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J Sep 13, 2018

My wife and I have had similar experiences as many of you that have posted here. We have had AuPair Care for 13 months, and needless to say we have ended our relationship. We had 4 inexperienced and immature young women with only one of them even interested in bonding with our children. Additionally, after trying to quit the program, we find that they will not refund any of our money and wish to extend us $2000 in credit for future AuPair girls. This is a racket! They keep you in the program with the hope of getting an average nanny that you could pay for in the US. After Room and Board, paying the fees, paying for plane tickets, training, their school stipend, and providing them with transportation (usually with your vehicle), and their weekly pay, you pay over $25k.
For a nanny in the US, your looking at $15-20/hr ( in usual areas), 35hr/wk x 15$/hr x 52 wk= $27, 300. Personally, I'd rather pay someone who wants to be there to take care of the child for the same price and not have to deal with another child in the house.

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