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Award Notification Commission [ANC] / scam for award of $2,000,000.00

Jennifer Miller 5 on Sep 18, 2017
I received a letter stating I had won a drawing for a 1, 325, 000.00 all I had to do was send$12.99 to be in the drawing. If I won I had the choice of a single check payable of $1, 325, 000.00 or a 30 year annuity of $2, 000, 000.00. I started googling this because it didn't feel right to...

award notification commission / commissioner of judging processing division form#13570

deborah dorrington on Sep 12, 2017
Letter saying I won two million dollars send 12.99 dollars to anc supplement at option of winner amount above $1, 230, 946.00 filing complaint would like my 12.99 money order back for leading me to a fraudulent thing Deborah Ann Dorrington. Has been sending me letters for years and my...

Award Notification Commission [ANC] / sweepstakes

MouseGirl33 on Sep 9, 2017
So with it being today 9/9/2017, I received this piece of mail stating that they are the "Award Notification Commission" stating that they have been "instructed" to send me this so called letter to me with an "extremely exciting message!" and then of course, proceeds to say "Have you ever...

Award Notification Commission [ANC] / mail in certified award and provision of payment.

Stucco on Aug 22, 2017
Certified award and provision of payment. Required action of preselected winning number holder. To receive award and full cash payment. Schedule form: 13570. Filing year 2017. Approved. Mail reply only. Award notification commission world headquarters, kansas city. Ks, united states of...

Award Notification Commission [ANC] / award notification commission

steven mccraven on Jul 31, 2017
I received the same letter today as hundreds of others did as well. First off, I noticed it was sent as a "Bulk Mail" piece and not first class. If you win something, it WILL come from the sender "FIRST CLASS MAIL." Every time! This type of letter is a complete fraud and you should send...

Award Notification Commission [ANC] / scam

Janet Paulson on Jul 4, 2017
Receiving notices that I have won two million dollars. This time ( I've received at least 6 letters from them - all requiring money for them collecting this for me- I was a fool and sent a check the first time. then I got my head out of my a-- and realized what it was so have sent no more...

award notification commission / letter claiming that I won $2m but needed to send them $12.99 to get it processed

JNoon on Jul 4, 2017
I received a brown paper envelope that looked a lot like the Publisher's Clearing House mail I sometimes receive. The letter looked "official" and claimed that I had won $2M. I only had to write them a check for $12.99 ($15.99 if I wanted RUSHED processing). It had to be returned to them...

Award Notification Commission [ANC] / award notification commission

Johnkv on Jun 19, 2017
I received a second letter after I had responded to the first by requesting they take the requested fee of $12.99 from my 2 million reward. Now they say my 2 million has been held up because I failed to send them the $12.99 fee. I am appalled that this company is allowed to scam people. It...

Award Notification Commission [ANC] / false winner letters received

KLChapman on Jun 13, 2017
I received a letter stating that I had won $1, 325, 000.00. But they wanted me to send them $12.99 . So I went online to check this situation out. I am glad I did because it seems that many other people have received the same letter. Why would we have to pay them? It is a scam. This sort...

Award Notification Commission [ANC] / shipment status advisory (urgent notification)

aunttootie on Jun 4, 2017
"Read this notification carefully, please respond immediately: Premium Status: *Limbo* Account #17719319 Entry Status: Completed Document Reference: 10335 From: Award Notification Commission, North American Division Contact: William MacDougal, Compliance Examiner Date: 05/31/2017...Possible oversight...

Award Notification Commission [ANC] / scam

Pudg on Jun 3, 2017
If you read this letter from William MacDougal from Award notification commission it ask for approx. $12.99 payable to ANC. It requires that you send the letter back with your payment. How will you know or prove that your numbers match? It doesn't provide a deadline date and it state...

Award Notification Commission [ANC] / award notification commission

RE72 on Jun 2, 2017
I received an official form 13570. I was asked to.send back form 2 checking in which way I would like to be paid. Option A Check payable 1, 325, 000.00 Option B 30 year annuity. I was also required to enclose 11.89 payable to the office of ANC Acquisition fee. I did some investigations of...

Award Notification Commission [ANC] / winner of $1,325,000.00

busybee5299 on May 31, 2017
Received award letter from this place on May 31, 2017 telling me to validate who I am and to send a check for $12.99. This is so sad that people would fall for this. These people work for a company that scams, shame on you! I am sorry that there are people out there preying on the...

Award Notification Commission [ANC] / I received an award letter from ANC.

1 Blessedsoul on Apr 24, 2017
I was told that I win $1, 325, 000.00 or larger sum of $2, 000, 000.00 as annual payments of $66, 666.66 per year for 30 yrs. No taxes taken. Required $12.99 enclose cash, check or money order. Filing year 2017 Authorized by Larry Hourd executor of awards. Official Form of tender No.:13570 Also...

Award Notification Commission [ANC] / money winnings

Danielle yost on Apr 17, 2017
I had gotten several letters by mail stating I won 2, 000, 000.00 and the option to receive it in either $66, 666.66 per year for 30 yrs or a lump sum payment of $1, 325, 000.00 and they had asked me to send money to them $11.89 here and $12.99 there is no phone number to contact anyone...

Award Notification Commission [ANC] / Monetary award

D. Herron on Apr 4, 2017
Official looking documents indicating had won $over $1M, just needed to verify information, indicate how I wanted to receive the money and send back the form. No company indicated, no info on how the prize was won, only wanted to make sure the info was correct and send back with payment so...

Award Notification Commission [ANC] / Award winning scam

bemytien on Mar 27, 2017
why you should know this is a scam? -there is no deadline date, no exact date on it what so ever, only year and "reply requested within: 7 days" from what date? -no tax, no commissions, no type of award, you don't know what you are winning from. -and purchase? what can you purchase from...

Award Notification Commission [ANC] / Unethical behavior

Georgene Worden on Mar 22, 2017
On Mar.22 I received a letter syating I had won 1, 325, 000. for option A or 2, 00, 000. for option B. It looked to good to be true so I did some research and found it is a scam and did not send any money, they are asking for 12.99. This needs to stop as there are a lot of older people who...

Award Notification Commission [ANC] / Award notification letter

Tim Burke on Mar 1, 2017
I received the same letter as everyone else. However, the only payment I saw was optional for a premium service. It was in the amount of $11.89 with an additional $3.00 for processing, a total of $14.89. But, again, it was only if you desired the premium service they were offering in...

Award Notification Commission [ANC] / Scam letter/award notification

dsonger2 on Feb 21, 2017
Received letter in the mail today, "Official Form of Tender No: 13570" stating that I "Have just won $1, 325, 000." Upon reading further, it also states that "An acquisition FEE for Premium Offer is due and must be enclosed as required for $12.99 payable to the office of ANC." It's a bunch of...

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