Aspen Dental Managementdental appointment

Ja Apr 11, 2019

I am trying to have syrgery and need a dentist to sign my release so I went to aspen dental first of all they gave me a price and told me I had to do this or they would not sign my release. The price was 1588.00 for 4 groups of 4341 i - 7210, 1- 2331 and 1- 2392. I thought the price was high so I brought a dental plan and used the carrington care 500 series. I went back to the office the frist thing your manager dean did was tell me to canncell the carring care 500 series and and add the 174.00 to the price they gave me which was 819. Oo not including the 174.00 paid to I ask him how would that help me and he said we could do your dental work right now and it would be a little over a thousand. I told him I 'll just keep what I have and could I get and the mean time he called the carrington office and the conversation being on speaker phone I heard the lady verify everything I told him and that my plan went into affect fri 4/12/2019 I asked if I could get an appointment for monday and he just told me to show up monday morning. I called today to see when my appppointment was and did not have one so I asked dean on the phone why I was getting all this run around and he said i'm waiting for your plan to go in affect so I guess I would have just sit there all day who knows. I need to get this dental work done so could I use another office close by I would rather not deal with unprofessional people like you have in the pascagoula office. James curry [protected]

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