AVA DirectI am very sorry I purchased a computer from this company


The experience described by Jack, in his 05-16-2008 post is almost identical to my experience with AVA Direct. I also had an almost identical experience with this guy "Misha" who took my order.

Jack describes the computer he purchased from AVa as a A malfunctioning, buggy, slow piece of *#^[email protected]%. After having nothing but problems for a year with the computer I purchased, Misha had the nerve to say I was being vulger when I said the computer he sold me was a piece of sh_t.

I have been very disappointed with the computer that I purchased from this company for $5493 last year. I have been using computers since the early 1980s and the computer I purchased from AVA is one of the most annoying, buggy, difficult computers I have ever had the displeasure of using. Now, on top of other problems I have had with this machine, there appears to be a significant hardware issue with the machine that is affecting it's ability to start. Since this company is located several thousand miles from where I live, it is necessary for me to go through the big hassle of shipping the machine back to them for repair because they refuse to pay for or send a technician to me even though the computer is under a 3 year warranty. Based upon my experience with this company, this is not a real fun company to deal with. I had to pay to have my computer fixed somewhere else after receiving support advice that made the problems I was having worse. In addition, when I started asking specific questions about what I could expect from the warranty service, how much things would cost, and how long it would take, I wasn't satisfied with the responses I received. I was not going to take the chance that my computer would be damaged in transit and I was not satisfied that the many problems would or could be fixed by AVA. This guy Misha, who says he is the co-owner of AVA, is not the type of person that I ever want to do business with again. I will be sending him a bill for the repairs I had to get done on the machine I purchased from AVA and will be asking for a refund on the money I paid for this warranty.

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