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Auto & General Insurance Company Complaints & Reviews

Auto & General Insurance Company / Poor service

Aug 20, 2019

Date: 20/08/2019 Client Number: [protected] (Order no:393302) I lodged a claim for the gate motor, I was then informed that I'll be contacted by service provider. At 13:26, I received SMS indicating that Patrick tried to call, I must call back on this number: [protected]. Firstly, I never...

Auto & General Insurance Company / building insurance

Aug 16, 2019

Auto & General Insurance CompanyThe 15 January 2019 the wall fell on my daughter. I contacted auto and general and informed them. She sustained an open fracture injury and has 2 surgeries. And have a dent in her leg and 2 scars from the skin they removed. I was pressed for time and had to submit after she saw a...

Auto & General Insurance Company / claim for car insurance

Jul 28, 2019

Claim # : [protected] I was been advised by AFCA to lodge a formal complaint with you first.I was told by accessor that my pay out after deducting excess of $600 will be $5700 and have proof of that.Now I have been advised that you will only pay me $5400. My registration refund itself i...

Auto And General / wheelfixit fire claim against auto and general

Jun 27, 2019

Auto And GeneralThe smell - I will never forget that. Even now, 18 months later, it often catches me off guard and I struggle to breath, it clings to my clothes, it burns in my nose. I don't know what is worse - the frustration or the hopeless feeling . Here I stand, surrounded by stone, dust and red soil...

Auto And General / household insurance

Sep 03, 2018

I was contacted by an Auto and General representative from (Telesure) and promised reduced premiums compared to my current insurer, I was promised that they would take care of cancelling my current policy - this never happened. I phoned on a number of occasions / sent emails and was made...

Auto & General / car insurance under the trading name budget direct

Apr 03, 2018

I wish to make an official complaint against Budget Direct and their imposition of an extra excess on my recent claim. I have had a full unblemished UK driving licence for over 20 years. I then transferred that to a full (still unblemished) NZ driving licence which I held for over 5 years. When I...

Auto & General Insurance Company / panelbeater and insurer playing ball with my vehicle

Nov 27, 2017

After my vehicle was assessed by A&G (after an accident) they booked it for repairs at Re-new it Greenstone. The car was not fixed up to standard and had to be sent back. It's almost a month now I have not heard from the panelbeater nor my insurer after making them aware that the...

Auto & General Insurance / Poor service

Dec 06, 2016

On the 11th OF April 2016 i was involved in an accident with a client of Auto & General J Rambaran. On 26 July 2016 signed documentation was submitted to Auto & General requesting payment into PD Hastibeer account . I K Adams did not sign or authorise such payments neither have i receved...

Auto " General Insurance / Home insurance claim ignored

Feb 14, 2016

Household insurance for pensioners (Virgin ins) aka auto and general insurance Richard goodayle : policy no. [protected] - all relevant docs faxed to calvin During december our outbuildings were broken into and robbed. All of our gardening, camping and tools were stolen. We reported to...

Auto And General / Settlemant of a claim.

Nov 17, 2015

On the 1 November 2015 I had a small accident with my vehicle. I took my vehicle to the assessment centre in Canal Walk on the 4th November. On the 6 November I received an SMS informing me that me claim was approved and that I had to call to receive further details. Upon calling I wa...

Auto n General / car accident claim

Apr 18, 2013

My daughter had an accident on 15/3/2013 in a Corsa - the accident was not caused by her - the other party admitted fault and has agreed to pay the excess. Auto n General refuse to have the car repaired because they say the insured amount is less than the cost of repairs.The difference i...

Auto And General / Dealing with CORPRATE BULLIES A&G was the worst experience


Our home’s contents, destroyed by fire on 30 January 2011, were insured, accurately, for R 2 million with A&G. After three absurd offers, confrontations, negotiations lasting eight months and eventual threats, final payment was only R1.5 mil. Dealing with CORPRATE BULLIES A&G was the...

Auto And General / horrible service


I got an insurance quote from another insurance company which was R100 cheaper per month with more benefits and a lower excess. I asked Auto & General for a revision. I got a mail back with a revision. It was R200 more expensive than my previous insurance with them and it stated that they...

Auto And General / No communication - no refund


I took insurance with Auto And General on 24 Oct and on 26 Oct cancelled as I was offered better deal elsewhere. On 3 Nov A&G took insurance off my bank account. Started phoning for refund and got told that the refund dept will be in touch. I have phoned every day and got the run around...

Auto and General / Telesure / Breach of Contract


Auto and General / TelesureWe are extremely unhappy with the manner in which our claim has been assessed by Paul Wilson and handled by Auto & General. The message from Auto & General is very clear: use every trick in the book to make the minimal possible payment. We can fully understand an error or two occurring in...

Auto And General / value added product


I was sold a value added product for chips and dents by auto and general and was told that i should wait for my savings to be high enouth so that I could sort out all the chips and dents on my vehicle When I called A&G CLAIMS they informed me that my vehicle must be in show room condition and...

Auto And General / Poor Service


In the afternoon of the 1st February I had a car accident, which I reported the day after to the contact number I have on my documentation that I received from Indwe Risk Services. To my surprise it turned out to be Telesure, an agent/underwriters for Auto & General. Since I reported my...

Auto & General Underwritters Woolworths Insurance / UNFAIR DICISION TAKEN ON MY CLAIM AND LOST A CAR


I took out insurance with woolworths insurance for my car, and when I took out the cover for my car I was told that I am cover even if I don`t have a drivers Licence though I had a learners Licence, and conditions was as long as I drive with somebody who has a drivers licence I will be...

Auto And General / Shocking service, insulting attitude


My VW Polo was stolen from a parking lot of a private club on the 4th of February and recovered within one hour by Tracker. Since then Auto & General has turned my life into a nightmare. The only visible damages were locks, a few minor scratches, wiring and a stolen engine computer box...

Auto And General / Nobody knows what is going on


I had an accident almost four months ago. Despite the fact that the parts arrived within two weeks of being ordered, I still have no idea of when I will get my car. The initial claims process was smooth, but very quickly the process turned into one disaster after another. I should add the car...

Auto And General / Come on A&G, you can do better


I'm unhappy that my insurance premium went up by over R100 this year. Apparently mail was sent informing me but I never received it and I think A&G should ensure they have a customers agreement before knocking off an increased premium from one's bank account. Perhaps a phone call...

Auto And General / 4 Months of appalling customer service


My wife is one of your clients through First for Women, it is the FOURTH month since my wife's vehicle was taken in for repairs. To date we have spoken to at least 9 representatives of First for Women and yet the vehicle has still not been repaired. So far no one has been able to...

Auto & General Car / Shocking paying 3 excesses for 1 claim


On friday morning, [protected], my family were victims of a burglary at home while we were in the house. Thankfully we were not harmed in anyway. The main issue is that apart from the household contents stolen our car keys and house keys were also stolen. I am told by Auto and General that I...