Asplundh Tree Expert Complaints & Reviews

Asplundh Tree Expert / refusing to complete a tree removal job in port saint lucie florida

Jun 13, 2019

HORRIBLE COMPANY! When we had a ficus tree in the power wire lines here in Port Saint Lucie that had also actually grown into a metal fence that could have energized the entire fence putting neighbors and pets in danger FPL hired Asplundh to take the tree far enough to the ground so we...

Asplundh / tree cutting

Apr 12, 2019

I live at 7168 cataluna circle, delray beach, fl. 33446. My house is on a berm separating an adjourning property. The company left the back of my property and performed a totally disgusting act of tree cutting showing zero interest in the final shape of the tree. While I am aware with the...

Asplundh Tree Expert / tree cutting

Jan 24, 2019

I came home yesterday to find my tree in my front yard had been cut again a second time from just last year. It was not touching the powerline. They did not leave me a note on my door to let me know in advance or even that day. They left a big mess in my yard and did not take the branche...

Asplundh Tree Expert / historic neighborhood tree killers

Dec 02, 2018

This company (Asplundh) came through my neighborhood, a historic and beautiful community in Cleveland and destroyed our street trees. Block by block, with complaints, protests, and action by the residents to try to get City Hall to step in and stop it, they continued to chop and mutilate...

Asplundh Tree Expert / trespassing and property damage

Nov 12, 2018

Big Stoney Creek VA. Today at 8:43am a crew of Aspundh entered my driveway from access point on my property. There were access points from which they could enter. I see them on my camera and tell them to leave. One person looks up at the camera and completely disregards. Then they saw a...

Asplundh Tree Expert / tree murdering, topping trees in hottest part of summer (above 100 degrees)

Sep 19, 2018

Asplundh is contracted by Garland Power and Light, TX to clear power lines. The homeowner is usually required to do this which I prefer because I love my treeline for it's shade and privacy. I saw them starting in my alley and requested they take care with the trees since last time they...

Asplundh Tree Expert / asplundh tree service driving

Sep 13, 2018

Asplundh in Maryland has some dangerous drivers. They don't see people on the road. One driver crashed into my car blamed for it claiming they had cameras going the speed limit. Than why couldn't he stop the truck before hitting me? Completely unprofessional drivers. The guy driving...

Asplundh Tree Expert / limb cutting

Aug 07, 2018

These guys came to my house and cut some limbs down in my front yard. They left limbs all over and saw dust all over my sidewalk. I would never refer these guys nor give them any kind of good review. Nevertheless these guys were hitting on my wife when she pulled in. Whistling at her. I...

Asplundh Tree Expert / clean up and contact

Jul 13, 2018

On 6/30 asplundh came out to our home in Glen St Mary FL.. cut trees down on our property without permission and along with this they dropped every limb into our back yard instead of the road. Dropping limbs the size of a thigh on top of my chickhens and their pens. It was a horrific sence...

Asplundh Tree Expert / clean-up

Jul 12, 2018

South Central contracted Asplundh to trim trees under a power line on my property. What a mess they left behind. They left a branch on the power line that caught on fire and shut the power out on the whole road. South Central came to get the power back on and I expressed how upset I wa...

Asplundh Tree Expert / tree cutting

May 02, 2018

have called 4 times to duke energy, this company left a large mess on my property back in late dec. 2017 .. have had 2 different duke energy employees out.. last one took pic's off mess and said someone would get back to me.. that was late feb. 2018.. contacted asplundh on monday the 30th...

Asplundh Tree Expert / employee harassment

Mar 26, 2018

Since start of employment was put on one crew and since I don't drink was told I was useless and needed to quit. Was then switch to another crew was told I was going to be driving a truck I have my cdl-b. Instead I am flagging everyone on the crew is saying that they are putting me on...

Asplundh Tree Expert / tree trimming in front my business

Jan 24, 2018

I own a child care facility in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Asplundh employees blocked my driveway during business hours and left branches and tree limbs on one of my employees' vehicle. I was not informed about them trimming trees so I could have asked her to move her vehicle. They just parked...

Asplundh Tree Expert / very bad driver and extremely unsafe

Oct 12, 2017

I live at Keen Mountain VA and Asplundh has been working near my house for the past week or so. This morning (10/12/17) while taking my daughter to school at 8:00 am an Asplundh truck just came to a complete stop in the middle of the road in front of me in a curve to put out signs. The...

Asplundh Tree Expert / tree cutting

Sep 20, 2017

Asplundh is cutting down all the trees on my mothers property. Permission was never asked there for none was given and they continue to block our driveway causing us not to be able to get to important appointments. Want them gone from Rocky Lane, Bland Va 24315. They have caused issue...

Asplundh Tree Expert / tree trimmer hit my pump house

Sep 19, 2017

On september 14, 2017 one of your tree trimming vehicles hit my pump house and did not inform us that he had this accident on my property, I will say this is a distruction of property! I noticed that I had a water leak and fixed it. The next day my wife was returning home from work and...

Asplundh Tree Expert / my pay missing because of charles crosby!

Aug 16, 2017

I worked for asplundh for almost three years and my second year I got laid off from Charles witch was my general Forman at the time. Well Charles called me and says hey do you want to come run a machine so I said sure. Get this now okay the guy had me working for 3 weeks with out any paper...

Asplundh / harassment/excess cutting

May 23, 2017

Nightmare dealing with employees of asplundh tree company. This company obtained new contract in our area for power company. The first young man, on january 9th 2017, clay long, was polite and professional. The second visit january 10, 2017, included a call to a supervisor, chris, I...

Asplundh Tree Expert / tree trimming

Feb 12, 2017

Trimmed my trees 2 years ago and killed 2 of them. One of the trees was in the middle of my yard, no where near the lines. They cut all the limbs off and cut a circle around the bottom of the tree and left the wood in my front yard. Last year I told PECO I did not want my trees trimmed...

Asplundh / butchering trees / parking in driveway

Aug 28, 2016

Aslpundh tree company, contracted by fpl to trim trees along the power lines continually butchers the trees in front of our residence.. I fully understand the need to keep the limbs away from the powerlines, but the hack job they did is unbelievable. They were just here less than six...

Asplundh / hit and run team

Mar 20, 2014

I wanted it known that this company, Asplundh won't take responsibility for smashing into my car. I had just cleaned my car and cleared the street of snow so I could park there. I cleared the snow all the way to the curb. I then took another car of mine around the block to park behind...

Asplundh / damaged car

Jan 28, 2013

Asplundh came to my house to trim a tree while I was not home, keep in mind there were no no parks no signs of any kind or notice prior. They trimmed the tree great they just damaged my car a 1975 BMW 3.0si at the same time and handle it horribly said nothing and left no sorry no nothing...

Asplundh Tree Expert Company / butchering of tree

May 28, 2011

This company is hired by Edison company to trim trees from wires. They are apparently exempt from responsibility on their part of damaging a tree to the extent of endangering a home and possible harm or death to inhabitants of the home. They trimmed 2 30' * trees sitting together...