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I am now ony second set of dentures. From your company. Both sets broke . I am currently speaking help again with my second that also has broke. I have been to that office. Approximately 9 times they keep fixing them and readjusting . And still they dont fit and make my mouth hurt. They also tried to get me to sign paperwork. To charge me for another set. They said you need to sign this before I even read it . They also td me that the readjustment would have cost me 300 dollars. I'm getting the runaround . My teath have broke three times once when they were still under Warantie. My husband's Dentist. Dosent recommend Aspen dental. And does dentures as well. And dosent haven't to offer awarrante because. He has them made from a reputable . Is this the kind of negativity that you want from your peers In the Dental Idusty. All I need is to get my teeth fixed.

Sep 28, 2019

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