AT&T - Marina Del Rey Retail Storeno contract wireless phone service

R Dec 06, 2019


First I want to apologize for this delayed feedback for my visit to an AT&T store. I am just to complete a multi city holiday. Los Angeles was one of the cities I visited.

On October 30, 2019 at approximately 16:46 I visited Store number S866 at 2540 Lincoln Blvd, Venice CA 90291 to purchase phone connection service.

I was interested in a no contract prepaid service since I was only going to be in the US approximately one month. As I walked in the store I immediately noticed the huge ad with huge numbers 5 and 0 for $50 for a no contract unlocked phone.

I was being helped by, as the receipt reads, Ruben E. As I told Ruben I was interested in a $50 no contract, he began to informed me that I could save $15 per month if I would sign up for auto pay. This led me to believe that I would only pay $35 per month. I refused the offer because of my one month stay.

As Ruben was setting my phone up for service, I was under the assumption that I would be only paying $50 per month. No time during the process did Ruben tell me that I would actually be paying $65 per month. Also, when Ruben finished the set up, he provided me with no hard copy receipt nor an electronic receipt. So I had nothing proving thay I just bought phone service and nothing with the purchased price. I walked out of the store not knowing that I was charged $65.

After getting home, I called A T & T to enquire about what I was actually paying. I was told by the rep that I signed up to pay $65 per month. Upon learning this, I went back to the store with questions and also informing the service reps of situation. I then asked Blanca for a printed receipt. I also asked Blanca for the address of the store we were at. I have included a pic of the written address given to me by Blanca.

In conclusion: I was mislead by Ruben. I feel that Ruben should not be misleading customers and should make it clear to the customer what price they will be paying. And Ruben should always provide the customer with a receipt or least with the option of a receipt.

Thanks much,
Robert Lenard
[protected] [protected], AUS

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