AIC International Complaints & Reviews

AIC International / scam software that does not work

Mar 14, 2014

AIC International has been linked to organised crime and has had several different names so that they could continue the scam. they sell arbitrage trading software that does not work - they are liars, con men and criminals and have defrauded many people. Check out to see what they are doing. Do not deal with these low life Euroscum

AIC International / Scam Company Selling Crap Software

Dec 08, 2013

AIC International is part of a massive scam. There are at least six companies involved in the scam and they have been operation with the knowledge of the ACCC and ASIC who are either incompetent or grossly compromised. Check out to see the extent of the scam...

AIC International / Scam company run by criminals and liars

Dec 05, 2013

AIC International is a scam company run by liars, con men and criminals. They sell software that does not work as advertised then refuse to refund your money. Once they get to many complaints they shut down and start another company. They have started - Cosgrove International, Epicentre...

AIC International / Software does not work - sold under false pretences

Sep 11, 2013

AIC International AIC International of Melbourne sell contingency trading software that does not work and is sold under completely false pretences. The sales brochure is full of blatant lies and misrepresentations, the sales people will openly lie to you and the Managers of the company are completely unethical. Do not...