfer agent. Guess who the director is Christopher George Warman

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  • Mp
    mpez Nov 29, 2018

    @Fred Victim Hi Fred. I am in the same situation. A US broken want to buy the shares that are apparently restricted. When i asked to see the restrictions they send me a pdf with a company name that belongs to Christopher George Warman, .. Although the US broken seems legit (not 100% sure) they say that lifting restrictions should cost 3500Euros. I will not proceed although the amount they are offering for the shares is too good to be true...

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  • St
    StGia Oct 19, 2018

    Hello there. Had the same issue with you guys. Conned. Now i have someone contacting me in Linkedn offering to buy my shares back...Did any of you experienced that?


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  • Li
    Little_Wanderer Mar 20, 2019

    @StGia Got the same call from these US guys from LCT Capital. Did not go through. They didn't contacted me again. They even sent me the contract to sign. At first they said it does not imply any further payment, but they changed their mind in the end. They asked me to send them about 3000 euros...

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